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A beautiful film adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic play "Lady Windermere's fan." Set on the luxuriant Amalfi coast in the 1930's, A Good Woman follows the seductive exploits of New York socialite Mrs. Erlynne (Helen Hunt), as she attempts to court her way out of her accumulated debts back home. Following Mrs. Erlynne is her reputation as a woman of ill repute, which only the ladies seem to find repellant. The men have no problem with Mrs. Erlynne's past or presence, and the fun-loving Lord Augustus (Tom Wilkinson) soon falls in love. Mrs. Erlynne, however, has set her cap for the married Robert Windermere (Mark Umbers), a wealthy young American who becomes smitten. Meanwhile, Windermere's wife Meg finds herself distracted by the flirtatious advances of Lord Darlington (Stephen Campbell Moore), a devilish playboy. When Meg learns that her husband's flirtation is blossoming into an affair, she resorts to drastic measures which result in unforeseen consequences.


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