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Tom (Viggo Mortensen) and Edie (Maria Bello) Stall are living the perfect small town life in Millbrook , Indiana with their two children. Their peaceful existence undergoes a violent change when two wanted criminals attempt a brutal robbery at Tom’s diner.  Tom takes quick action and saves his customers and friends, killing the would-be robbers in self-defense.  The case attracts national media attention, and Tom becomes a reluctant overnight celebrity.  Tom tries to return to the peace of his previous life, only to be confronted by a mysterious and intimidating stranger, played by Ed Harris.  Harris’ character is a mobster who believes that Tom is a man who double-crossed him in the past.  As Tom and his family struggle against this case of mistaken identity and are forced to cope with their new reality, they must confront their own relationships and the unsettling issues which are brought to light in the process.


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