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About Alien vs Predator


In this movie the creatures from the Alien movies meets the creatures from the Predator movies doing battle on earth.  The struggle is set in the earth 21st century and takes place with an expedition of archaeologists in Antarctica.  


News Articles about Alien vs Predator


Coming Soon 5/4/05 Alien vs. Predator Sequel is Happening

Contact Music 10/27/04 Alien vs Predator Role Written For Salmon

Journal Now 8/19/04 Alien attacks Predator as a bad sport 8/19/04 Anderson Answers Alien vs. Predator Questions

E!Online 8/16/04 Alien, Predator Prey on "Princess"

Zap2It 8/16/04 'AVP' Completes Fox's Six-Pack Success

Hollywood Reporter 8/16/04 'Alien vs. Predator' snatches $38.3 mil

BBC 8/16/04 Alien movie leads US box office

USA Today 8/16/04 'AVP': A knockout

Ananova 8/16/04 Sci-fi blockbuster top in the US

NY Daily News 8/16/04 Monsters mash the competition

Zap2It 8/15/04 Monsters Rule the Weekend

Coming Soon 8/15/04 Alien vs. Predator Dominates Box Office

Detroit News 8/15/04 'Alien Vs. Predator' Gobbles Box Office 8/14/04 Monster matchup in need of suspense

Knox News 8/14/04 Sci-fi face-off a serviceable thrill ride

Mercury News 8/14/04 Alien vs. Predator: Will the drool win out?

Teen Hollywood 8/14/04 Movie Review: Alien vs. Predator

Coming Soon 8/14/04 Alien vs. Predator

Seattle PI 8/14/04 'Alien vs. Predator': More like a video game than a film, but with way less excitement

Boston Herald 8/14/04 Alien Vs. Predator

Hollywood Reporter 8/14/04 Alien vs. Predator

NY Daily News 8/14/04 Earth's in double trouble

Orlando Sentinel 8/13/04 Alien vs. Predator


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