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Alpha Dog was inspired by the true tale of Jesse James Hollywood, an ambitious young drug dealer who at age 19 became one of the youngest men ever on the FBI's most wanted list. Emile Hirsch stars as Johnny Truelove (based on Hollywood), an LA drug dealer who comes from a typical suburban San Gabriel home. When a client, Jake (Ben Foster), cheats Johnny in a deal gone bad, he comes up with a scheme to get his money back by kidnapping the client's 15-year old younger brother, Butch (Anton Yelchin). Butch has opportunities to escape, but passes, as he's having too much fun partying with his drug dealer captors. But the kidnapping eventually goes horribly wrong, and Johnny and his crew of suburban teens become entangle in the reality of the dangerous, violent world they once idealized. The film also stars Justin Timberlake as Johnny's friend Frankie, Bruce Willis as Sonny Truelove and Sharon Stone as Olivia Mazursky.


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