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You knew it was coming. In this lampoon of American Idol, filmmaker Paul Weitz manages to spoof not only the hit show, but the American political system as well. On Election Day, sitting US President Staton (Dennis Quaid) decides to have a look at a newspaper - for the first time in four years. Fascinated, he begins reading obsessively, day after day. Alarmed by this frightening turn of events, clearly a sign of a nervous breakdown, his Chief of Staff (Willem Dafoe) urges him back into the national spotlight by booking him as a guest judge on the TV sensation "American Dreamz."


America is obsessed with "Dreamz," which is hosted by the arrogant and self-obsessed Martin Tweed (Hugh Grant). The current slate of instant-celebrity hopefuls boils down to a contest between two favorites. Sally Kendoo (Mandy Moore) is an all-American gal from the Midwest, whose perfect smile camouflages a conniving nature, fooling America and her devoted boyfriend (Chris Klein). Omer (Sam Golzari) is a show-tune singing, bumbling, would-be terrorist who hails from Orange County and has infiltrated the show with the intention of causing terroristic havoc. President Staton joins Tweed on the judging panel for the show's finale … which promises to be a blast.


The cast includes Marcia Gay Harden (as First Lady Staton), Karen Gordon, Jennifer Coolidge, Seth Myers, John Cho, Judy Greer and Tony Yalda.


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