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About Anaconda’s: The Hunt for The Blood Orchid 


This movie is a horror-thriller flick set deep in the Borneo jungle.  A group of scientists set off in search of a very rare flower named the Black Orchid that reportedly is a fountain of youth.  Unknown to the scientists the flower makes anacondas freakishly long, fast and smart and very protective of the Orchid.


News Articles about Anaconda’s: The Hunt for The Blood Orchid 


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Santa Cruz Sentinel 8/27/04 Rubber reptiles revolt

CNN 8/27/04 Review: 'Anacondas' retch-ed

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Detroit News 8/27/04 Hungry snakes come back for seconds in 'Anacondas'

Journal Now 8/27/04 No Talent for Writhing 8/27/04 Another tale of hungry giant snakes? Give us a break

Tribune-Review 8/27/04 Young actors slither their way through 'Anacondas'

Toronto Star 8/27/04 Deadly dialogue puts the con in Anacondas

Newsday 8/27/04 Constrictor victims can't take a choke

NY Times 8/27/04 Snakes With Unlimited Growth Potential

Seattle PI 8/27/04 Watch out! You may find yourself enjoying dopey 'Anacondas'

NY Daily News 8/27/04 Hissing in action - originality

MSNBC 8/25/04 ‘Anacondas’ is no ‘Aliens’

Chicago Tribune 8/25/04 Movie review: 'Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid'

Times of India 8/25/04 After Spidey, 'Anaconda' attacks Indian BO

NY Daily News 8/15/04 Slithering to a theater near you

IGN 7/15/03 Actors Join Anacondas

IGN 1/7/03 Anaconda Hatches Sequel


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