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Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek star as John and Lucy Bell in this truly chilling tale of a relentlessly malevolent spirit’s siege on a wealthy Southern family in the 1800’s.  The film is based on events validated by the state of Tennessee which purport to document the only case in US history in which a supernatural force caused the death of a human being.  More than twenty books have been written about the strange incidents that occurred in the town of Red River so long ago.

From1818-1820, a series of apparitions plagued the Bell Family, beginning with unidentifiable sounds around their farm, followed by repeat sightings of a large black wolf with eerie yellow eyes, escalating to physical attacks and psychological torment and eventually causing the death of one of the family members.  The Bells searched for rational explanation for the events but could find none. 

They ultimately determined that a local “witch,” with whom they had been involved in a land dispute, had cursed the family in revenge.  As they tried to put an end to the woman’s curse, the attacks and disturbances grew in intensity, and the cause of the events remained a mystery.  Finally, in 1998 the manuscript of a local teacher who lived with the Bells at the time of the incidents came to light, revealing the appalling truth.  Based on The Bell Witch: An American Haunting by Brent Monahan,  the film also stars Rachel Hurd-Wood as Betsy Bell; James D’Arcy as schoolteacher Richard Powell; Thom Fell as John Bell, Jr.; Matthew Marsh, Sam Alexander, Gaye Brown, Zoe Thorne, Miquel Brown and Shauna Shim.

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