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When Wyoming rancher Einar Gilkyson (Robert Redford) lost his only son a decade ago, the shock caused him to lose everything else in his life. Both his ranch and his marriage fell into ruins, and he resigned himself to an anguished life of solitude.  His only purpose became caring for his hired hand and long trusted friend Mitch (Morgan Freeman), who was critically injured in a grizzly bear encounter.  Then out of the blue, Einarís daughter-in-law Jean (Jennifer Lopez) Ė whom Einar blames for his sonís accident Ė returns to town, with an 11-year old named Griff (Becca Gardner) in tow.  Jean Ė penniless and on the run Ė swears that Griff is Einarís granddaughter, whom he didnít know existed.  The sudden appearance of the two forces Einar to confront again the anger and pain of his sonís death.  However, Griffís interest in Western life and her longing for a family slowly but surely begin to erode these emotions, paving the way for previously unthinkable forgiveness and connection, and old wounds are healed.


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