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Chart Attack 8/13/04 Film Review: Alien Vs. Predator

Dallas Morning News 8/13/04 Review: Novelty nears extinction in 'Alien Vs. Predator'

Dallas Morning News 8/13/04 Monster mash

Hollywood Reporter 8/13/04 Boxoffice preview: 'Alien,' 'Princess do battle

Toronto Star 8/13/04 Studio Vs. Critics

Seattle PI 8/13/04 Oh oh! No advance screening is offered for 'Alien vs. Predator'

NY Daily News 8/13/04 Critics are horror pic's bogeymen

Cinescape 8/12/04 Round two of Alien vs. Predator

Journal Now 8/12/04 Actor got a broken rib while filming a fight with a monster in a blizzard

E!Online 8/12/04 Alien, Predator Weigh In

MSNBC 8/12/04 Henriksen connects ‘Alien’ with ‘Predator’

Journal Now 8/12/04 Eeeeek - Alien bunny goes after ... a bunny Sigourney?

USA Today 8/12/04 Hollywood franchises going head to head

Zap2It 8/11/04 Monsters Meld Again, Who Will Win?

Cinescape 8/10/04 Scoop: No premiere for Alien vs. Predator

UGO 8/10/04 UGO Exclusive: Sanaa Lathan Interview

Cinescape 8/10/04 On the hunt for Alien vs. Predator figures

Coming Soon 8/9/04 Real-Time AVP Billboard & New Clips

NY Daily News 8/8/04 Alien sex wars

Zap2It 8/2/04 FOX Pairs 'Predator' Promo with 'Celebrity Boxing'

Coming Soon 7/30/04 New Alien vs. Predator Photos! 7/14/04 New Alien vs. Predator Featurette Online

Cinescape 7/9/04 New Alien vs. Predator trailer

Coming Soon 7/9/04 New Collateral & Alien vs. Predator Trailers 7/8/04 International Alien vs. Predator Trailer Online

Cinescape 6/29/04 Scoop: Alien vs. Predator sighting in Long Beach

Cinescape 6/16/04 More Alien VS. Predator carnage to see

Coming Soon 6/15/04 New Alien vs. Predator Trailer Hits! 6/9/04 AVP & Blade 3 Previews on MTV Movie Awards

IGN 5/11/04 Interview: Lance Henriksen

IGN 4/8/04 AvP Creature Feature


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