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Toledo Blade 4/21/06 Movie Review: American Dreamz **

Guardian 4/21/06 American Dreamz

CBS 4/21/06 'Dreamz' Come True For Mandy

Seattle PI 4/21/06 Goofy satire nails our obsession with celebrity

NY Daily News 4/21/06 Just some silly 'Dreamz'

Jam! 4/21/06 Unfulfilled 'Dreamz' still entertaining

Miami Herald 4/21/06 'Dreamz' left unrealized

Jam! 4/21/06 'American Dreamz' a nightmare

Rocky Mountain News 4/21/06 'Idol' spoof short on range

MSNBC 4/20/06 How could ‘Dreamz’ miss such an easy target?

Zap2It 4/20/06 'American Dreamz'

Jam! 4/18/06 New film American Dreamz roasts idols of Washington, Hollywood

Coming Soon 4/17/06 American Idolz: Paul Weitz, Mandy & Hugh*

Boston Herald 4/17/06 Cruel to be kind: Playing ‘Idol’-esque host, Hugh Grant stages his comeback

Jackson News-Tribune 4/17/06 At the Movies: `American Dreamz‘

USA Today 4/17/06 The president as parody

CBS 4/16/06 The Opposite Of Satire

Boston Herald 4/16/06 Moore’s ‘Dreamz’ come true: The starlet has avoided the pitfalls of the pop lane

NY Daily News 4/16/06 Living the 'Dreamz'

NY Post 4/16/06 'Idol' Mind 

Jam! 4/15/06 Hugh Grant flick skewers reality TV

Celebrity Spider 4/14/06 Mandy Moore Devastated to Miss American Idol

Celebrity Spider 4/13/06 Hugh Grant Got Fat Trying to Slim Down

USA Today 4/13/06 Stars interpret 'Dreamz'

ET Online 4/12/06 Mandy Moore's Red-Carpet 'Dreamz'

Houston Chronicle 4/4/06 At Fox, Dreamz don't always come true

ET Online 4/4/06 Mandy Moore's 'Idol' Chat

Celebrity Spider 3/30/06 Hugh Grant Studies Reality Show "Freaks" 3/29/06 Analyzing 'American Dreamz'

ET Online 3/27/06 Hugh Grant's 'American Dreamz'

Chicago Sun Times 3/27/06 'Dreamz' role puts Grant in line for Cowell questions

TMZ 3/27/06 Hugh and Mandy as Simon and Kelly

Hollywood Reporter 3/27/06 American Dreamz

Zap2it 12/1/05 Klein, Quaid Tune Into 'American Dreamz'


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