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CBS 7/9/04 Will Ferrell ‘Anchors’ New Comedy

Toronto Star 7/9/04 Zany Ferrell will do anything for a laugh

USA Today 7/9/04 Tune in to 'Anchorman'

NY Daily News 7/9/04 This jest in: Funny 'Legend'

Indy Star 7/9/04 Funniest film of summer finally arrives -- 'Anchorman'

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/9/04 'Anchorman' strong in silly

Seattle PI 7/9/04 Target audience will love the crude humor, but Ferrell's star turn detours in 'Anchorman' 7/9/04 It's '70s TV news: Duh chauvinism must go on

CNN 7/8/04 Will Ferrell, 'Anchorman' deluxe

Newsday 7/8/04 Sex, laughs and videotape

Chart Attack 7/8/04 Anchorman Sinks

Access Hollywood 7/8/04 Will Turns On The 'Anchorman' Charm

Coming Soon 7/8/04 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Extra 7/8/04 'Anchorman' Premiere

Zap2It 7/8/04 'Anchorman' Cast Refuses to Break Character

CTV 7/8/04 Anchorman: Parody of TV news has eye for detail

NY Daily News 7/8/04 Just in: Anchor has taste for 'Burgundy'

USA Today 7/6/04 'Anchorman' Will: Film at 11

Chicago Sun Times 7/6/04 'Anchorman' isn't kidding about those '70s clothes

New York Daily News 7/4/04 The biggest dope in Hollywood

Coming Soon 7/2/04 The Anchorman News Team Talks!

Hollywood Reporter 6/30/04 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

USA Today 6/30/04 'Anchorman' makes news

Extra 6/29/04 Star Sightings: Newsmakers

Extra 6/28/04 Start Spreading the News

Coming Soon 6/17/04 Advanced Passes for Anchorman in Texas

IGN 5/28/04 Anchorman Trailer

IGN 5/17/04 Anchorman PSA

IGN 1/14/04 Anchorman Trailer Goes Live

Zap2It 12/16/03 Comedian Comments on Anchoring, Adultery

IGN 9/12/03 IGN Visits the Set of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Zap2It 8/26/03 Spit Takes From the 'Anchorman' Set

IGN 5/28/03 Ferrell Gives the Scoop on His Action News Co-Stars

IGN 5/22/02 Ferrell Anchors Newsman


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