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CSM 3/31/06 Basically, it stinks

Toledo Blade 3/31/06 Movie review: Basic Instinct 2 *

Mercury News 3/31/06 Sharon Stone brings over-the-top acting to lame 'Basic Instinct 2'

Detroit News 3/31/06 There really are some reasons to see 'Basic Instinct 2'

Toronto Star 3/31/06 Baser Instinct

Metro 3/31/06 Instinct 2 basically a waste

Knox News 3/31/06 Second 'Basic Instinct' is feast for black widows

Hollywood Reporter 3/31/06 Basic Instinct 2

USA Today 3/31/06 'Basic Instinct 2': Stone-cold lame

CBS2 3/31/06 'Basic Instinct 2'

Jam! 3/31/06 'Basic Instinct 2' sad, sordid, stupid

NY Daily News 3/31/06 'Instinct' is wanton more

Jam! 3/31/06 Getting Stoned is now boring

Seattle Times 3/31/06 "Basic Instinct 2": No panty lines, but no excitement, either

Rocky Mountain News 3/31/06 Stone's aside, 'Instinct' franchise doesn't have legs

NY Daily News 3/31/06 She's Sharon too much

Seattle PI 3/31/06 Stone's fascinating but 'Basic Instinct 2' fails to seduce

NY Times 3/31/06 Sharon Stone Returns in 'Basic Instinct 2,' an Older Femme but as Fatale as Ever

Journal Now 3/30/06 Basically, she's a sexy sociopath who rips men apart

Zap2It 3/30/06 'Basic Instinct 2'

Entertainment Weekly 3/29/06 Basic Instinct 2

TMZ 3/28/06 Stone: Killer 'Instinct'

Extra 3/28/06 Stone Takes over NYC for 'Basic Instinct 2' Premiere

USA Today 3/28/06 Stone showcases her hard body at premiere

Entertainment Weekly 3/28/06 The Naked Truth

Jam! 3/28/06 Stone cashes in with 'Instinct 2'

Cinema Spider 3/27/06 Sharon Stone Supports Basic Instinct 2 Co-Star David Morrissey

Coming Soon 3/27/06 Sharon Stone Has Basic Instincts, Too!

USA Today 3/27/06 Actor follows his instincts

Toronto Star 3/27/06 Back to basics

Asbury Park Press 3/22/06 Stone: I Have No Problem Doing Nude Scene

Digital Spy 3/22/06 Stone angry at hypocrisy accusations

Sunday Mirror 3/19/06 In Bed With Sharon Stone

Digital Spy 3/18/06 Stone says no to third 'Basic Instinct'

Extra 3/17/06 Sharon Stone's Sequel Too Hot for U.S.?

Daily Mail 3/16/06 Sharon shows her Instinct for sex appeal

TMZ 3/16/06 Sharon Stone at 'Basic Instinct 2' Premiere

BBC 3/16/06 Stars attend Stone sequel launch

The Mirror 3/15/06 Sexing The Stone 

BBC 3/15/06 Stone tells of 'dangerous' stunts

Digital Spy 3/15/06 Sharon Stone promises more "kinky stuff"

Coming Soon 2/16/06 Basic Instinct 2 Site Launched

MegaStar 2/13/06 Stone's the real deal 2/6/06 Instinct 'too sexy'

Arizona Republic 2/3/06 Sharon Stone's 'Basic Instinct 2' barely gets 'hard R' rating

Box Office Prophets 2/2/06 Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction

IGN 4/19/05 Two Develop Instinct

IGN 2/14/03 Back to Basics


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