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Batman (Advance)
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USA Today 6/22/05 'Begins' gets the TV hero's approval

BBC 6/21/05 Batman conquers box office in UK

Cinema Spider 6/20/05 Record Audiences Flock to See Batman Begins: The IMAX Experience

Celebrity Spider 6/20/05 Katie Holmes Dropped From Batman Sequel

Teen Hollywood 6/20/05 Batman Begins, DC Comics and Mad Catz to Produce Video Game Accessories

ET Online 6/20/05 Christian Bale's 'Batman' Begins

MTV 6/20/05 'Batman Begins' At #1, Reviving Dark Knight Franchise

E!Online 6/20/05 "Batman Begins" Big, B.O. Still Down

Zap2It 6/20/05 'Batman' Wings Box Office Competition

Hollywood Reporter 6/20/05 'Batman' faces boxoffice jungle o'seas

BBC 6/20/05 Batman triumphs at US box office

NY Daily News 6/20/05 Holy $71M box office, 'Batman'!

Detroit News 6/20/05 Caine embodies father figure in 'Batman'

Hollywood Reporter 6/20/05 'Batman Begins' to play on TV at FX, AMC

USA Today 6/20/05 'Batman' doesn't begin to end slump

Ananova 6/20/05 Batman tops box office

NY Daily News 6/20/05 Will Fan-4 crush Batman?

Hollywood Reporter 6/20/05 'Batman' on a boxoffice crusade

Seattle Times 6/19/05 Why do we love Batman?

Coming Soon 6/19/05 Batman Begins with $113M Worldwide

The Trades 6/18/05 "Batman Begins" Movie Review

Christian Science Monitor 6/17/05 Back in black, bat ears intact

E!Online 6/17/05 "Batman Begins" with Big Bucks

Hollywood Reporter 6/17/05 New 'Batman' begins with $24.2 mil bang

Cinescape 6/17/05 Batman Begins Big

CBS 6/17/05 Liam Neeson: 'Batman' Mentor

Hollywood Reporter 6/17/05 Dark Knight lights up int'l boxoffice

ET Online 6/16/05 Katie's 'Batman' Adventure!

Coming Soon 6/16/05 Batman Begins Opens to $15.1 Million

BBC 6/16/05 Batman Bale wants to give satisfaction

Boston Globe 6/16/05 Actor Bale eyes new fame from behind 'Batman' mask

Daily Record 6/16/05 Battered-Mobile

BBC 6/16/05 Batman's Begun

NBC13 6/16/05 Review: 'Batman Begins' Stunning New Beginning Of Saga

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/16/05 Catch Bale's beginnings

BBC 6/16/05 In pictures: Batman through the years 6/16/05 Out on Bale

Celebrity Spider 6/15/05 Katie Holmes' Second Love

Houston Chronicle 6/15/05 This Batman is every comic book fan's dream

NY Times 6/15/05 Dark Was the Young Knight Battling His Inner Demons

Asbury Park Press 6/15/05 Review: 'Batman' Is Too Self-Serious

Extra 6/15/05 'Batman' Takes on New, Edgier Persona

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/15/05 This Batman film is a stellar starter

Zap2It 6/15/05 Caine Serves As 'Batman's' Bolder Butler

Entertainment Weekly 6/15/05 Batman Begins

Asbury Park Press 6/15/05 No light at the end of this cave

Metro 6/15/05 'Batman Begins' adds reality to comic book flick

Chart Attack 6/15/05 Film Review: Batman Begins

Knox News 6/15/05 Director, cast take superhero saga seriously

Orlando Sentinel 6/15/05 Batman Begins (3 stars out of 5)

Teen Hollywood 6/15/05 Movie Review: Batman Begins

Toronto Star 6/15/05 Does new Batman flick ever begin?

The Trades 6/15/05 "Batman Begins" Movie Review

Jam! 6/15/05 Holy blockbuster, Batman is a knockout

BBC 6/15/05 The many faces of Batman

Jam! 6/15/05 Not batty over Batman

BBC 6/15/05 Film critics hail Batman revival

Jam! 6/15/05 New life for a dark hero

Jam! 6/15/05 Keaton doesn't miss Batman role

Chicago Sun-Times 6/14/05 Batman Begins - Roger Ebert review

MTV 6/14/05 'Batman Begins': Good News For Batfans At Last

Detroit News 6/14/05 Batman beguiles

USA Today 6/14/05 Batman role fits Bale, but 'Begins' wears thin

Zap2It 6/14/05 Bale's the Scowl Beneath 'Batman's' Cowl

Newsday 6/14/05 A knight in his darkest hour

Dallas Morning News 6/14/05 It's Bale's turn at Bat

Teen Hollywood 6/14/05 Christian Bales Dark Knight 6/14/05 Back in black

Zap2It 6/14/05 Batman Begins

Globe and Mail 6/14/05 Batman Begins **

Seattle PI 6/14/05 Dazzling "Batman Begins" puts an original spin on Dark Knight

NY Daily News 6/14/05 Why he's Bruce almighty

TV Guide 6/14/05 Secrets You Didn't Know About Batman 6/14/05 Batman, back to the future

Seattle PI 6/14/05 Christian Bale usually likes to fly under the public's radar

MTV 6/13/05 Bale Says Splitting Headache Helped Him Give Batman Dark Edge

Coming Soon 6/13/05 Christian Bale on Batman Begins

Boston Herald 6/13/05 Heroic and enduring, Batman is no fly-by-night fancy

Ananova 6/13/05 Batman film gets UK premiere

Sky News 6/13/05 Batman Begins in London

BBC 6/13/05 I'll be back as Batman, says Bale

Cinescape 6/13/05 Zimmer on Batman Begins

BBC 6/13/05 Batman receives European premiere

North Jersey 6/13/05 Christian Bale joins a long line of caped crusaders, but without the cape

BBC 6/13/05 Batman Begins with a premiere

Asbury Park Press 6/12/05 The Birth of Batman

Newsday 6/12/05 Is he really batty?

NY Daily News 6/12/05 Meet the real Batman

Coming Soon 6/11/05 Christopher Nolan on Batman Begins

Coming Soon 6/10/05 Caine and Holmes on Batman Begins

USA Today 6/10/05 Batman evolves 6/10/05 Batman beckons

USA Today 6/10/05 'Batman' de-camps 6/9/05 Bale takes Batman back to dark side

Coming Soon 6/8/05 Freeman and Oldman on Batman Begins

Detroit News 6/9/05 'Batman Begins' Bash swoops into Star Southfield

Ananova 6/9/05 Christian wants Batman to have sex

ET Online 6/8/05 Christian Bale's 'Batman' Begins

USA Today 6/8/05 From Batmen, bat tales

Extra 6/7/05 'Batman' Stars (and Tom) Take LA by Storm

Cinescape 6/7/05 Hear A Sneak Peak of Batman Begins

This is London 6/7/05 Bat's my bride-to-be

Ananova 6/7/05 Stars turn out for Batman premiere

ET Online 6/7/05 Katie's 'Batman' Premiere!

Cinema Spider 6/6/05 Batman Begins: The IMAX Experience to Open at Select IMAX Theatres

BBC 6/6/05 Batman Begins to get US premiere

BBC 6/6/05 Bale begins move into big league

Coming Soon 6/5/05 Keaton on Batman & Beetlejuice 2

Hollywood Reporter 6/4/05 Batman Begins

Zap2It 6/4/05 Holmes Gets Tough for 'Batman,' Mushy About Cruise

Cinema Spider 5/31/05 Batman Begins Digitally Re-Mastered for the IMAX Experience

Hello! 5/30/05 Katie Holmes steals show at 'Batman' premiere

ET Online 5/27/05 Behind the Scenes as 'Batman Begins'

Cinema Spider 5/23/05 Batman Begins CD Soundtrack to be Released June 14th

Coming Soon 5/21/05 Batman Begins on Sci Fi's Darklight

Digital Spy 5/21/05 Batmobile excitement for 'Batman' star

Celebrity Spider 5/16/05 Katie Holmes' Batman Terror

IGN 5/10/05 Batman Fights Joker Next?

IGN 5/3/05 Batman Arrives in Smallville

IGN 4/29/05 Batman Begins Trailer Analysis

IGN 4/27/05 Writing Batman Begins

IGN 4/25/05 Batman Begins Earlier

Ananova 8/6/04 Batman Begins... begins

NY Daily News 6/9/04 Batman's wild ride

Ananova 4/29/04 Animal rights protest over Batman location


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