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Salon 7/2/04 "Before Sunset"

Chicago Sun Times 7/2/04 Before Sunset Roger Ebert Review 7/2/04 'Before Sunset' is one sweetly romantic sequel

NY Times 7/2/04 Reunited, Still Talking, Still Uneasy

Salon 7/2/04 "Love has to be about more than commitment"

CBS 7/2/04 Ethan Hawke's Love 'Before Sunset'

Zap2It 7/2/04 Cast Reunites and Adds Real Life for Romantic Sequel

Seattle PI 7/2/04 Lovers' reunion reveals regrets and stirs emotions

USA Today 7/2/04 'Before Sunset' awakens a love long sleeping

NY Daily News 7/2/04 In Paris, they'll always have Vienna

Newsday 7/1/04 'Sunrise,’ ‘Sunset’: love before and after

Detroit News 6/30/04 New Day Dawns for Hawke in 'Before Sunset'

MSNBC 6/27/04 The Divine Miss Delpy

Contra Costa Times 6/27/04 Sizzling ... sans the sex

Scotsman 6/26/04 Black Hawke down

Independent 6/18/04 Ethan Hawke: 'Real-life relationships aren't clean and simple'

NY Times 5/9/04 Those Strangers on a Train, Nine Years Later

IGN 3/17/04 An Interview with Ethan Hawke


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