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Knox News 6/24/05 Too many players blunt comedy in 'Bewitched'

Chicago Tribune 6/24/05 Noses will twitch, but not a good way, over `Bewitched'

Seattle PI 6/24/05 Despite the enchanting Nicole Kidman, 'Bewitched' loses its magic on film

NY Daily News 6/24/05 Conjuring up a big dud

New Zealand Herald 6/24/05 Kidman does the nose twitch in 'Bewitched'

Journal Now 6/23/05 Bewitched fizzles

USA Today 6/23/05 'Bewitched' doesn't conjure up much

Indy Star 6/23/05 TV's Tabitha is tickled about movie's twist

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/23/05 'Bewitched' conjures only a little magic

Detroit News 6/23/05 Kidman casts spell over 'Bewitched'

NY Daily News 6/22/05 Five Minutes with Will Ferrell

Metro 6/21/05 It's all in the nose 6/21/05 Not Bewitched

NY Daily News 6/21/05 Actress is a 'Bewitch'-ing scene stealer

Jam! 6/20/05 'Bewitched' reeks of antic desperation

Jam! 6/19/05 Kidman casts her spell in 'Bewitched'

Chicago Sun-Times 6/19/05 'Bewitched,' bothered and bewildered

MTV 6/18/05 'Bewitched' Nicole Kidman Nose What To Do With Witchcraft

Celebrity Spider 6/17/05 Nicole Kidman's Mother Opts for Reese Witherspoon

Hollywood Reporter 6/17/05 Bewitched

Detroit News 6/16/05 'Bewitched' statue goes up in Salem

Milwaukee Journal 6/15/05 Salem Expecting Large 'Bewitched' Crowd

USA Today 6/15/05 They laughed for a spell

BBC 6/14/05 Nicole is bewitched

Celebrity Spider 6/12/05 Nora Ephron Cooks Up a Treat for Nicole Kidman

ET Online 6/9/05 Shirley MacLaine: Witch Diva!

Extra 6/8/05 Will Ferrell's Nose Job

Coming Soon 6/7/05 Bewitched and Land of the Dead Pics

ET Online 6/7/05 Will Ferrell's Sexy Witch

ET Online 6/6/05 Nicole Casts a Spell!

ET Online 6/2/05 Nicole's Crush!

Herald Sun 5/21/05 Nicole nose a fine role

ET Online 5/20/05 Nicole Gets 'Bewitched'!

Coming Soon 5/13/05 New Bewitched Trailer Appears

New Zealand Herald 12/31/04 Kidman perfects Bewitched nose wiggle

ET Online 11/23/04 Nicole Gets Bewitched!

Coming Soon 11/22/04 A Bewitched Tease

ET Online 11/22/04 Nicole Gets Bewitched!

Ananova 11/11/04 Nicole needed little preparation for Bewitched role

Zap2It 5/19/04 'Bewitched' Casts Spell on 'Wicked's' Chenoweth

IGN 5/19/04 Chenoweth Gets Bewitched

IGN 3/22/04 Bewitched Casting

Coming Soon 2/5/04 Nicole Kidman Confirmed for Bewitched

Coming Soon 1/12/04 Producer Doug Wick Talks Bewitched

Ananova 1/5/04 Kidman to 'take lead in Bewitched' 12/21/03 Nicole Bewitched By Twitch

IGN 2/25/03 Witchy Kidman

Zap2It 9/20/02 Nicole Kidman Considering 'Bewitched' Role


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