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Newsday 6/9/06 Even with bumps, 'Cars' gets it in gear

Orlando Sentinel 6/9/06 Cars (3 stars out of 5)

Seattle PI 6/9/06 'Cars' is a joyous ride

Houston Chronicle 6/9/06 Character-driven film is a major coupe for Pixar

Detroit News 6/9/06 Carrific

Knox News 6/9/06 NASCAR fan not required to love Pixar's 'Cars'

Dallas Morning News 6/9/06 Cars 6/9/06 Pixar's 'Cars' is no animated hod rod

Zap2It 6/9/06 'Cars'

Go Memphis 6/9/06 'Cars' takes the high road

Toledo Blade 6/9/06 Movie review: Cars ****

USA Today 6/9/06 Classic 'Cars' finds the soul in the machines

Hollywood Reporter 6/9/06 'Cars' to also-rans: Eat my dust

Knox News 6/9/06 Family journey takes Pixar exec off life's fast track 6/9/06 An uneven ride to a simpler time

AJC 6/6/06 Pixar shows none of its previous charm in 'Cars'

NBC13 6/9/06 Review: 'Cars' Does Laps Around Animated Competitors

Toronto Star 6/9/06 These Cars run on puns

NY Daily News 6/9/06 A perfect 'toon-up

Jam! 6/9/06 Pixar revs up the fun in 'Cars'

Seattle Times 6/9/06 Hot wheels Pixar fuels its delightful "Cars" with lots of personality

Rocky Mountain News 6/9/06 Spinning its wheels

Newsday 6/9/06 Even with bumps, 'Cars' gets it in gear

NY Times 6/9/06 'Cars' Is a Drive Down a Lonely Highway

Teen Hollywood 6/8/06 We're On the Finish Line with Cars!

Chicago Tribune 6/8/06 Just a Sunday drive

Zap2It 6/8/06 'Cars' Voices Toot Their Horns

Journal Now 6/8/06 Cars become characters in an animated tale that will rev up your engine

Coming Soon 6/8/06 Exclusive: Cars' John Ratzenberger

NBC13 6/8/06 Memories Of Dad Drive Ratzenberger's Mack In 'Cars'

Journal Now 6/8/06 Driving Forces

Mercury News 6/7/06 Vroom! Sputtering story, spectacular animation

Zap2It 6/7/06 With 'Cars,' Newman Stays in the Race

Entertainment Weekly 6/7/06 Cars

CBS 6/7/06 'Cars' Never Gets Out Of First Gear

Teen Hollywood 6/7/06 Cars: Bonnie Hunt as "Sally Carrera"

Detroit News 6/7/06 Juiced about 'Cars'

Metro 6/7/06 Close to Newmanís heart

Zap2It 6/6/06 Pixar Revs Up with 'Cars'

Hollywood Reporter 6/6/06 Cars

OU Daily 6/6/06 Movie Review: Cars

Teen Hollywood 6/6/06 Cars: Larry the Cable Guy as "Tow Mater"

Detroit News 6/4/06 With Nascar hot, Pixar and Disney hope to create a 'Cars' culture

NY Post 6/4/06 Building A Better 'Car'-Toon 

Jam! 6/4/06 Pixar's go-to guy

Detroit News 6/4/06 'Cars' stars impressed by detailing

Charlotte Observer 6/4/06 The prince of Pixar

Chicago Sun-Times 6/4/06 Bonnie Hunt is revved up about 'Cars'

Jam! 6/4/06 Pixar unveils its newest model

Detroit News 6/3/06 'Cars' revives Detroit's glory days

NMC 6/1/06 Brad Paisley At Cars Movie Premiere 5/31/06 On the road again

NMC 5/30/06 New Movie 'Cars' Goes Country

Hollywood Reporter 5/29/06 30,000 show at premiere as 'Cars' gets in gear

NY Times 5/28/06 With 'Cars,' Pixar Revs Up to Outpace Walt Disney Himself

Coming Soon 5/16/06 Exclusive Cars Podcast!

Coming Soon 5/10/06 New Cars Trailer Drives In

Coming Soon 4/17/06 Disney/Pixar's Cars to Hit the Real Road

Detroit News 4/17/06 Lights, cameras, vroom!

Hollywood Reporter 3/16/06 Pixar's Lasseter takes 'Cars' out for joy ride

Coming Soon 3/9/06 New Cars Trailer Now Online

USA Today 3/9/06 Pixar, in digital overdrive

Coming Soon 3/8/06 Official Cars Site Launched

Coming Soon 3/7/06 New Cars Trailer to Debut March 9


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