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NY Daily News 12/23/05 In pursuit of slapstick lovers, 'Casanova' steps on a rake

Seattle PI 12/23/05 Ledger scores another fine performance on the flip side as Casanova

USA Today 12/22/05 'Casanova' delivers a charming, bawdy romp

Coming Soon 12/20/05 Heath Ledger Swings Both Ways?

Metro 12/20/05 City inspires filmmaker

ET Online 12/19/05 Meet 'Casanova'

OU Daily 12/1/05 inFilm: Casanova

ET Online 11/23/05 Sienna's New 'Casanova'

Zap2It 9/30/05 'Casanova' Seduces AFI Fest

Hollywood Reporter 9/6/05 Casanova

Daily Mail 9/4/05 Sienna's Casanova hopes

Asbury Park Press 9/3/05 A Fun 'Casanova' Debuts at Venice Festival

Metro 9/3/05 "Casanova" seduces Venice with film fest debut

BBC 9/3/05 Miller's Venice date for Casanova

ET Online 8/30/05 Sienna's New 'Casanova'


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