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Ananova 8/4/04 Catwoman stars brave down-paw for fans

BBC 8/3/04 Catwoman gets her claws into red carpet

Sky News 8/3/04 Catwoman's UK Premiere

MegaStar 8/3/04 Catwoman 'talking fur-balls'

BBC 8/2/04 Catwoman leaps to Lakers heights

Times of India 7/31/04 Halle Berry is the Purr-fect Catwoman

Ananova 7/29/04 Berry's Catwoman suit was liberating

E!Online 7/26/04 "Bourne" Supreme; "Cat" a Dog

BBC 7/26/04 Matt Damon beats Cat Woman

Hollywood Reporter 7/26/04 'Bourne' sequel nets $53.5 million; 'Catwoman' 3rd

Globe and Mail 7/26/04 Bourne reigns supreme over Catwoman

USA Today 7/26/04 'Bourne Supremacy' pounces on 'Catwoman'

Zap2It 7/25/04 'Supremacy' Slaughters 'Catwoman' at the Box Office

Coming Soon 7/25/04 Catwoman & Spider-Man 2 Box Office Update

Orlando Sentinel 7/24/04 Bratt is purring over big role

Teen Hollywood 7/24/04 Berry's Male Stunt Double

Baltimore Sun 7/23/04 'Catwoman' not much to meow about

Orlando Sentinel 7/23/04 Catwoman

Boston Globe 7/23/04 Fur doesn't fly

Toledo Blade 7/23/04 Movie review: Catwoman *

Mercury News 7/23/04 Curling up with 'Catwoman'

Access Hollywood 7/23/04 Halle's Hot Body Secrets 7/23/04 Halle Berry's super slinky, 'Catwoman' rather stinky

Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/23/04 Witty Kitty: Halle Berry makes 'Catwoman' a guilty pleasure

Chicago Sun-Times 7/23/04 Catwoman / *  Roger Ebert Review 7/23/04 'Catwoman': Dumb, dumb, dumb

NBC13 7/23/04 Review: 'Catwoman' Doesn't Roar, But It Purrs

Salon 7/23/04 "Catwoman"

Globe and Mail 7/23/04 Here's one guy who doesn't like a sexy Catwoman

Knox News 7/23/04 Film bathed in beauty if you can hack the plot 7/23/04 Catwoman: film should be fixed

Detroit News 7/23/04 Review:'Catwoman' Is Awkward, Boring

Cinescape 7/23/04 Catwoman prowls game consoles

Detroit News 7/23/04 'Catwoman' is a catastrophe

Houston Chronicle 7/23/04 Brush with 'Catwoman' may cause a bad reaction

Hollywood Reporter 7/23/04 Catwoman

CBS 7/23/04 Feline Fatale: Halle Berry

Hollywood Reporter 7/23/04 Carmaker ties ads to 'Catwoman'

Seattle Times 7/23/04 "Catwoman": No amount of kitty litter could save this stinker

Toronto Star 7/23/04 Catastrophic cat caper

Seattle PI 7/23/04 Ewwww, who spilled the litter box? 'Catwoman' stinks

BBC 7/23/04 Catwoman fails to purr

USA Today 7/23/04 'Catwoman': Like claws on a chalkboard

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/23/04 'Catwoman' makes beauty the beast

Chart Attack 7/22/04 Film Review: Catwoman

Coming Soon 7/22/04 Catwoman

Newsday 7/22/04 She’s a long, cool woman and a black cat

Houston Chronicle 7/22/04 'Catwoman' costume gave Halle Berry pause

NY Times 7/22/04 A Not-So-Cuddly Cat Cracks a Mean Whip

Seattle PI 7/22/04 Is Berry the cat's meow? We'll know this weekend

NY Daily News 7/22/04 Bad kitty!

Extra 7/21/04 Slimming The Superhero Way

NY Times 7/21/04 Halle Berry Leaps Into an Arena of Action

Houston Chronicle 7/21/04 Halle Berry finds puppy love on 'Catwoman' set

Detroit News 7/21/04 'Catwoman' Star Empowered by Action Films

Herald Sun 7/21/04 Catty, but the best of mates

Extra 7/20/04 Hooking Up Halle & Denzel

ET Online 7/20/04 Halle on the Prowl! 7/20/04 8 Catwoman Clips in QuickTime

This Is London 7/20/04 Berry purrs at Catwoman premiere

Teen Hollywood 7/19/04 Berry's Feline Fantasy

MegaStar 7/19/04 Berry gets butch

BBC 7/19/04 Catwoman hard going for Halle

USA Today 7/19/04 Berry's Catwoman look is on the prowl

Hartford Courant 7/19/04 The Ladies Love Benjamin Bratt, Halle Berry's Love Interest In `Catwoman'

Chicago Sun-Times 7/18/04 Berry striving for purr-fection

Ananova 7/18/04 Halle's stunt double is a man

NY Daily News 7/18/04 Halle's feline force

Extra 7/16/04 'Catwoman' Fashions

Coming Soon 7/16/04 Exclusive Catwoman Video Interviews

Hello 7/15/04 'Catwoman' stars swear off marriage

Zap2It 7/15/04 Halle Berry Finds Her Purr-fect Role

Toronto Star 7/15/04 Actor cops liking for Halle

Access Hollywood 7/14/04 Halle: Catwoman Gets Candid

Teen Music 7/14/04 Misteeq Replace Britney As Catwoman's Favourites

MegaStar 7/14/04 Berry cossie chaos

ET Online 7/14/04 Halle Gets Frisky: The All-New 'Catwoman' Interview!

BBC 7/14/04 Catwoman helps Halle toughen up

Herald Sun 7/13/04 Berry top cat in Aussie suit

Extra 7/13/04 Stuck in the Middle

This Is London 7/13/04 She's a Halle-cat

Ananova 7/13/04 Halle's bursting out 7/13/04 Aussie leaves marks on Catwoman 7/12/04 Catwoman Sneak Peeks and Specials

Commercial Appeal 7/4/04 Everyone cashing in on Catwoman flick

Globe and Mail 7/3/04 Holy catfight, Spidey!

Coming Soon 7/2/04 New Pictures From Halle Berry's Catwoman 6/21/04 Discreet Tools Used for Catwoman & Spider-Man 2

Detroit News 6/16/04 Champions 'Catwoman' Diversity 6/14/04 New Catwoman Bus Shelter Posters 6/11/04 More Catwoman Pictures Unveiled

Cinescape 6/10/04 Britney Spears injured while filming Catwoman video 6/9/04 Warner Bros. Negotiates Catwoman Tie-Ins 6/7/04 The Latest on the Catwoman Movie 6/7/04 Halle Berry Talks Catwoman on Cinemax 6/6/04 Catwoman & Spider-Man 2 HBO First Looks Coming

Teen Music 6/3/04 Britney Gets Catwoman Call

Cinescape 6/2/04 Britney meowing for Catwoman

MTV 6/1/04 Britney's Catsuit May Come In Handy For Next Single, But Not For China

Cinescape 5/21/04 Catwoman corners the web

MegaStar 5/14/04 Catwoman trailer pulled

Teen Hollywood 5/13/04 Berry's Catwoman Clawed

Coming Soon 5/5/04 New Catwoman Trailer Prowls Online 5/4/04 Halle Berry & Sharon Stone Talk Catwoman 5/3/04 Catwoman Trailer on TV This Week!

Zap2It 2/4/04 Berry Won't Adopt 'Catwoman's' Bengal

Zap2It 1/28/04 Berry Injured on 'Catwoman' Set 12/21/03 Halle Berry on X-Men 3 & Catwoman

IGN 11/4/03 What's It All About, Catwoman?

Zap2It 11/3/03 Berry Says Catwoman Will Fly Without the Bat

IGN 10/21/03 Berry on Catwoman

IGN 10/16/03 New Catwoman Pix!

IGN 10/10/03 Wilson Talks Catwoman

IGN 10/6/03 Cat Crap

IGN 10/2/03 Catwoman Casts Two

IGN 9/29/03 First Look at Catwoman
IGN 9/18/03 Bratt, Wilson Join Catwoman

IGN 8/21/03 Celebrity Catfight!

IGN 7/21/03 Catwoman Jitters?

IGN 7/18/03 Catwoman Lives

IGN 7/17/03 Catwoman Is Dead?!

E!Online 3/14/03 Halle Berry's Purr-fect Role?

Zap2It 3/14/03 Halle Berry Purrs Her Way to 'Catwoman'

BBC 3/14/03 Halle 'heads for Catwoman role'

Ananova 3/14/03 Halle Berry favourite for Catwoman role

IGN 3/14/03 Halle Ready for Catwoman?

Zap2It 2/19/03 Ashley Judd Chooses 'Hot Tin Roof' Over 'Catwoman'

Zap2It 4/8/02 'Catwoman' Signs French Director Pitof

IGN 3/14/02 Catwoman's French Kiss

Zap2It 1/23/02 Michelle Pfeiffer Says Ashley Judd is Purrrfect as 'Catwoman'

E!Online 4/2/01 Ashley Judd Gets Catty

Zap2It 4/2/01 Judd Sinks Claws Into Catwoman


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