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Seattle Times 11/4/05 Sorry, kids, "Chicken Little" is no "Finding Nemo"

Toronto Star 11/4/05 Chicken Little: Tastes like adult fare

NY Times 11/4/05 A Chick Flick With Aliens Falling From the Sky

Seattle PI 11/4/05 Disney can't strut over its 'Chicken'

Jam! 11/4/05 'Chicken Little' a family treat

USA Today 11/4/05 'Chicken' is a 'Little' over the top

NY Daily News 11/4/05 'Chicken Little' lays an egg

Jam! 11/4/05 Chicken comes up a Little short

Hollywood Reporter 11/4/05 Biz banking on 'Chicken' coup

USA Today 11/4/05 Cartoon lessons are for parents, too

Journal Now 11/3/05 Disney's computer animation disappointing in Chicken Little 11/3/05 Flustered peewee poultry in a production quite paltry

Hollywood Reporter 11/3/05 'Chicken' release set on more than a wing and prayer

Hollywood Reporter 11/3/05 Exhibs, studios have eye on 'Chicken' rollout

Zap2It 11/2/05 Braff Likes the Taste of 'Chicken'

Entertainment Weekly 11/2/05 Chicken Little 11/2/05 'Chicken Little'

Metro 11/2/05 Actor, character click

NY Daily News 11/2/05 5 minutes with...Zach Braff

Teen Hollywood 11/1/05 Zach Braff: He’s “Chicken”

ET Online 11/1/05 Inside the 'Chicken Little' Headquarters!

Coming Soon 11/1/05 Zach Braff is Chicken Little

Hollywood Reporter 10/31/05 Chicken Little

Chicago Sun-Times 10/30/05 Playing 'Chicken': Disney goes digital without Pixar

Chicago Sun-Times 10/30/05 'Scrubs' star heads into fowl territory

Jam! 10/29/05 Disney goes digital with 'Chicken Little'

Coming Soon 10/5/05 Exclusive: Chicken Little Newsletter #5!

Coming Soon 9/26/05 Exclusive: Chicken Little Newsletter #4!

Coming Soon 9/21/05 Exclusive: Chicken Little Character Card
Coming Soon 9/20/05 Exclusive: Chicken Little Newsletter #3!

Coming Soon 9/12/05 Exclusive: Chicken Little Newsletter #2!

Coming Soon 9/6/05 Exclusive: Chicken Little Newsletter #1!

Coming Soon 8/22/05 Exclusive: The Creators of Chicken Little

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 Chicken Little

Zap2It 6/28/05 Disney Plays 'Chicken' in 3D

Hollywood Reporter 6/28/05 'Chicken' souped up with 3-D


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