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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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Zap2It 7/24/05 'Chocolate Factory' Tour Creams 'Island' Getaway

Entertainment Weekly 7/24/05 Everybody Loves 'Chocolate

ET Online 7/24/05 Inside Johnny's Wacky 'Chocolate Factory'

USA Today 7/22/05 Wonka hasn't lost his whimsy

CBS 7/21/05 Depp: Wonka Is No Michael Jackson

NBC13 7/20/05 Danny Elfman Adds Sweet Music To 'Chocolate Factory'

Coming Soon 7/19/05 Chocolate Factory Sets New IMAX Records

Orlando Sentinel 7/18/05 It's music to Oompa Loompa by

E!Online 7/18/05 A Sweet Score for "Charlie"

BBC 7/18/05 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory premiere

Zap2It 7/18/05 'Chocolate' Goes Down Easy at Box Office

BBC 7/18/05 Box office triumph for Wonka film

NY Daily News 7/18/05 'Charlie' in box office sugar rush

BBC 7/18/05 In pictures: Charlie UK premiere

Hollywood Reporter 7/18/05 Good-time 'Charlie' soars with sweet $56.2 mil bow

Orlando Sentinel 7/17/05 He's channeling Charlie

Coming Soon 7/17/05 Chocolate Factory Takes the Top Spot

Detroit News 7/17/05 Wonka gives movie-goers their sugar fix

BBC 7/17/05 Landmark turns into Wonka factory

ET Online 7/17/05 Inside Johnny's Wacky 'Chocolate Factory'

Digital Spy 7/17/05 'Willy Wonka' star praises remake

Boston Herald 7/16/05 `Factory' recall: We unwrap the differences between `Charlie' and `Wonka'

Coming Soon 7/16/05 Chocolate Factory Earns $20.8M on Day One

Chicago Sun-Times 7/15/05 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - A Roger Ebert review

Baltimore Sun 7/15/05 Sorry Charlie

Chart Attack 7/15/05 Film Review: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Toledo Blade 7/15/05 Movie review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ****

Teen Hollywood 7/15/05 Movie Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Christian Science Monitor 7/15/05 What's in that chocolate? 7/15/05 A pair of mad geniuses make 'Charlie' so sweet

Detroit News 7/15/05 Quirky Depp gives a dark flavor to 'Chocolate'

Chicago Tribune 7/15/05 Burton’s new ‘Charlie’ more bitter than sweet

Boston Globe 7/15/05 Tim Burton hits the sweet spot with 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'

Knox News 7/15/05 'Charlie' captures true flavor of literary source

Journal Now 7/15/05 Burton, Depp join forces again to make sweet treat

Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/15/05 One Sweet Ride: Burton, Depp fulfill expectations with ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

NBC13 7/15/05 Review: 'Chocolate Factory' Is Sweet, Tart Treat

The Trades 7/15/05 "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" Movie Review

NY Times 7/15/05 Looking for the Candy, Finding a Back Story

Knox News 7/15/05 A sweet treat

Houston Chronicle 7/15/05 Charlie's stylish, but backstory focus is too much

CBS 7/15/05 Charlie And Violet On 'Chocolate'

Boston Herald 7/15/05 `Chocolate Factory' is sugar-free

Seattle PI 7/15/05 Charm is outsourced by 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' excesses

Seattle Times 7/15/05 Tim Burton's new "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is dark, delicious

USA Today 7/15/05 A shared taste for the surreal

Jam! 7/15/05 'Chocolate Factory' dandy as candy

CBS 2 7/15/05 Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

NY Daily News 7/15/05 Wonka on the wild side

USA Today 7/15/05 'Charlie' looks scrumptious but tastes odd

Newsday 7/15/05 It's not quite dark chocolate

Knox News 7/14/05 Grudge match: Willy Wonka vs. Harry Potter

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/14/05 'Charlie' adventure is a delicious treat

Denver Post 7/14/05 "Chocolate" kid star is sweet, savvy

Entertainment Weekly 7/13/05 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Celebrity Spider 7/12/05 Britney Spears Checks Out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Premiere

Newsday 7/12/05 'Wonka's' Charlie just a regular guy

USA Today 7/12/05 'Charlie' premiere sweet

NY Daily News 7/12/05 Cashed golden ticket for quiet life upstate

Entertainment Weekly 7/11/05 The Truth About 'Charlie'

ET Online 7/11/05 Johnny's Sweet Premiere

BBC 7/11/05 Charlie and Britney's baby factory

E!Online 7/11/05 When "Harry" Met "Charlie"

Extra 7/11/05 Stars Congregate for a Sweet Premiere

This Is London 7/11/05 Depp in chocolate heaven

Coming Soon 7/11/05 Depp by Chocolate

BBC 7/11/05 Willy Wonka's everlasting film plot

Access Hollywood 7/11/05 Britney Lights Up 'Charlie' Premiere

BBC 7/11/05 Depp attends Willy Wonka premiere

Ananova 7/11/05 Stars attend Chocolate Factory premiere 7/11/05 Wonka not Jacko

Hollywood Reporter 7/11/05 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

BBC 7/11/05 In pictures: Charlie premiere

Boston Herald 7/10/05 In `Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' Johnny Depp tweaks Willy Wonka for a new generation

NY Post 7/10/05 Savoring The Sweet Life

NY Daily News 7/10/05 The true meaning of 'Chocolate'

Chicago Sun-Times 7/10/05 Charlie and company in for some dark chocolate

Celebrity Spider 7/7/05 Johnny Depp and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

E!Online 7/6/05 Jacko and the "Chocolate Factory"

Coming Soon 7/5/05 Exclusive: Chocolate Factory QTVRs!

Coming Soon 7/4/05 Touring the Chocolate Factory - Part II

Digital Spy 7/4/05 Wilder endorses Johnny Depp

Ananova 7/4/05 Depp will be 'magical' in film

Coming Soon 6/30/05 New Chocolate Factory & The Island Pics

Coming Soon 6/29/05 In the Future: Chocolate Factory Cast & Crew

Celebrity Spider 6/28/05 Johnny Depp Speaks About Playing Willy Wonka

ET Online 6/27/05 Johnny's Weird, Wild 'Wonka'

Access Hollywood 6/27/05 Johnny & 'The Chocolate Factory'

Extra 6/27/05 Depp's Wild Wonka Ride

Cinema Spider 6/26/05 Johnny Depp Speaks About Playing Willy Wonka

ET Online 6/23/05 Inside Johnny's Wacky 'Chocolate Factory'

Cinema Spider 6/22/05 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack to be Released July 12th

Coming Soon 6/8/05 Chocolate Factory Character Sites

Celebrity Spider 6/1/05 Gene Wilder: Wonka Remake is All About Money

Coming Soon 5/26/05 The New Chocolate Factory Trailer

ET Online 5/26/05 Johnny's Sweet 'Chocolate Factory'

IGN 4/4/05 Preview: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
IGN 12/10/04 Chocolate Factory Preview

IGN 7/9/04 Pyle on the Chocolate

IGN 6/7/04 Chocolate Factory Update

Ananova 6/2/04 More cast added to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Coming Soon 6/1/04 Violet & Veruca Cast in Burton's Chocolate Factory

Cinescape 5/21/04 New Charlie chosen for trip to Chocolate Factory

Ananova 5/21/04 Tim Burton finds his Charlie

IGN 12/6/03 Burton Chats Chocolate Factory

IGN 11/10/03 Depp, Burton Talk Wonka

IGN 7/25/03 Depp May Play Wonka


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