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Daily Pilot 6/10/05 'Cinderella Man' an Oscar contender

Orlando Sentinel 6/10/05 Jethro counterpunches, says film took cheap shots

NY Daily News 6/8/05 Crowe has ring of truth, say our boxing experts

Herald Sun 6/7/05 Baer's sore head

Toronto Star 6/7/05 Is Cinderella Man a contender?

USA Today 6/6/05 'Madagascar' KO's 'Cinderella Man'

E!Online 6/5/05 "Madagascar" KOs "Man"

Jam! 6/5/05 Hollywood's love affair with boxing

Houston Chronicle 6/5/05 Boxing, dad and wrestling with the past

The Trades 6/4/05 "Cinderella Man" Movie Review

Celebrity Spider 6/3/05 Russell Crowe: I Had to Play Braddock

Celebrity Spider 6/3/05 Russell Crowe Plans to Look After Prized Braddock Receipt

Houston Chronicle 6/3/05 Zellweger reluctantly stands in Cinderella spotlight

Christian Science Monitor 6/3/05 In 'Cinderella Man,' actors pack a punch

Chicago Sun-Times 6/3/05 Cinderella Man - A review by Roger Ebert

Detroit News 6/3/05 Fighting the good fight

Toledo Blade 6/3/05 Movie review: Cinderella Man *****

CNN 6/3/05 Review: 'Cinderella Man' a triumph

Chart Attack 6/3/05 Crowe Delivers A Knock-Out

Teen Hollywood 6/3/05 Movie Review: Cinderella Man

Baltimore Sun 6/3/05 Glass Jaw

Boston Globe 6/3/05 Moving 'Cinderella Man' sets a boxer's comeback against a backdrop of despair

NY Times 6/3/05 Roll the Fairy Tale, Fade to the Fists

Chicago Tribune 6/3/05 Cinderella Man

Toronto Star 6/3/05 Knockout punch

Orlando Sentinel 6/3/05 Cinderella Man (4 stars out of 5)

Seattle PI 6/3/05 Magnificent 'Cinderella Man' is a contender worthy of Oscar

Boston Herald 6/3/05 Low blow: `Cinderella Man' is clobbered by its own schmaltz

Jam! 6/3/05 'Cinderella Man' an inspiring knockout

Globe and Mail 6/3/05 Cinderella Man **½

Chicago Tribune 6/3/05 'Cinderella Man' a historical lightweight 6/3/05 A Cinderella story for Canadian actors

Houston Chronicle 6/3/05 Cinderella Man has the courage to hit hard

NY Daily News 6/3/05 'Man' is down for the count

Seattle Times 6/3/05 Crowe nails role as unexpected hero in "Cinderella Man"

USA Today 6/3/05 Winner and new champ: Russell Crowe's 'Cinderella Man'

Jam! 6/3/05 So much to Crowe about

NY Daily News 6/3/05 Jethro says Opie distorts Baer facts 6/3/05 An emotional wallop

Newsday 6/3/05 "Cinderella Man"

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/2/05 'Cinderella Man' packs punchy charm

Zap2It 6/2/05 Crowe's 'Cinderella' Training Was no Fairy Tale

Dallas Morning News 6/2/05 Championing 'Cinderella' story

ET Online 6/2/05 Russell and Renée's 'Cinderella' Story

Celebrity Spider 6/1/05 Cinderella Man Deters Russell Crowe From Using Violence
Celebrity Spider 6/1/05 Renee Zellweger Thrilled With Love Letters

Celebrity Spider 6/1/05 Russell Crowe Buy's Jim Braddock Receipt

Entertainment Weekly 6/1/05 Cinderella Man

Zap2It 6/1/05 Spacey, Method Man 'Going Hollywood' with TLC

Boston Herald 6/1/05 Packing a punch - For Crowe, real life intersects with acting in `Cinderella Man'

Access Hollywood 5/31/05 Renee & Russell: A 'Cinderella' Story

The Trades 5/30/05 "Cinderella Man" Movie Review

NY Post 5/29/05 Champion Of The People

Chicago Sun-Times 5/29/05 In the ring, 'Cinderella Man' a knockout contender

ET Online 5/28/05 Renée's 'Cinderella' Chat

ET Online 5/27/05 'Cinderella Man's Russell Crowe on Fatherhood

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/25/05 A career touchdown

USA Today 5/25/05 Crowe, Howard step into the ring together 5/25/05 Crowe goes distance

Access Hollywood 5/24/05 Crowe Hopes 'Cinderella' Charms Audience

ET Online 5/24/05 Renée's 'Cinderella' Premiere

Extra 5/20/05 Renée and Russell on Taking their Vows

Hollywood Reporter 5/20/05 Cinderella Man

ET Online 5/19/05 Renée's 'Cinderella' Story

Entertainment Weekly 4/18/05 Cinderella Man

Coming Soon 4/12/04 First Look at Crowe on the Cinderella Man Set

IGN 3/25/04 Crowe Talks Cinderella Man

Coming Soon 3/16/04 Ron Howard Gives Cinderella Man Update

E!Online 3/12/04 Crowe's "Cinderella" Missing Oscar Ball

Ananova 3/12/04 Crowe's Cinderella put back

Hollywood Reporter 3/12/04 Round Two for 'Cinderella': Uni delays ring pic debut

USA Today 2/25/04 Howard, Crowe and 'Cinderella Man' are down but not out for the count

Jam! 2/16/05 Coach trained Crowe for 'Cinderella Man'

Contact Music 2/15/05 Crowe 'Fall Out' With Weinstein Almost Ended Cinderella Man

Zap2It 1/30/04 Crowe's Injury Delays 'Cinderella Man'

Coming Soon 1/30/04 Russell Crowe Injured on Cinderella Man Set

IGN 1/7/04 Cinderella Splendor

IGN 12/4/03 Cinderella Men

IGN 10/26/01 Zellweger, Crowe in Cinderella Story


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