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News Articles about Collateral


Boston Herald 8/9/04 `Collateral' cruises to the top spot

NY Daily News 8/9/04 A killer hit for Cruise & Foxx

USA Today 8/9/04 Front-runner 'Collateral' on Cruise control

E!Online 8/8/04 "Collateral" Cruises

Zap2It 8/8/04 Cruise's 'Collateral' Bumps off Competitors

ET Online 8/8/04 Tom's 'Hit' Parade

Hartford Courant 8/8/04 From Top Gun To Hired Gun

Salon 8/6/04 "Collateral" 8/6/04 Foxx a surprising standout in 'Collateral'

Baltimore Sun 8/6/04 Taken for a ride

Teen Hollywood 8/6/04 Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx: Building “Collateral”

USA Today 8/6/04 Cruise rides shotgun in sizzling 'Collateral'

Teen Hollywood 8/6/04 Movie Review: Collateral

Santa Cruz Sentinel 8/6/04 ‘Collateral’ a sleek new triumph for Hollywood’s biggest star

Chicago Sun Times 8/6/04 Collateral Roger Ebert Review

Seattle PI 8/6/04 'Collateral' execution is dead-on

Boston Herald 8/6/04 Collateral

Houston Chronicle 8/6/04 Far-fetched 'Collateral' is driven by the actors

Toronto Star 8/6/04 Cruise's best yet

Journal Now 8/6/04 Collateral could have used some timely trimming Alas, Too Long

Detroit News 8/6/04 'Collateral' damaged

Bergen Record 8/6/04 The cabbie and the hit man

Toledo Blade 8/6/04 Movie review: Collateral

TV Guide 8/6/04 Tom Cruise, You Slay Us

NY Daily News 8/6/04 Death & taxi, Cruise lends certain appeal

Seattle Times 8/6/04 Tom Cruise is so bad he's good as a hit man in "Collateral" 8/6/04 'Collateral' unravels in end

Teen Hollywood 8/5/04 'Collateral' role is right for Jada Smith

ET Online 8/5/04 Tom's New 'Collateral' Confessions

NY Daily News 8/5/04 Fears can't hurt 'Collateral'

Newsday 8/5/04 Good at being bad

Boston Herald 8/4/04 Will moviegoers accept Tom Cruise as a bad guy in `Collateral'?

Zap2It 8/3/04 Cruise, Jada, Foxx Riding in a Car

Extra 8/3/04 'Collateral' Premiere Pandemonium Hits Los Angeles

The Trades 8/3/04 "Collateral" Review

USA Today 8/3/04 Cruising into 'Collateral'

BBC 8/3/04 Tom Cruises into Collateral premiere

Access Hollywood 8/3/04 Crusie's "Collateral" Premiere

Jam! 8/3/04 Cruise control off

ET Online 8/3/04 On the Town with Tom Cruise

Toronto Star 8/3/04 Rough guy in a good suit next for Cruise 8/3/04 Tom Cruise turns deadly in Collateral

Hollywood Reporter 8/2/04 Collateral

NY Daily News 8/1/04 All the right moves
Extra 7/27/04 How Tom Went Bad

Coming Soon 7/16/04 Passes for Collateral in Texas!

Coming Soon 7/9/04 New Collateral & Alien vs. Predator Trailers

Teen Hollywood 6/30/04 Foxx Feared He'd Killed Cruise In Taxi Cab Accident

ET Online 6/25/04 Tom's Taxi-Cab Confessions

Zap2It 6/23/04 'Collateral' Contracted to Open Urbanworld Fest

CTV 6/23/04 New Cruise thriller to open Urbanworld film fest

Coming Soon 6/19/04 Report From LA Film Festival's Collateral Preview

Teen Hollywood 6/15/04 Delivery Man Cruise

MegaStar 6/15/04 Cruise hits grey area

Daily Record 6/14/04 Cruise The Stalker 6/14/04 Cruise Wraps Up Role

Ananova 6/14/04 Cruise goes undercover to prepare for new role

Ananova 5/21/04 J-Lo makes way for Cruise

IGN 9/5/03 Collateral Jada

IGN 8/19/03 Maverick & Iceman Together Again!

IGN 7/15/03 Foxx Hunts Collateral

Zap2It 6/5/03 Sandler May Join Cruise in 'Collateral'

IGN 6/3/03 Cruise on a Mann Hunt


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