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News Articles about Dark Water


Hollywood Reporter 7/8/05 Dark Water

Globe and Mail 7/8/05 Dark Water **

Seattle Times 7/8/05 Cerebral thriller "Dark Water" drips suspense and atmosphere

USA Today 7/8/05 Not much intrigue lurks beneath 'Dark Water'

NY Times 7/8/05 A Noisy Upstairs Neighbor Is Just the Beginning of a Rental Nightmare

Jam! 7/8/05 'Dark Water' too murky to enjoy

NY Daily News 7/8/05 One hell of an apartment

CBS 2 7/8/05 Dark Water

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/7/05 Connelly shines in 'Dark Water'

Entertainment Weekly 7/6/05 Dark Water

MTV 7/6/05 Jennifer Connelly Plumbs Depths Of Fear In 'Dark Water'

ET Online 7/6/05 Jennifer Connelly's 'Dark Water' Chill Factor!

Celebrity Spider 7/3/05 Jennifer Connelly Spooked By Horror Film Location

Boston Herald 7/3/05 Connelly takes a dip in `Water'

Jam! 7/3/05 Connelly treads 'Dark Water'

Extra 6/30/05 Jennifer Connelly Takes a Beating in 'Dark Water'

Coming Soon 6/28/05 King Kong, FF and Dark Water Pics

ET Online 6/22/05 Jennifer Connelly's 'Dark' Thriller

Cinema Spider 6/14/05 Dark Water Web Site Clicks in a Big Way With Users

Coming Soon 6/8/05 The Return of Jennifer Connelly

Zap2It 3/31/05 'Dark Water' Dampens 'Fantastic Four' Debut


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