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Globe and Mail 7/2/04 Setting the record gay

NY Times 7/2/04 Jazz Age Gaiety With Misery Below the Gloss

Toronto Star 7/2/04 What is this thing called De-Lovely?
Seattle PI 7/2/04 The music and romance make 'De-Lovely' simply de-lightful

Toronto Star 7/2/04 A genius and his muse

USA Today 7/2/04 'De-Lovely' can't match the man

Seattle Times 7/2/04 Songs are given center stage in Cole Porter biopic "De-Lovely"

NY Daily News 7/2/04 De-lacking, but worthy

Seattle Times 7/2/04 Kevin Kline tries to capture essence of Cole Porter

NY Daily News 7/2/04 Songs are easy to love, singers vary

NMC 7/1/04 De-Lovely Alanis Morissette

Newsday 7/1/04 Murder by musical

USA Today 6/30/04 The woman beside the man

USA Today 6/30/04 'De-Lovely' examines unsanitized Porter

CBS 6/28/04 Kline: De-Picting Cole Porter

Newsday 6/27/04 Ashley Judd Delves Into Cole Porter's Complex Life

NY Daily News 6/25/04 Just one of those things

Zap2It 6/25/04 The 'De-Lovely' Experience of Playing Real People

Newsday 6/24/04 Ashley's a Judd, but no singer

Zap2It 6/24/04 Judd Is 'De-Lovely' Face of American Beauty

Times of India 6/22/04 Ashley Judd is on song!

Extra 6/22/04 Star Sightings: Isn't It Romantic?

Teen Hollywood 6/21/04 Ashley Judd: Feeliní De-Lovely

Playbill 6/20/04 Kevin Kline Has a "De-Lovely" Time

Extra 6/18/04 Catching Cole (and Linda Lee)

Detroit News 6/18/04 Various artists, "De-Lovely" (Sony)

Washington Times 5/27/04 De-Lovely, delightful, d-elitist

NMC 5/26/04 Sheryl Crow is De-Lovely

Zap2It 5/24/04 Sheryl Crow's 'De-Lovely' Performance at Cannes


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