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Jam! 10/14/05 'Elizabethtown' hits the wrong note

Seattle Times 10/14/05 "Elizabethtown": Too many plots, too little explanation

Philly.com 10/14/05 Homespun tale, spinning wildly

Jam! 10/14/05 'Elizabethtown' reeks of sentimentality

Newsday 10/14/05 Elizabethtown

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/13/05 Story veers off course in 'Elizabethtown'

Journal Now 10/13/05 Some of this mixed with some of that comes close to nothing

Coming Soon 10/13/05 Exclusive: New Elizabethtown Pictures

Dallas Morning News 10/13/05 Poor, pitiful Cameron Crowe

Zap2It 10/13/05 Elizabethtown

CBS 10/13/05 Orlando Bloom's 'Elizabethtown'

Entertainment Weekly 10/12/05 Elizabethtown

Orlando Sentinel 10/12/05 As the Crowe flies

USA Today 10/12/05 'Elizabethtown' takes criticism, trims

Orlando Sentinel 10/12/05 Bloom spreads his wings in romantic role

USA Today 10/12/05 Orlando blooms as a lead under Crowe's influence

Jam! 10/12/05 Dunst takes detour into drama

Teen Hollywood 10/11/05 Discovering the USA with Orlando Bloom

ET Online 10/11/05 Orlando Gets Out of Town!

Zap2It 10/11/05 'Liztown's' Planes, Pains and Automobiles

Cinema Spider 10/7/05 Elizabethtown' Slated for Nationwide Release on October 14, 2005

NY Daily News 10/11/05 Sarandon's unafraid of strutting her stuff

Jam! 10/10/05 Kirsten Dunst takes detour into drama

Entertainment Weekly 9/30/05 Kentucky Fried Movie

MTV 9/19/05 Orlando Bloom Breaks Hearts As 'Elizabethtown' Storms The South

Coming Soon 9/19/05 Crowe and Bloom on Elizabethtown

Seattle Times 9/19/05 Town pleased with 'Elizabethtown'

Cinema Spider 9/15/05 Cameron Crowe Returns to 'Elizabethtown'

Newsday 9/15/05 It's a long journey as Crowe flies

Metro 9/13/05 Loss of father drives Crowe to Elizabethtown

Jam! 9/10/05 Cameron Crowe dedicates film to dad

Coming Soon 9/9/05 Exclusive: New Elizabethtown Clip!

Hollywood Reporter 9/7/05 Elizabethtown

Metro 9/4/05 "Elizabethtown" brings taste of Americana to Venice

Detroit News 9/4/05 'Elizabethtown' looks at life and death

NY Post 8/28/05 The Hot Seat With Cameron Crowe

Chart Attack 8/12/05 My Morning Jacket, Ryan Adams, Elton John On Elizabethtown Soundtrack

Detroit News 8/12/05 Dunst praises 'Elizabethtown' character

Entertainment Weekly 8/9/05 Elizabethtown

Coming Soon 6/16/05 Pictures Snapped in Elizabethtown

IGN 10/18/04 Sarandon Talks About Elizabethtown

Zap2It 6/9/04 'Elizabethtown' Gains Two New Residents

Zap2It 4/3/04 Bloom's 'Elizabethtown' Family Adds Greer, Sarandon

Zap2It 7/10/03 Kutcher, Dunst on the Road to 'Elizabethtown'



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