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Seattle PI 8/21/04 Cast this accursed 'Exorcist' into the abyss

NY Daily News 8/21/04 After a devil of a time, 'Exorcist' prequel is here

E!Online 8/20/04 Battle of the Exorcists?

NBC13 8/20/04 Review: New 'Exorcist' Possessed By Boredom

Chicago Tribune 8/20/04 Movie review: 'Exorcist: The Beginning'

Dallas Morning News 8/20/04 Review: Direction bedevils 'Exorcist'

BBC 8/20/04 'Cursed' Exorcist movie released

Seattle PI 8/20/04 Keep your head on: 'Exorcist' review is coming tomorrow

Journal Now 8/19/04 Exorcist IV has taken a devil of a ride so far

Philly.com 8/19/04 Curses!

Detroit News 8/19/04 'Exorcist' Prequel Bedeviled From Start

Teen Hollywood 8/18/04 Blair Furious Over Payment For Exorcist Footage

NY Daily News 8/15/04 The Exorcist files

Hollywood Reporter 7/23/04 Twists and turns reshooting 'Exorcist' prequel

Cinescape 7/20/04 Exorcist trailer compels viewers

Coming Soon 7/20/04 Full Exorcist: The Beginning Trailer Online

Coming Soon 7/17/04 The Grudge, Sky Captain & Exorcist Pics

Coming Soon 6/10/04 Trailer for Exorcist prequel peeked

Coming Soon 6/9/04 First Look at the Exorcist: The Beginning Trailer

Cinescape 6/8/04 Exorcist website opens for business

Coming Soon 6/4/04 Exorcist: The Beginning Trailer Next Week

Zap2It 3/1/04 New 'Exorcist' 'Scary and Disgusting'

IGN 1/5/04 More Souls Join Exorcist

IGN 12/18/03 Exorcist: A New Beginning

IGN 12/8/03 More Talent Dropped from Exorcist

IGN 10/23/03 Harlin to Exorcist Prequel?

IGN 10/9/03 Exorcist Reshoots Will Follow Schrader's Departure
IGN 9/15/03 Schrader Gets Official Boot

IGN 8/11/03 Studio Doesn't Like Exorcist Final Cut

Zap2It 4/8/03 'Exorcist: The Beginning' Leaves Previous Sequels Behind

Zap2It 4/8/03 The Return of the 'Exorcist' From the Beginning


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