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News Articles about Fantastic Four 7/11/05 Fantastic boost

Zap2It 7/10/05 Clobbering Time: 'Fantastic Four' Torches Box Office

Coming Soon 7/10/05 A Fantastic Weekend at the Box Office

Jam! 7/9/05 Fantastic Four DVD set a marvel

Knox News 7/9/05 Four' taps lighter side of crime-fighting

Coming Soon 7/9/05 Fantastic Four Makes $20.8 Million

CBS 2 7/8/05 Fantastic Four

Hollywood Reporter 7/8/05 Gang of 'Four' ready to rumble 7/8/05 Superpowers can't save 'Fantastic Four'

Orlando Sentinel 7/8/05 Fantastic Four (3 out of 5 stars)

Detroit News 7/8/05 'Four' isn't that 'Fantastic'

Baltimore Sun 7/8/05 Powerful fun

Zap2It 7/8/05 Not-So-'Fantastic' Voyage to the Big Screen

Toledo Blade 7/8/05 Movie review: Fantastic Four **

Chicago Tribune 7/8/05 There's nothing fantastic here

Toronto Star 7/8/05 Superheroes less than fantastic

Houston Chronicle 7/8/05 Four on the floor 7/8/05 'Fantastic Four' is mindless summer fun

Chicago Tribune 7/8/05 More is less

Zap2It 7/8/05 Chiklis Knows a Thing or Two About 'Fantastic Four'

Seattle PI 7/8/05 'Fantastic Four' rescues itself from joining comic book-movie trash heap

Hollywood Reporter 7/8/05 Fantastic Four

BBC 7/8/05 Press views: Fantastic Four

Chicago Tribune 7/8/05 Storm front

Seattle Times 7/8/05 Review: 'Fantastic Four' is a freak show

Chart Attack 7/8/05 Film Review - Fantastic Four

Globe and Mail 7/8/05 Fantastic Four **

NY Times 7/8/05 Even Comic-Book Superheroes Can Use a Little More Momentum

USA Today 7/8/05 'Fantastic' overstates it

Jam! 7/8/05 'Fantastic Four' movie flames out

USA Today 7/8/05 Superheroes battle a stormy premiere

Teen Hollywood 7/7/05 Jessica Alba: A Fantasy Career

Journal Now 7/7/05 Fantastic Four's special effects can't overcome its all-too-familiar format

ET Online 7/7/05 A 'Fantastic Four' Fan Frenzy!

Zap2It 7/7/05 'Fantastic Four' Director Has His Own Origin Story

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/7/05 'Fantastic' captures spirit of comic quartet

Newsday 7/7/05 'Fantastic Four'

NY Times 7/7/05 Marvel Banking on Hit with 'Fantastic Four'

Chicago Sun-Times 7/7/05 Fantastic Four - A Roger Ebert Review

Zap2It 7/7/05 Evans' 'Fantastic Four' Family Affair

The Trades 7/7/05 "Fantastic Four" Movie Review

NY Daily News 7/7/05 'Fantastic'? That's a stretch 7/7/05 Fantastic ratings coup

Entertainment Weekly 7/6/05 Fantastic Four

The Trades 7/6/05 "Fantastic Four - The Complete Animated Series" DVD Review

USA Today 7/6/05 On set of 'Fantastic Four,' tension shattered

NBC13 7/6/05 Chiklis Has Clobberin' Good Time On 'Fantastic Four'

NBC13 7/6/05 Human Torch Role Has Evans, Well, Fired Up

USA Today 7/6/05 'Fantastic Four' on rescue mission

Jam! 7/5/05 Chiklis talks about 'Fantastic Four' role

Boston Herald 7/3/05 20th Century Fox hopes `Four' will garner fantastic grosses

NY Daily News 7/3/05 Barbarella Jr.

Newsday 7/3/05 The other fab 'Four'

Cinescape 7/2/05 More Four in the Future?

Knox News 6/30/05 Grudge match: The Fantastic Four vs. The Fabulous Five

Cinema Spider 6/28/05 Fantastic Four Video Game Premieres at Retail Stores Nationwide

ET Online 6/28/05 A 'Fantastic Four' Fan Frenzy!

Coming Soon 6/28/05 King Kong, FF and Dark Water Pics

Jam! 6/27/05 Inside Fantastic 4, the game

Coming Soon 6/23/05 Fantastic Four Character Featurettes!

Cinema Spider 6/22/05 Velvet Revolver Writes New Song for Fantastic Four Soundtrack and Film

NY Daily News 6/20/05 Will Fan-4 crush Batman?

Coming Soon 6/16/05 The New Fantastic Four Trailer!

Herald Sun 6/9/05 Fantastic break for Dr Doom

NY Daily News 6/5/05 She powers super hero flick

The Trades 6/3/05 Primer- Fantastic Four

NMC 6/3/05 Joss Stone to Fantastic Four Soundtrack

MTV 6/2/05 Chingy, Joss Stone, Ryan Cabrera Head Up 'Fantastic Four' Soundtrack

Entertainment Weekly 4/18/05 Fantastic Four

Zap2It 4/17/05 'Fantastic Four' Heroes Powered by Theme Songs

IGN 4/11/05 Fantastic Four's Sonic Blitz

Zap2It 3/31/05 'Dark Water' Dampens 'Fantastic Four' Debut

IGN 3/21/05 Alba Talks Fantastic Four and Cameron Project

Zap2It 3/19/05 'Fantastic Four' Stars Want Power to Fly

IGN 3/19/05 New details on all things Fantastic.

IGN 3/9/05 Scribe Talks FF

Zap2It 2/8/05 'Fantastic Four' Forsakes the Fourth

Zap2It 8/31/04 Chris Evans Fires Up for 'Fantastic Four'

Zap2It 7/14/04 Alba Completes 'Fantastic Four' Cast

Zap2It 7/8/04 Two More for 'Fantastic Four

Zap2It 4/26/01 'Fantastic Four Finally Finds Director


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