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AJC 9/23/05 Jodie Foster keeps 'Flightplan' on target

Christian Science Monitor 9/23/05 Plot holes the size of an Airbus

Detroit News 9/23/05 Plane derivative

Chicago Tribune 9/23/05 Foster's Intensity the only wind beneath 'Flightplan's' wings

Jam! 9/23/05 Jodie Foster's career flies again

Chart Attack 9/23/05 Film Review: Flightplan 

NBC13 9/23/05 Review: 'Flightplan' Takes A Nosedive

Globe and Mail 9/23/05 Flightplan **

Toronto Star 9/23/05 Flightplan: Panic takes off

Metro 9/23/05 Fostering her own career path

Entertainment Weekly 9/23/05 Flightplan

Hollywood Reporter 9/23/05 Flightplan

USA Today 9/23/05 Foster's 'Flightplan' may make you scream

Jam! 9/23/05 'Flightplan' quickly crashes, burns

NY Daily News 9/23/05 Jodie's bumpy 'Flightplan'

Seattle Times 9/23/05 "Flightplan": Fasten your seatbelt for a rocky ride

Philly.com 9/23/05 Child gone, or a flight of fancy?

Seattle PI 9/23/05 'Flightplan' is first-class fear

Newsday 9/23/05 Flightplan

NY Times 9/23/05 Hunting for a Child No One Believes Is There

Zap2It 9/22/05 Flightplan

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/22/05 Foster keeps 'Flightplan' on a steady course

USA Today 9/22/05 Mother of the suspense genre

Extra 9/21/05 Why Foster Traded in Movies for Motherhood

Access Hollywood 9/21/05 Jodie Foster Flies High At 'Flightplan' Premiere

ET Online 9/20/05 Jodie's Plane Panic

Coming Soon 9/20/05 7 Minute Sneak Peek at Flightplan

Zap2It 9/19/05 'Flightplan' Fosters Family Fears

Chicago Sun-Times 9/18/05 Foster seems to have life's 'Flightplan' all worked out

Bergen Record 9/18/05 Foster taps into our worst nightmares

NY Post 9/18/05 No Fear Of Flying

CBS 9/16/05 Jodie Foster's 'Flightplan'

NY Daily News 9/15/05 A star who Fosters admiration

Coming Soon 9/14/05 Exclusive: New Flightplan TV Spot!

Zap2It 9/10/05 How 9/11 Affected 'Flightplan's' Cast and Story

Cinescape 8/26/05 Vid Clips for Flightplan and Brothers Grimm

Entertainment Weekly 8/8/05 Flightplan

IGN 5/13/05 Preview: Flightplan


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