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Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
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Jam! 11/9/05 50 Cent solid in acting debut

Houston Chronicle 11/9/05 If you liked 8 Mile, you'll like this more

Detroit News 11/9/05 50 Cent fails to pack punch in 'Get Rich'

Seattle PI 11/9/05 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' ' is a poor showing in all ways 11/9/05 'Die Tryin' 'fumbles tale of dealer-turned-rapper

AJC 11/9/05 50 Cent falls a dollar short in "Get Rich or Die Tryin'"

Jam! 11/9/05 50 Cent film co-star no fan of hip-hop

Newsday 11/9/05 'Get Rich or Die Tryin''

NY Daily News 11/9/05 Cent and insensibility

Seattle PI 11/9/05 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' ' is a poor showing in all ways

NY Times 11/9/05 Even a Ruthless Thug Can Have a Sensitive Side

NY Daily News 11/9/05 Filmmakers sell softer 50 Cent 11/9/05 50 Cent's film debut: Good performance, so-so script

Press of Atlantic City 11/9/05 Reviews: 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Dallas Morning News 11/8/05 Beating the street

Hollywood Reporter 11/8/05 Get Rich or Die Tryin'

USA Today 11/8/05 50 cent's ladies in rich roles

Teen Hollywood 11/7/05 50 Cent: Gettin’ Rich

Metro 11/7/05 Gangsta rapper 50 Cent shows soft side in new film 11/6/05 Streetcorner schooling serves 50 Cent well

Jam! 11/6/05 50 Cent raps about his upcoming film

NY Times 11/6/05 From Queens to Hollywood, With Help From Dublin

BBC 11/6/05 More 50 Cent gun posters removed

NY Daily News 11/6/05 50 Cent confesses

Chicago Sun-Times 11/6/05 Dodging a bullet: 50 Cent

Detroit News 11/6/05 50 Cent, for all he's worth

NY Post 11/6/05 Terrence Howard Hustles and Flows as Bama in Fitty Biopic

Asbury Park Press 11/5/05 Billboards for 50 Cent Movie Coming Down

Coming Soon 11/4/05 Exclusive: Get Rich or Die Tryin' Webisode

ET Online 11/3/05 50 Cent's 'Rich' Premiere

Access Hollywood 11/3/05 50 Cent Defends New Movie, Music

NMC 11/3/05 MTV Leaks 50 Cent's Latest

Coming Soon 11/3/05 50 Cent: For a Few (Half) Dollars More

NMC 11/2/05 50 Cent Film Ads Removed Near LA Schools

ET Online 11/1/05 50 Cent: From Hustler to Hollywood Star

BBC 11/1/05 Billboard row 'aids 50 Cent film'

Houston Chronicle 10/28/05 50 Cent Get Rich movie ads pulled after protests

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 Get Rich or Die Tryin'



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