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Jam! 10/28/05 Strathairn relished playing news icon

Toronto Star 10/28/05 Journalism on trial

Jam! 10/28/05 Clooney's news movie more than Good

Chicago Sun-Times 10/21/05 Good Night, and Good Luck - Roger Ebert Review

Charlotte Observer 10/21/05 'Good Luck' a nifty '50s expose

Orlando Sentinel 10/21/05 Good Night and Good Luck (5 out of 5 stars)

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/20/05 'Good Night' is great news

The Trades 10/17/05 Good Night, and Good Luck 10/16/05 For Clooney, 'Good Night' celebrates TV's finest hour

Detroit News 10/15/05 'Good Night' tells timely story - and tells it well

Houston Chronicle 10/14/05 Good Night, and Good Luck has classic look

Baltimore Sun 10/14/05 See it now

Seattle PI 10/14/05 Subtlety carries newsman Edward R. Murrow's story aloft

Seattle Times 10/14/05 "Good Night" a valuable history lesson told with style and drama 10/14/05 Timely tale of TV's nascent power

Houston Chronicle 10/14/05 Murrow stood against McCarthy, set tone for nation

Seattle PI 10/13/05 Clooney does it his way in film ode to legendary newsman Edward R. Murrow

CBS 10/9/05 Clooney's Latest: A Sunday Review

Denver Post 10/9/05 Denverite Reeves in Clooney film

CSM 10/7/05 The Red scare, in black and white

NY Daily News 10/7/05 'Good Night, Good Luck' and very good

TV Guide 10/6/05 Good News for George Clooney Fans

Entertainment Weekly 10/5/05 Good Night, and Good Luck

USA Today 10/4/05 Clooney's 'Luck' lies in nostalgia

Newsday 10/4/05 Clooney's 'Good' news

NY Daily News 10/2/05 High noon for George

NY Daily News 9/27/05 A 'Good Night' for Clooney & O'Reilly to bond

ET Online 9/26/05 George's 'Good Night'

NY Daily News 9/23/05 Standing up to McCarthy


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