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Coming Soon 1/13/06 Goblet of Fire on DVD March 7

Zap2It 1/10/06 'Sith,' 'Kong' and 'Potter' Sound Off For Oscar

Zap2It 1/9/06 'Goblet of Fire' Conjures IMAX Record

Sunday Times 1/4/06 Potter gets darker as heroes grow older

Digital Spy 1/3/06 'Goblet of Fire' deleted scenes revealed

Daily Mail 12/23/05 Fiennes returns to dark side in new Potter film

Independent 12/23/05 Harry Potter's £43m makes it top box office hit

BBC 12/22/05 Potter is 2005's biggest UK movie

Washington Times 12/14/05 Virginia native brings Potter to life

Yahoo 12/11/05 'Chronicles of Narnia' dethrones 'Harry Potter' from box office perch

Xinhua 12/11/05 Harry Potter's Fire Goblet overflows

The Ledger 12/11/05 `Harry Potter,' Dinosaurs Lead 2005's Best Children's Books

Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier 12/11/05 In 'Goblet of Fire,' Harry wows again

GSU Signal 12/8/05 Harry Potter has never been hotter

Metro 12/6/05 'Goblet' tops $332 million at foreign box office

BBC 12/6/05 Potter film remains on top in UK

BBC 12/5/05 Potter movie stays on top in US

Entertainment Weekly 12/4/05 Practical Magic

Sunday Mail 12/4/05 Strange Spell of 2 Hagrids

Outer Banks Sentinel 12/3/05 `Goblet of Fire' -- best Harry so far

Digital Spy 12/3/05 'Potter' actress wants to keep role

Harvard Post 12/2/05 Movie review: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Digital Spy 12/2/05 Harry Potter film likely to stay at top of box office

Herald Sun 12/1/05 Harry Potter fans fire up

News.com.au 12/1/05 Harry's darkest hour

Sydney Morning Herald 11/30/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

News.com.au 11/30/05 Potter's darker side

China View 11/29/05 Harry Potter's "Goblet" gains $8 mln in China

Celebrity Spider 11/28/05 Madonna's Lourdes Star Struck by Emma Watson

NY Daily News 11/28/05 'Goblet' runneth over

USA Today 11/27/05 Bewitched adults keep Potter's 'Fire' blazing

SF Chronicle 11/27/05 Harry's 'Goblet' Nets $54.9M at Box Office

Coming Soon 11/27/05 Potter Goblets Up Thanksgiving

Fiji Times 11/27/05 Harry Potter sets box office ablaze

Herald Sun 11/27/05 Cinemas are relying on a magic spell

Chicago Tribune 11/26/05 For Potter movies, Kloves is sorceress' apprentice

Asbury Park Press 11/26/05 'Potter' Star Says New Film Must Be Dark

Herald Sun 11/26/05 Harry's bit of menace

Cinema Spider 11/25/05 NASA Makes Magic: "Harry Potter Goes to Space"

Metro 11/24/05 'Harry Potter' starlet is a hit in China

BBC 11/24/05 Space screening for Potter movie

Stuff 11/23/05 Potter sets box office record

Guardian 11/22/05 Potter rules the world

Nevada Beehive 11/22/05 New Harry Potter Movie Sure to Please

Zap2It 11/22/05 'Harry Potter' Curses Previous IMAX Records

Celebrity Spider 11/21/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Hits Internet Before Theatres

Celebrity Spider 11/21/05 Daniel Radcliffe Begs JK Rowling: "No More Quidditch"

Celebrity Spider 11/21/05 Daniel Radcliffe Thrilled Harry Potter Kept Him Out of School
Celebrity Spider 11/21/05 Daniel Radcliffe is Britain's Wealthiest Teenager

BBC 11/21/05 'Record UK haul' for Potter film

USA Today 11/21/05 'Goblet of Fire' keeps wizard tales hot

Hollywood Reporter 11/21/05 'Potter' enchants o'seas boxoffice

USA Today 11/21/05 'Harry Potter' fans are screaming with delight

NY Daily News 11/21/05 'Harry' flick soars

News.com.au 11/21/05 'Goblet' overflows

Hollywood Reporter 11/20/05 'Potter' conjures up $101.4 mil at boxoffice

Zap2It 11/20/05 'Goblet of Fire' Engulfs Box Office

Seattle PI 11/19/05 New director brings British take on school to latest 'Potter' movie

Coming Soon 11/19/05 Harry Potter Opens to $36.4 Million

Celebrity Spider 11/18/05 Mike Newell Directed Harry Potter Stars as Adults

Celebrity Spider 11/18/05 Harry Potter Movies Make Spectacles a Fashion Item

The Trades 11/18/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Chicago Sun-Times 11/18/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Roger Ebert review

Christian Science Monitor 11/18/05 'Goblet' is a sure-fire hit

CBS 11/18/05 Hermione's Bulgarian Bon Bon

Baltimore Sun 11/18/05 The goblet's half full

CBS 11/18/05 Fans Swarm Theaters To See Potter

Zap2It 11/18/05 'Potter' Actors Offer Suggestions to Rowling

CNN 11/18/05 Review: New 'Potter' tries to do too much

Knox News 11/18/05 So-so sorcery in Potter's 'Fire'

Houston Chronicle 11/18/05 Things get hairy in the fourth installment

Philly.com 11/18/05 Harry vs. puberty, Voldemort

Toledo Blade 11/18/05 Movie review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ****

Daily Record 11/18/05 We're Freezing ..Anyone Got A Goblet Of Fire

Metro 11/18/05 Latest Potter unfurls in leaps, bounds

Toronto Star 11/18/05 Ghosts, goblins and girls

Seattle PI 11/18/05 From dragons to dances, Harry Potter is up to his wizard's hat in new terrors

NBC13 11/18/05 Review: 'Goblet Of Fire' Rousing Firestorm Of Adventure

Jam! 11/18/05 Potter casts magical spell

Daily Mail 11/18/05 Dark warning over new Potter film

NBC13 11/18/05 Review: Measuring 'Goblet Of Fire' Up To Book

BBC 11/18/05 Potter faces Narnia fantasy challenge

Jam! 11/18/05 New 'Harry Potter' movie the best yet

USA Today 11/18/05 Casting the evil eye

NY Post 11/18/05 Book Details Switched In New Potter Pix

NY Times 11/18/05 The Young Wizard Puts Away Childish Things

Celebrity Spider 11/17/05 Mike Newell: My Harry Potter is the Best

Journal Now 11/17/05 Adolescent adventures darken tone of the new Harry Potter

Coming Soon 11/17/05 Harry Potter and the Full-Blood Producer

Chicago Tribune 11/17/05 Magical Movie Teen Is a Cult Favorite Himself

AJC 11/17/05 'Goblet of Fire' is the best Harry Potter yet

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/17/05 'Potter' grows more frightening & more familiar

Philly.com 11/17/05 The fourth 'Potter' is the most fun

Chicago Sun-Times 11/17/05 Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - Roger Ebert review

Detroit News 11/17/05 'Goblet' carries the torch

Globe and Mail 11/17/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ***½

Newsday 11/17/05 Harry's new trial by 'Fire'

Jam! 11/17/05 Watson spellbound with 'Potter' role

NY Daily News 11/17/05 A blistering 'Goblet of Fire'

USA Today 11/17/05 Harry and gang stoke fantasy of 'Fire'

MTV 11/16/05 Fast Times At Hogwarts High? Hormones Rage In 'Goblet Of Fire'

Entertainment Weekly 11/16/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

NBC13 11/16/05 Emma Watson Toasts Hermione's Strength In 'Goblet Of Fire'

Zap2It 11/16/05 'Goblet of Fire' Promises Hotter 'Potter'

Miami.com 11/16/05 The fourth 'Potter' is the most fun

Herald Sun 11/16/05 Harry Potter's M appeal

SF Chronicle 11/16/05 The latest spell a teenage Harry Potter casts may have more to do with romantic urges than magic

Houston Chronicle 11/16/05 Harry Potter's woes are easy to identify with

Cinema Spider 11/15/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to Open in IMAX Theatres November 18th

Celebrity Spider 11/15/05 Daniel Radcliffe: "I Will Always be Harry Potter"

Zap2It 11/15/05 Newell Polishes Potter's 'Goblet'

Teen Hollywood 11/16/05 The Harry Potter Trio: Growing Up Through the “Fire”

CBS 11/14/05 More Wizard Hazards For Harry

Zap2It 11/14/05 'Goblet' Gang Doesn't Shy from PG-13 Rating

Daily Record 11/14/05 Exclusive: My Broad Accent Scot Me A Job As Harry Girl

Coming Soon 11/14/05 Potter Opens in Record 72 IMAX Theaters

USA Today 11/14/05 Potter fans give stars a shout-out

Coming Soon 11/14/05 Goblet of Fire Set Visit

Seattle Times 11/13/05 "Harry Potter": Growing up, Hogwarts and all

NY Daily News 11/13/05 'Goblet' brims with fear

Chicago Sun Times 11/13/05 Harry Potter's so-called life

Jam! 11/12/05 Potter's spellbound by girls

Digital Spy 11/12/05 'Potter' actress Watson lives normal life

Celebrity Spider 11/11/05 Daniel Radcliffe: "Harry Potter is Stealing My Life"

IGN 11/11/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

MSNBC 11/10/05 Dragon steals the show at ‘Potter’ premiere

BBC 11/10/05 Polished Potter ups fright factor

BBC 11/10/05 New Potter stars on hitting big time

Hollywood Reporter 11/10/05 Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire

BBC 11/10/05 Mixed reviews for new Potter film

Stuff 11/10/05 Harry Potter's new foe - puberty

Celebrity Spider 11/9/05 Ralph Fiennes "I Hated First Two Potter Films"

Hecklerspray 11/9/05 Not Even Canadian Folk Singers Can Stop Harry Potter

Daily Mail 11/8/05 Is Scary Potter too frightening?

Herald Sun 11/8/05 Harry Potter darker, scarier and funnier

This Is London 11/7/05 Fans go wild for Harry

Sky News 11/7/05 Magical Potter Premiere

Daily Mail 11/7/05 Hermione outshines stars at Potter premiere

Ananova 11/7/05 Harry Potter mania hits London

Herald Sun 11/7/05 Harry Potter fans united

Denver Post 11/6/05 Harry Potter cast attends London premiere

BBC 11/6/05 Potter premiere casts its spell

Toronto Star 11/6/05 Potter fans rest easier as suit dismissed

BBC 11/6/05 In Pictures: Goblet of Fire world premiere

Telegraph 11/6/05 Harry Potter and the goblet of fear

Digital Spy 11/6/05 'Potter' actress talks about screen kiss

BBC 11/6/05 Potter stars arrive for premiere

Coming Soon 11/4/05 Watch the Goblet of Fire Premiere Live

Globe and Mail 11/4/05 Judge dismisses Wyrd Potter case

Celebrity Spider 11/3/05 Katie Leung Auditioned for Harry Potter for Fun

Entertainment Weekly 11/2/05 Things Are Getting Harry

Toronto Star 11/2/05 We Potters don't party

Celebrity Spider 10/31/05 Harry Potter Star Chooses Acting Over University

The Herald 10/31/05 It’s the newest old pals’ act

Philly.com 10/30/05 Radcliffe talks about growing up Potter

Sunday Times 10/30/05 Composer waves his magic wand over Harry Potter

Asbury Park Press 10/29/05 Radcliffe fights evil, adolescence in new "Potter" film

Celebrity Spider 10/28/05 Harry Potter Car Stolen

The Telegraph 10/28/05 I was so fearful of breaking the spell

BBC 10/28/05 Harry Potter's 'flying' car taken

Daily Mail 10/27/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer

Seattle PI 10/27/05 'Goblet of Fire' finds an assured Radcliffe growing into his role

Cinema Spider 10/26/05 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire: Soundtrack Out November 15th

Guardian 10/26/05 Harry Potter faces dancing demons

Zap2It 10/26/05 Wyrd Sisters May Jeopardize Canadian 'Potter' Release

Celebrity Spider 10/25/05 Mike Newell Clashes With Producers Over Harry Potter Movie Financing

BBC 10/25/05 Emma: Potter deserves 12A rating

The Mirror 10/25/05 Potter In 'Colossal' Cash Row

New Zealand Herald 10/25/05 UK rockers sip from Potter's 'Goblet'

Daily Mail 10/25/05 Hormonal Harry looks forward to life after Hogwarts

TV NZ 10/25/05 Harry Potter stars deal with fame

Coming Soon 10/24/05 Listen to the Goblet of Fire Soundtrack

Times Online 10/24/05 Potter and Cocker battle the online pirate muggles

Metro 10/24/05 Money rows despite "colossal" Potter film budget

USA Today 10/24/05 A 'Goblet' of intense images

Digital Spy 10/22/05 Cocker unhappy over 'Harry Potter' songs

Celebrity Spider 10/21/05 New Harry Potter Movie Too Scary For Young Children

Coming Soon 10/20/05 New Harry Potter 4 TV Spot

Extra 10/20/05 'Extra' Exclusive: Harry Potter

IGN 10/13/05 Brendan Gleeson talks Goblet of Fire.

Teen Hollywood 10/6/05 Harry Grows Up

Celebrity Spider 10/4/05 Harry Potter Band Row

Coming Soon 10/4/05 The Goblet of Fire One-Sheet Revealed

Coming Soon 10/4/05 New Goblet of Fire Picture

Celebrity Spider 10/3/05 Ralph Fiennes: "Harry Potter is Changing My Life"

Ananova 10/3/05 Fiennes' Potter fear

Chart Attack 9/30/05 Canadian Folk Group sues Jarvis Cocker, Members of Radiohead, Warner Brothers over Harry Potter Movie

Coming Soon 9/22/05 More International Harry Potter 4 Posters

Teen Hollywood 9/21/05 Exclusive Photo from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

IGN 9/19/05 Exclusive: Potter PSP Preview

LA Daily News 9/18/05 A different kind of wizardry in fourth 'Harry Potter'

Digital Spy 9/17/05 Leung defends 'Potter' fans

Daily Record 9/16/05 Enter The Dragon ..Exit Harry Potter

Scotland Today 9/16/05 Katie Leung Harry Potter Interview

Teen Hollywood 9/16/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sneak Peek!

Coming Soon 9/16/05 New International Harry Potter 4 Trailer!

Celebrity Spider 9/15/05 Emma Watson: "Hermione is a Part of Me"

MTV 9/15/05 New 'Goblet Of Fire' Trailer Gives A Taste Of PG-13 'Potter'

Coming Soon 9/14/05 Harry Potter 4 Trailer Online Thursday (9/15)

USA Today 9/14/05 Potter's 'Fire' glows darkly

Celebrity Spider 9/11/05 Harry Potter Star Faces Racial Hatred

Sunday Mail 9/11/05 I Just Never Expected Such Racist Hate But It Has Only Made Me Stronger

Coming Soon 9/7/05 Harry Potter 4, Corpse Bride Pics & More

Coming Soon 8/22/05 International Goblet of Fire Trailer

Coming Soon 8/12/05 New Goblet of Fire Footage Online!

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Coming Soon 8/8/05 Ralph Fiennes on Lord Voldemort

News.com.au 8/8/05 To err is muggle

Coming Soon 8/2/05 New Harry Potter 4 Pics Online

Coming Soon 7/25/05 The New Blood From Goblet of Fire

Coming Soon 7/20/05 Official Goblet of Fire Site Launched

Coming Soon 6/3/05 Harry Potter Picture and Filming Update

Digital Spy 6/2/05 Richardson on 'Potter' character

Celebrity Spider 5/30/05 Harry Potter Blighted By Acne

BBC 5/4/05 Potter Goblet clips to air in US

USA Today 5/4/05 Harry and pals undergo trial by 'Fire'

Celebrity Spider 5/2/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to be Simultaneously Released as IMAX Film November 2005

Jam! 5/2/05 4th 'Potter' film to debut on Nov. 18

Zap2It 5/2/05 Next 'Potter' Film Conjures Up IMAX Release

Zap2It 4/21/05 ABC Conjures Preview of Fourth 'Potter' Movie

Zap2It 4/12/05 'Harry Potter 4' Goes Virtual

Celebrity Spider 4/11/05 Racists Target Harry Potter Actress

Coming Soon 3/15/05 New Harry Potter 4 Promo Poster

Ananova 2/18/05 Harry Potter's ghostly ending for staff

CBBC 11/30/04 The Goblet of Fire director talks

Coming Soon 8/29/04 Harry Potter Filming in Fort William

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