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News Articles about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


BBC 7/16/07 Luna Lovegood actress talks Potter

Hollywood Reporter 7/16/07 'Potter' plot thickens boxoffice

NY Times 7/15/07 Harry Potter and the Four Directors

Entertainment Weekly 7/14/07 Helena Bonham Carter Gets Wicked

Christian Science Monitor 7/13/07 'Phoenix' rising: Harry Potter and the abridged tome

Coming Soon 7/13/07 Harry Potter 5 Adds $18.4 Million Thursday

Entertainment Weekly 7/13/07 Harry the 5th

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/07 'Phoenix' casts boxoffice spell over weekend

Guardian 7/13/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

NY Post 7/13/07 'Potter' Running Out Of Magic

Daily Mail 7/13/07 Harry Potter's growing pains stretch the magic in Order Of The Phoenix

E! Online 7/12/07 A Very Harry Wednesday

CBS 7/13/07 Growing Up Potter

The-Trades 7/12/07 Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

MTV 7/12/07 Harry Potter Hopes To Cast A Spell On More Moviegoers, In Projection Booth

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/07 Welcome back, Potter: $12 mil midnight bow

Celebrity Spider 7/11/07 Gary Oldman Shakes Up Daniel Radcliffe for Sobbing Scene

BBC 7/12/07 Potter film breaks record in US

NY Daily News 7/11/07 Suspense, menace, romance: 'Phoenix' rises to challenge

Jam! 7/11/07 New 'Potter' movie bigger, badder

E! Online 7/11/07 Potter Witching-Hour Shows Scare Up $12 Mil

Coming Soon 7/12/07 Harry Potter 5 Opens to $12 Million

The Trades 7/11/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

MTV 7/11/07 Harry Potter's First Date Flops, Quidditch Ditched: What 'Phoenix' Flick Leaves Out

Dallas Morning News 7/11/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

MTV 7/11/07 'Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix': A Rumor Of War

Zap2It 7/11/07 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

Newsday 7/11/07 Potter fans enjoy wizard's new movie

Coming Soon 7/10/07 Radcliffe, Watson and Grint on Harry Potter 5

Knox News 7/11/07 New ‘Order’

Toronto Star 7/10/07 Plot darkens as boy wizard faces demons

Coming Soon 7/10/07 Staunton and the Crew of Harry Potter 5

Zap2It 7/10/07 'Harry Potter' Pals Cement Place in Hollywood

Globe and Mail 7/10/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Charlotte Observer 7/10/07 Harry Potter gets a girl, loses a pal, fights death

Extra 7/10/07 Dirty Harry

NY Times 7/10/07 Hogwarts Under Siege

Toronto 7/10/07 Plot darkens as boy wizard faces demons

Chicago Sun Times 7/10/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Review by Roger Ebert

NY Post 7/10/07 Dumb & Dumbledore

Philly.com 7/10/07 A little wild on the wand

News.com.au 7/10/07 Harry evolves as the Phoenix hysteria rises

Bergen Record 7/10/07 Queen of mean terrorizes Hogwarts' halls

Seattle PI 7/10/07 'The Order of the Phoenix' is still this season's star sequel

Manchester Online 7/10/07 Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Bloomberg 7/10/07 `Harry Potter' May Get $900 Million, Lift Time Warner

Entertainment Weekly 7/10/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

E!Online 7/10/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix E! Reviews

Charlotte Observer 7/9/07 Join magic of Harry's double-whammy

Newsday 7/9/07 Review: 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

ET Online 7/9/07 Harry Potter Readies for Battle

BBC 7/9/07 Reviews: The Order of the Phoenix

USA Today 7/9/07 Dark magic haunts Hogwarts

USA Today 7/8/07 'Potter' premiere in the pink in L.A.

Newsday 7/8/07 Harry Potter's witchy woman

NY Daily News 7/8/07 'Phoenix' hot for Harry

NY Post 7/8/07 Childhood's End

Newsday 7/8/07 Harry Potter: Who's good? Who's evil? Who knows?

Entertainment Weekly 7/6/07 'Phoenix' Rising

Orlando Sentinel 7/6/07 Black magic? New 'Harry Potter' film much darker than the rest

NY Post 7/6/07 Potter's New Trick 

IGN 7/5/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Clips Debut on ABC Family

Daily Record 7/4/07 Harry Potter Premier:Pitter Potter 

Daily Mail 7/4/07 This phoenix never quite blazes, but still casts a warm and pleasant glow

Globe and Mail 7/4/07 Potter a magical draw

Digital Spy 7/4/07 Exclusive: Potter Premiere in Video: J.K. Rowling

Hello! 7/4/07 JK shimmers in gold at premiere as 'Harry Potter' stars look for love

Digital Spy 7/4/07 Exclusive: Potter Premiere in Video: Rupert Grint

Ananova 7/4/07 Rain fails to dampen wizard premiere

News.com.au 7/3/07 Rowling joins Potter stars at London premiere

BBC 7/3/07 Potter fans gather for premiere

ET Online 7/2/07 Harry Potter Readies for Battle

Herald Sun 7/1/07 Reviewers dirty on latest Harry

Celebrity Spider 6/30/07 Harry Potter Film Premieres in Japan

Hollywood Reporter 6/30/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Daily Mail 6/30/07 Review: Harry and the Phoenix that's sure to fly high

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 JK Rowling Fights to Save Elf

Daily Mail 6/29/07 Harry casts his spell again - critics praise darkest Potter film yet

NY Post 6/29/07 Not So Wild About Harry

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Katie Leung Praises Daniel Radcliffe Kissing

BBC 6/28/07 Potter star greets Japanese fans

Detroit News 6/28/07 `Harry Potter' movie premieres in Japan

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Daniel Radcliffe: Nakedness Prepared Me for Kiss

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Harry Potter Stars Vow to Keep Bad Behavior Under Wraps

IGN 6/26/07 Interview with David Barron- The Producer of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Celebrity Spider 6/25/07 Rupert Grint Plans to Sell Ice Cream

Celebrity Spider 6/25/07 Daniel Radcliffe Hates Growing Up on Screen

Daily Mail 6/25/07 Harry Potter stars line up for fifth feature

Coming Soon 6/25/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Set Visit

San Francisco Chronicle 6/25/07 Darker Potter in `Order of the Phoenix'

Celebrity Spider 6/23/07 Katie Leung Denies Emma Watson Rivalry

Celebrity Spider 6/22/07 Katie Leung Refused to Practice for Harry Potter Kiss

Celebrity Spider 6/21/07 Film Crew Gathered Round to See Daniel Radcliffe's First Kiss

Japan Today 6/20/07 Security tight as Japan fans get first look at new 'Harry Potter' movie

This is Basingstoke 6/18/07 Interviews with Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch & Matthew Lewis

Scotsman 6/16/07 When Harry met Cho

Coming Soon 6/8/07 Harry Potter 5 Death Eater Art

MTV 5/30/07 'Harry Potter' Set Visit: Go Inside The Ministry Of Magic In This Peek Behind The Scenes

CBS 5/30/07 1st Look: Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

IGN 5/30/07 Phoenix Flies Forward

Coming Soon 5/29/07 Harry Potter 5 Moved Up Two Days

Ananova 5/23/07 Potter premiere set for Tokyo

Coming Soon 5/22/07 6 Harry Potter 5 TV Spots

TVNZ 5/22/07 Harry Potter turning Japanese

Celebrity Spider 5/18/07 Helena Bonham-Carter Shocked by Filming on Harry Potter Movie

IGN 5/15/07 On Set With Harry Potter

Coming Soon 5/14/07 New Harry Potter 5 TV Spot

Celebrity Spider 5/9/07 Movie Bosses Apologize for Emma Watson's New Look in Harry Potter Promo

LA Times 5/6/07 Serious magic

Daily Mail 5/5/07 Harry Potter and the mystery of Hermione's curves

Celebrity Spider 5/4/07 David Yates to Direct Another Harry Potter Movie

Coming Soon 5/4/07 Harry Potter 5 Character Banners

Newsday 5/4/07 'Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix'

Coming Soon 4/27/07 Behind-the-Scenes of Harry Potter 5

Herald Sun 4/26/07 Teaser hints at darkest Potter

CBS 4/26/07 1st Look: Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

Daily Mail 4/25/07 Harry's Order of the Phoenix set to be darkest Potter film yet

Coming Soon 4/25/07 The Harry Potter 5 One-Sheet

MTV 4/25/07 'I Have So Many Questions!' Harry Potter Fans Analyze 'Order Of The Phoenix' Trailer

BBC 4/25/07 In Pictures: New Harry Potter film

Coming Soon 4/22/07 The International Harry Potter 5 Trailer!

Hollywood Reporter 4/20/07 Imax waves 3-D wand over 'Potter'

Coming Soon 4/19/07 Harry Potter 5 to Feature IMAX 3D Finale

Celebrity Spider 4/12/07 Harry Potter Movie Shortened to Avoid Grindhouse Failure

Celebrity Spider 4/9/07 Imelda Staunton Shocked to be Offered Ugly Harry Potter Role

Daily Mail 3/30/07 The girls putting the magic into the new Harry Potter film

Entertainment Weekly 3/30/07 'Phoenix' Rising

Coming Soon 3/29/07 New Harry Potter 5 Photos

Chicago Tribune 3/9/07 `It's liquid luck,' said Hermione excitedly. `It makes you lucky!'

NY Post 3/7/07 More Harry Potter Fodder

Coming Soon 1/19/07 New Hi-Res Harry Potter 5 Photo

LA Times 1/14/07 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

Coming Soon 1/11/07 Jason Isaacs on Harry Potter 5

Coming Soon 12/15/06 New Harry Potter 5 Photo Released

Metro 12/11/06 Harry Potter films to benefit from new tax rules

Newsweek 12/10/06 Movies: Who's That Guy With Harry Potter?

Honolulu Advertiser 12/4/06 Hairy affairs in Potter movie

Coming Soon 12/3/06 Harry Potter 5 Behind-the-Scenes Clips

Advertiser Adelaide 11/26/06 Preview new Potter movie

Herald Sun 11/26/06 Harry's back...almost

ITV 11/25/06 Potter back on his broomstick

Cinema Blend 11/24/06 Harry Potter Gets Ordered Up By A Phoenix

Coming Soon 11/21/06 Harry Potter 5 Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Daily Mail 11/18/06 Harry Potter star makes the most of his first on-screen kiss

Coming Soon 11/17/06 New Harry Potter 5 Photos & Trailer Details

USA Today 11/17/06 First look: Catch a snitch of 'Phoenix' as trailer flies in

Coming Soon 11/15/06 The Harry Potter 5 Teaser Poster

ET Online 11/15/06 New 'Harry Potter' Poster Revealed

Celebrity Spider 10/24/06 Harry Potter Filming Disrupts London Commuters

Coming Soon 10/23/06 New Harry Potter 5 Set Photos

The Mirror 10/22/06 Harry Potter Star, 17, Snorts Cocaine

INQ7.net 10/12/06 A London visit to ‘Harry Potter 5’ set

IGN 10/11/06 Potter Gets Happy

Coming Soon 10/11/06 Harry Potter 5 Teaser in Theaters Nov. 17

Coming Soon 10/9/06 Dobby Missing From Harry Potter 5

MTV 10/6/06 Elf's Absence From Next 'Harry Potter' Flick Opens Up Plot Questions

Sky News 10/3/06 Emma's growing pains

Celebrity Spider 10/2/06 Harry Potter Actress Emma Watson Threatens to Quit Role

Celebrity Spider 9/29/06 Miriam Margolyes Furious at Harry Potter Axe

Coming Soon 9/29/06 Julie Walters on Harry Potter 5

News.com.au 9/28/06 Harry's magical coming of age

NY Post 9/28/06 Potter's Plotters

MTV 9/27/06 Get A Glimpse Of Harry Potter And Company In These 'Order Of The Phoenix' Photos

MSNBC 9/24/06 Emma Watson on Her Future

The Scotsman 9/25/06 Harry Potter and the big hype

The Mirror 9/25/06 Harry Scary

Coming Soon 9/25/06 The First Harry Potter 5 Photos

The Mirror 9/25/06 Harry Scary

Coming Soon 9/25/06 The First Harry Potter 5 Photos

Daily Record 9/25/06 New Hairy Potter

Celebrity Spider 9/10/06 Harry Potter Video Banned from Internet

Coming Soon 9/5/06 The Harry Potter 5 Set Photos Continue

Celebrity Spider 8/31/06 Harry Potter Fans Angry With Quidditch Omission

Digital Spy 8/30/06 Quidditch scenes cut from Potter film

Daily Record 8/24/06 I'm a man now - but I'd rather be a schoolboy

Celebrity Spider 8/23/06 Harry Potter Stars Kissing Marathon

Daily Mail 8/23/06 Potty Daniel kisses co-star 30 times to get it right

Coming Soon 8/22/06 Stevenson is Hopkirk in Harry Potter 5

Can Mag 8/21/06 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Cast and Crew Speak

Coming Soon 8-14-06 First Pic of Tonks in Harry Potter 5

Sky News 8/2/06 Helena Does Harry Potter

Daily Mail 8/2/06 Bonham Carter is new Harry Potter villain

Zap2It 8/2/06 'Harry Potter' Woos New Co-Star, Composer

IGN 8/2/06 Harry Potter Casting News

Coming Soon 5/28/06 Harry Potter 5 Filming in the West Highlands

Digital Spy 4/29/06 'Potter' actor clueless about fifth film

Ananova 3/23/06 Oldman returns for Potter film

Coming Soon 3/22/06 Oldman Confirmed for Harry Potter 5

Celebrity Spider 3/15/06 Danielle Radcliffe Hails Harry Potter Director David Yates

Celebrity Spider 3/15/06 Daniel Radcliffe Embarrassed by Onscreen Kiss

Coming Soon 2/25/06 Harry Potter 5 Set Pictures

Celebrity Spider 2/14/06 Gary Oldman Will Make Harry Potter Return

Digital Spy 2/14/06 Oldman in negotiations for 'Potter 5'

IGN 2/13/06 Potter Casting News

Celebrity Spider 2/10/06 Gary Oldman Axed From Harry Potter?

CBBC 2/10/06 Exclusive: More Potter casting

Daily Record 2/4/06 Magic Parents

Celebrity Spider 2/3/06 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Starts Filming

Celebrity Spider 2/3/06 New Harry Potter Love Interest

Zap2It 2/3/06 'Potter' Production Begins with Expanded Cast

Ireland Online 2/2/06 Louth girl lands key Harry Potter role

MTV 2/2/06 Harry Potter's 'Phoenix' Begins Rising Next Week

Coming Soon 2/2/06 Filming Begins for Harry Potter 5 

Coming soon 1/10/06 Harry Potter 5 Luna Lovegood Casting Call

Digital Spy 12/9/05 Hagrid absent from 'Potter' 5?

Digital Spy 12/8/05 Julie Walters returns for 'Potter 5'

IGN 10/27/05 Phoenix Won't Fly

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