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Herbie Fully Loaded
Herbie Fully Loaded
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Philly.com 6/22/05 Lohan and 'Herbie' aren't up to speed

Houston Chronicle 6/22/05 Herbie fans are in for an innocent, fun ride

Teen Hollywood 6/22/05 Justin Long: Hanging with Herbie and Lindsay

Philly.com 6/22/05 Herbie can't quite go the distance

Zap2It 6/22/05 'Herbie' Stars Discuss Lohan Storm

Hollywood Reporter 6/22/05 'Herbie' spins NASCAR's promo wheels

Teen Hollywood 6/22/05 Movie Review: Herbie: Fully Loaded

Boston Herald 6/22/05 Lohan roars into winner's circle with `Herbie: Fully Loaded'

Zap2It 6/22/05 Herbie: Fully Loaded

USA Today 6/22/05 For being 'Fully Loaded,' 'Herbie' runs half-empty

NY Times 6/22/05 Lord Love a VW Bug That Knows Its Mind

Jam! 6/22/05 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' cute as a bug

NY Daily News 6/22/05 Back on track

Jam! 6/22/05 Retooled Herbie inoffensive fare

Press of Atlantic City 6/22/05 For the love of bugs For some local VW fans, itís truly a case of Beetle-mania

Toronto Star 6/22/05 Auto-eroticism all in good fun

Dallas Morning News 6/21/05 Herbie takes another spin on the screen

Bergen Record 6/21/05 Review: 'Herbie' Is Unabashed Disney

Zap2It 6/21/05 The Car's the Star in 'Herbie'

Coming Soon 6/21/05 Lindsay Lohan on Herbie: Fully Loaded

Dallas Morning News 6/21/05 Herbie takes another spin on the screen

USA Today 6/21/05 Lohan takes a diva detour

Hollywood Reporter 6/20/05 Herbie: Fully Loaded

MTV 6/20/05 Lindsay Lohan, Matt Dillon On Hand As 'Herbie' Goes Hollywood

Access Hollywood 6/20/05 Lindsay Braves The Daylight

Cinema Spider 6/17/05 Goodyear Provides Traction for "Herbie" Action

Undercover 6/17/05 Herbie Gets Fully Loaded With Blacksmoke

Boston Herald 6/17/05 Is Duff `Perfect'? Or will `Herbie's' Lohan race on by?

Hollywood Reporter 6/17/05 'Herbie' ready for high-speed boxoffice race

Cinema Spider 6/16/05 World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' Herbie Fully Loaded

Cinema Spider 6/15/05 ABC Exclusive Footage of Herbie Fully Loaded During WNBA Game June 18th

Celebrity Spider 6/13/05 Lindsay Lohan Ditches Parties for Disney

Celebrity Spider 6/13/05 Lindsay Lohan's Driving Ambition

Jam! 6/12/05 'Herbie' star talks about Lohan kiss

Cinema Spider 6/10/05 Walt Disney Pictures and Rahal Letterman Racing Announce Herbie Promotion

Chicago Sun-Times 6/9/05 Lohan denies adjustment for 'Herbie'

MegaStar 6/9/05 Lohan goes 'bananas'

Cinema Spider 6/6/05 Get Fully Loaded With Lindsay Lohan on Starz Kids and Family

Zap2It 6/6/05 'Herbie' Director Denies Lohan Breast Rumors

ET Online 6/6/05 Lindsay's Love Bug!

Celebrity Spider 5/29/05 Lindsay Lohan Has Digital Breast Reduction

Cinema Spider 5/24/05 Herbie and Friends Cruise Across America May 26th

Cinema Spider 5/12/05 Herbie Hits the Road on May 13th for 60-City 19-State Caravan

IGN 3/17/05 Lohan in Herbie


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