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Boston Herald 7/22/05 `Hustle' out to see this gritty, compelling film

Knox News 7/22/05 Pimpin' wasn't easy for 'Hustle' creators

Detroit News 7/22/05 Street dreams are made of this

Seattle PI 7/22/05 Sensitive 'Hustle & Flow' resists cliches

NY Daily News 7/22/05 'Hustle' has a heart of gold

Hollywood Reporter 7/22/05 'Flow' pair hustles to Paramount

Seattle Times 7/22/05 "Hustle & Flow" may be gritty but atmosphere is vivid 7/22/05 Finding redemption on the mike

Newsday 7/22/05 'Hustle & Flow'

NY Times 7/22/05 A Pimp With a Heart Follows His Dream

Journal Now 7/21/05 Elements of Hustle & Flow are worth taking look at

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/21/05 Howard earns his star in 'Hustle & Flow'

ET Online 7/21/05 Howard's 'Hustle & Flow' in Hollywood

Detroit News 7/21/05 No longer a bit playa

Access Hollywood 7/21/05 Will Smith, Chris Rock 'Hustle' for Terrence Howard 7/21/05 Howard is hot

Extra 7/21/05 Hollywood Full of 'Hustle & Flow'

Entertainment Weekly 7/21/05 Hustle & Flow

Boston Herald 7/20/05 Gifted actor Terrence Howard hits his mark again with `Hustle & Flow'

Bergen Record 7/19/05 Her niche in hip-hop

Coming Soon 7/19/05 Just Keep Hustlin'

Seattle PI 7/19/05 A moment with ... Craig Brewer, director

Chicago Sun-Times 7/17/05 Rough road paved the way for 'Hustle' star

Chicago Sun-Times 7/17/05 Anthony Anderson goes with the flow

Yahoo 7/15/05 Los Angeles Premiere of 'Hustle & Flow'

Zap2It 7/15/05 Singleton Hustles From Golden Boy to Mentor

NY Daily News 7/10/05 'Hustle & Flow' should be the film that finally makes Terrence Howard a star

Coming Soon 6/24/05 Exclusive: Hustle & Flow Clip

Cinema Spider 6/20/05 Hustle & Flow Soundtrack Set to Heat Up Summer

IGN 11/11/04 Dark Water, Creepy Trailer

IGN 1/26/04 Roth Sinks in Dark Water

IGN 10/20/03 Wanna Call Jennifer Connelly Mommy?


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