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Toledo Blade 10/7/05 Movie review: In Her Shoes ****

Celebrity Spider 10/6/05 Cameron Diaz Confused by "Promiscuous" Brits

USA Today 10/6/05 Author says actresses are a perfect fit

Journal Now 10/6/05 Stellar cast can't save 'Her Shoes' from its stickiness

Zap2It 10/6/05 In Her Shoes

USA Today 10/6/05 With Cameron Diaz, 'In Her Shoes' wears well

Entertainment Weekly 10/5/05 In Her Shoes

Detroit News 10/5/05 Review: 'In Her Shoes' no mere chick flick

NY Daily News 10/5/05 5 minutes with... Jennifer Weiner

Coming Soon 10/4/05 One Diaz Fits All

Zap2It 10/4/05 MacLaine Refuses to Tread Softly 10/3/05 Comfy 'Shoes'

ET Online 9/30/05 In Her Shoes! The Plus-Sized Author Behind Cameron's New Movie

ET Online 9/29/05 In Cameron's 'Shoes'

Access Hollywood 9/29/05 Diaz' 'Shoes' Perfect Fit For Both Sexes

Extra 9/29/05 'In Her Shoes' Premiere Rocks Beverly Hills

Herald Sun 9/20/05 Sister act is sibling revellry

Hollywood Reporter 9/16/05 In Her Shoes

New Zealand Herald 9/16/05 Diaz plays slutty, thieving sister in new film

Jam! 9/15/05 Diaz gets nasty in 'In Her Shoes'

Jam! 9/15/05 MacLaine, Diaz on 'In Her Shoes'

Stuff 9/15/05 Diaz ends sabbatical in unflattering role

ET Online 9/13/05 In Cameron's 'Shoes'

Herald Sun 9/9/05 Cameron Diaz to launch cinemas

Celebrity Spider 8/28/05 Shirley McClaine Disapproves Of New Cameron Diaz Movie Poster

Entertainment Weekly 8/9/05 In Her Shoes

Zap2It 7/13/05 Toronto Fest Scores Diaz, Paltrow Premieres


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