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Chicago Tribune 3/24/06 `Inside Man' on the mild side of R

Toronto Star 3/24/06 Inside a hollow heist flick

Seattle PI 3/24/06 Spike Lee is out of his element with lackluster thriller 'Inside Man'

NY Daily News 3/24/06 Spike's 'Inside' moves

Seattle Times 3/24/06 Spike Lee uses bankable talent to steely effect in "Inside Man"

NY Daily News 3/24/06 'Man' behind thriller

Rocky Mountain News 3/24/06 A new 'Man'

USA Today 3/23/06 Lee's 'Inside Man' pulls it off

Zap2It 3/23/06 Spike Lee's latest a smarter-than-average thriller

Coming Soon 3/23/06 Jodie Foster: Controlling the Power

Journal Now 3/23/06 Inside Man pulls together a winning team of actors, screenwriter and director

Teen Hollywood 3/23/06 Inside the "Inside Man" Team

Celebrity Spider 3/22/06 Denzel Washington Let Himself Go for Inside Man

Asbury Park Press 3/22/06 Review: 'Inside Man' Gleefully Mainstream

Digital Spy 3/22/06 Owen nearly turned down 'Inside Man' role

ET Online 3/21/06 Clive & Jodie Go 'Inside'!

Coming Soon 3/20/06 Clive Owen: Inside Man?
Hollywood Reporter 3/20/06 Inside Man

Bergen Record 3/19/06 She didn't break a leg, but will other mishaps do?

NY Daily News 3/19/06 The power of 3

NY Post 3/19/06 Spike Is Bank Rollin'

TMZ 3/15/06 Jodie Foster on 'Inside Man'


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