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News Articles about I, Robot


NY Daily News 7/19/04 Will hits bull's-'I'

USA Today 7/19/04 Will Smith powers 'I, Robot' to $52.3 million

News.com.au 7/19/04 Will's whirlwind visit

Coming Soon 7/18/04 I, Robot Opens Big with $52.3 Million

Orlando Sentinel 7/18/04 Will power

Dallas Morning News 7/18/04 'I, Robot' knocks 'Spider-Man 2' from No. 1 spot at box office

Coming Soon 7/17/04 I, Robot Takes Over the Top Spot

Baltimore Sun 7/16/04 Thrilling, if not provocative, tale of man, machine

Boston Globe 7/16/04 'I, Robot' breaks down despite its stylish parts

Hartford Courant 7/16/04 `I, Robot': A Few Loose Screws

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/16/04 Maybe, the robot did it

Toledo Blade 7/16/04 Movie review: I, Robot ****

NBC13 7/16/04 Review: 'I, Robot' Will Blow Your Circuits

Chicago Sun-Times 7/16/04 I, Robot -Roger Ebert Review

Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/16/04 Will Smith goes robo-phobe in ‘I, Robot’

Teen Hollywood 7/16/04 Movie Review: I, Robot

Hollywood Reporter 7/16/04 I, Robot

Hollywood Reporter 7/16/04 Boxoffice preview: Machines rage against Spidey

Christian Science Monitor 7/16/04 Rise of the machines

E!Online 7/16/04 The Bjork-"I, Robot" Connection?

Detroit News 7/16/04 Popular mechanics rule 'Robot'

Seattle Times 7/16/04 Will Smith shoots his way through a malfunctioning "I, Robot"

Philly.com 7/16/04 Robot servant becomes Smith's murder suspect

Chart Attack 7/16/04 Asimov For The Action Set?

Seattle PI 7/16/04 Great parts can only make a good 'I, Robot'

NY Daily News 7/16/04 Fine 'Robot' a test of Will

Bergen Record 7/16/04 Will Smith’s robot jackpot

Knox News 7/16/04 Robots boot actor back on right track

Seattle PI 7/16/04 Still wisecracking, but Smith mixes things up in sci-fi flick

Canada.com 7/16/04 I, Robot: Will Smith is funny and fabulous 

Zap2It 7/16/04 I, Robot

The Trades 7/15/04 "I, Robot" Review

NY Times 7/15/04 For Asimov, Robots Were Friends. Not So for Will Smith

Newsday 7/15/04 Not the stock model

USA Today 7/15/04 Hard to warm up to tepid 'I, Robot'

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/15/04 Maybe, the robot did it

Boston Herald 7/15/04 Will power: Smith broadens acting range with troubled-cop role in `I, Robot'

USA Today 7/15/04 Movie recharges interest in Asimov

Coming Soon 7/14/04 Asimov's Daughter Endorses I, Robot with Rave Review

Detroit News 7/14/04 Will Smith attempts to steal another July with 'I, Robot'

Sci Fi Wire 7/13/04 Star Trained Hard For Robot

Stuff 7/13/04 Will Smith gets serious instead of jiggy

About.com 7/13/04 Will Smith Interview

ET Online 7/13/04 Bridget Holds Her Own with Will and the 'Robot' Ranks

Zap2It 7/12/04 Smith Bares All Over 'I, Robot'

Detroit News 7/12/04 Will Smith Says He Is Driven by Fear

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/04 'Robot' gets 'Chopper' time

NY Daily News 7/11/04 The prince stays fresh

Chicago Sun-Times 7/11/04 Moynahan serious in films, but all smiles in real life

Dallas Morning News 7/10/04 Mechanical people and technological horror have a history in film

Denver Post 7/9/04 Actor behind nuts and bolts in "I, Robot"

Cinescape 7/9/04 Seeing the stars at the I, Robot movie premiere

Teen Hollywood 7/9/04 Will Smith Goes Nude To Better Brad

USA Today 7/9/04 'I, Robot' has superstar input

ET Online 7/9/04 Will Smith on Gadgets, Nude Scenes and 'I, Robot'

Access Hollywood 7/8/04 Big Will's 'I, Robot' Eye Opener

Cinescape 7/8/04 A look at the creation of I, Robot

Extra 7/8/04 'I, Robot' Premiere

ET Online 7/8/04 Big Will's Rockin' 'Robot' Premiere!

Cinescape 7/5/04 Scoop: Batman Begins with I, Robot

ET Online 7/5/04 Will Smith Does the 'Robot'!

Zap2It 7/2/04 Wearable Television Hits the Streets

Ananova 6/18/04 Will Smith says I, Robot will surprise audiences

Coming Soon 5/7/04 New Internet-Only I, Robot Trailer Hits!

ET Online 4/28/04 Will Smith Does the 'Robot'

IGN 4/13/04 I, Robot Trailer

IGN 3/17/04 I, Robot Set Visit

IGN 6/17/03 I, Robot Casts Up

Zap2It 6/17/03 Cromwell, Greenwood Say Aye to 'I, Robot'

Zap2It 3/28/03 Moynahan Joins Will Smith in 'I, Robot' Cast

IGN 1/31/03 I, Robot, Mad Max Coming Next Summer

E!Online 12/4/02 Big Willie vs. the Robots!

Zap2It 12/4/02 Will Smith Winds Up in 'I, Robot'

IGN 12/4/02 He, Robot


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