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NBC13 11/4/05 Review: 'Jarhead' Jarring Story Of Desert Storm From Inside

Detroit News 11/4/05 Sam Mendes' 'Jarhead' fails to fire off any rockets

Chicago Tribune 11/4/05 Sands of Time

Charlotte Observer 11/4/05 Life in 'Jarhead': Guns 'n' poses

Metro 11/4/05 Jarhead delves into psyche of idle soldier

Globe and Mail 11/4/05 Jarhead **

Houston Chronicle 11/4/05 Jarhead: organized boredom, then horror

Metro 11/4/05 Jarhead comes up somewhat empty

Seattle Times 11/4/05 "Jarhead": Inside heads of Marines waiting for action

Zap2It 11/4/05 Jarhead

Newsday 11/4/05 A jarring portrayal of a dusty war

NY Times 11/4/05 Soldiers in the Desert, Antsy and Apolitical

Toronto Star 11/4/05 Jarhead: Searing take on war

Seattle PI 11/4/05 'Jarhead' sends a powerful message about war's psychological toll

Jam! 11/4/05 Gulf War film 'Jarhead' hits the mark

USA Today 11/4/05 A few good men give 'Jarhead' a solid feel

NY Daily News 11/4/05 Gung-ho Marine flick is hollow at its Corps

Jam! 11/4/05 Jarhead's war good for nothing

Celebrity Spider 11/3/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Attacked Jarhead Co-Star

MTV 11/3/05 'Jarhead': Stuck In The Suck

Zap2It 11/2/05 From Oscar to 'Jarhead' for Foxx

Entertainment Weekly 11/2/05 Jarhead

Coming Soon 11/2/05 Jarhead Shows a Different Kind of War 

NY Daily News 11/2/05 Jake's new body of work

Metro 11/2/05 Foxx dives into Jarhead

NY Daily News 11/2/05 Send in Marines?

Zap2it 11/1/05 'Jarhead' Makes a Man Out of Gyllenhaal

USA Today 11/1/05 War is the workplace in 'Jarhead'

Seattle PI 11/1/05 The author of 'Jarhead' talks about his book's adaptation to film

Coming Soon 11/1/05 Jamie Foxx Feels the Gold

ET Online 10/31/05 'Jarhead' Opens in New York

Detroit News 10/31/05 Inside a 'Jarhead'

NY Daily News 10/30/05 Desert doldrums

NY Post 10/30/05 Behind Blue Eyes

NY Post 10/30/05 Jarhead Meets Jake

Hollywood Reporter 10/28/05 Jarhead

Jam! 10/28/05 Gyllenhaal goes mad for 'Jarhead'

Coming Soon 10/26/05 New Jarhead Site Online

Celebrity Spider 10/24/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Excited About Military Video Diary

NY Daily News 10/23/05 Coming to the boil

Celebrity Spider 10/22/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Mentally Drained by Bootcamp Experience

Celebrity Spider 10/21/05 Jake Gyllenhaal Lost a Tooth on Jarhead Set

Celebrity Spider 10/9/05 Jake Gyllenhaal an Peter Sarsgaard Make a Pact Not to Discuss Jarhead Dispute

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 Jarhead

Ananova 5/5/04 Actors compete for role in Gulf War film

Ananova 4/26/04 Mendes signs up for Persian Gulf War film


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