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CBS 7/8/04 A Kingly Role For Clive Owen

BBC 7/8/04 No chafing for Keira in King Arthur

Baltimore Sun 7/7/04 A dull tale of a knight in shining armor

Chicago Sun-Times 7/7/04 King Arthur/ *** (PG-13)

Mercury News 7/7/04 Kickin' it in Camelot

NBC13 7/7/04 Review: Knightley Shines In Dim 'King Arthur' 7/7/04 No Camelot, and you could be bored a lot

Hollywood Reporter 7/7/04 'Arthur' battle scene kept cool with effects

NY Times 7/7/04 Knightley Offers 'Arthur' Fans a Feisty Guinevere

BBC 7/7/04 Review: King Arthur

USA Today 7/7/04 Legendary 'King Arthur' this is not
Teen Hollywood 7/7/04 Clive Owen: Warrior King

Seattle PI 7/7/04 'King Arthur' fails to summon a shining night at the movies

OU Daily 7/7/04 “King Arthur”

Teen Hollywood 7/7/04 Ioan Gruffudd: Sir Lancelot the Hot

Chart Attack 7/7/04 A Castrated Legend

Orlando Sentinel 7/7/04 King Arthur

Detroit News 7/7/04 'King Arthur' takes a dive with leather bikini, holy dreck

NY Daily News 7/7/04 'Arthur': Camelot it's not

Toronto Star 7/7/04 More brutal, more boring

News OK 7/7/04 Arthur Has Authentic Feel

Times of India 7/6/04 When Kiera lost her assets

MSNBC 7/6/04 ‘King Arthur’ collapses under its own weight

CTV 7/6/04 Bruckheimer tames 'King Arthur' for PG-13 rating

Toronto Star 7/6/04 Keira unsheathes a mighty talent

Teen Hollywood 7/5/04 Keira Thrilled By Blood And Mud

NY Daily News 7/5/04 Knight moves

Teen Hollywood 7/5/04 Keira Knightley: A “Gutsy” Guinevere

Coming Soon 7/5/04 Exclusive King Arthur Cast & Crew Interviews

Boston Herald 7/4/04 Keira: Warrior princess: Knightley fights her way to the top of `King Arthur'

Chicago Sun Times 7/4/04 British starlet gets medieval on her movie foes

Zap2It 7/2/04 'King Arthur' Tends Knightley's Errant Way

CBS 6/30/04 Knightley Shine Behind 'King'

The Trades 6/30/04 "King Arthur" Review

USA Today 6/30/04 All hail 'King Arthur' 6/29/04 Arthur Stars Hold Court

Ananova 6/29/04 'Co-star Clive's gorgeous' - Keira 6/28/04 Keira's a chic knight

Access Hollywood 6/28/04 Keira Kisses And Tells About 'Arthur'

Time 6/27/04 Keira's Quest

Herald Sun 6/27/04 A knight fit for stardom

Dallas Morning News 6/18/04 Review: King Arthur evidence elusive

Times Online 5/21/04 King Arthur

Coming Soon 5/14/04 King Arthur Official Site Launched

IGN 5/10/04 Preview: King Arthur

IGN 5/10/04 King Makers

IGN 4/27/04 King Arthur Continues

Zap2It 4/9/04 'Ella's' Fella Suits up for 'King Arthur'

IGN 4/7/04 Galahad on King Arthur

IGN 2/18/04 Gruffudd on King Arthur

IGN 12/23/03 King Arthur's Trailer

IGN 12/19/03 King Arthur Trailer Buzz

IGN 10/20/03 Clive Talks King Arthur

Chicago Sun Times 10/19/03 With King Arthur and BMW, Clive Owen is 'Beyond' grateful

IGN 10/17/03 King Arthur's Gallery

IGN 7/8/03 Behold King Arthur!

Zap2It 6/12/03 'King Arthur' Adds International Round Table

IGN 6/6/03 Gruffudd Lances King Arthur

Zap2It 6/6/03 Welsh Actor to Play Lancelot in 'King Arthur' Pic

Zap2It 5/14/03 'Beckham's' Knightley Lands Guinevere Role in 'King Arthur'

IGN 5/12/03 The Cast of King Arthur!

Zap2It 3/6/03 Clive Owen Reigns as 'King Arthur'

IGN 12/5/00 Bruckheimer Crowned King of Arthur Tale

Zap2It 12/5/00 'Gladiator' Writer Pens 'King Arthur'


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