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News Articles about King Kong 2/10/06 Watts goes ape

Stuff 2/2/06 Kong and Narnia nominated for 7 Oscars

Stuff 2/1/06 Jackson deserved nomination for Kong, says Weta chief

TVNZ 1/27/06 King size rebate for Jackson's movie

New Zealand Herald 1/17/06 King Kong hits $US200m mark

USA Today 1/13/06 A $500 million film ain't what it used to be

Zap2It 1/10/06 'Sith,' 'Kong' and 'Potter' Sound Off For Oscar

Hollywood Reporter 1/10/06 'Kong,' 'Sith,' 'Narnia' among VES noms

BBC 1/10/06 Kong recaptures box office crown

Celebrity Spider 1/9/06 Peter Jackson Promotes Gorilla Plight With King Kong DVD Release

Celebrity Spider 1/6/06 King Kong Star Serkis Upsets Gorilla Girlfriend

Hollywood Reporter 1/6/06 Round 4 for 'Narnia' vs. 'Kong'

E!Online 1/4/06 Writers, Producers Like Capote, Diss Kong

USA Today 1/4/06 Love looms large, and forbidden, on big screen

NY Post 1/3/06 'Kong' Phooey, Say Film-Flub Counters

BBC 1/3/06 Narnia movie topples Kong in US

NY Daily News 1/2/06 'Narnia' roar shakes 'Kong' from top spot

NY Daily News 12/30/05 A 'King' without a crown

USA Today 12/30/05 'King Kong' has style stature

BBC 12/27/05 Kong captures festive box office

Zap2It 12/26/05 'Kong' Reigns as King of Christmas Box Office

Metro 12/26/05 'King Kong' holds slim lead at holiday box office

Celebrity Spider 12/23/05 Jack Black Blames King Kong Lost Weekend for Smoking Habit

Chicago Sun-Times 12/22/05 Brody hopes to update skinny, kissy image

Daily Mail 12/22/05 Gardener wrestles with King Kong for award

Seattle PI 12/21/05 Gollum/Kong actor gives the computer life

BBC 12/20/05 King Kong UK debut beats Narnia

Metro 12/20/05 "Kong" is king at the British box office

Hollywood Reporter 12/20/05 'Kong' king of b.o. jungle as 'Narnia' holds sway in 2nd

Toronto Star 12/20/05 Guide to King Kong for the fidgety

E!Online 12/19/05 Monkey Business for "King Kong"

Zap2It 12/19/05 'Kong,' 'Sith' Lead Battle For FX Oscar

NY Times 12/19/05 A Good but Not Great Start for 'King Kong'

USA Today 12/19/05 The footprint of 'Kong' looms smaller

BBC 12/19/05 'Slow start' in US for Kong film

USA Today 12/19/05 Some fans exhausted by manic 'Kong'

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/05 'Kong' scales boxoffice ranks

USA Today 12/19/05 Keeping the big ape film in the family

NY Daily News 12/19/05 Monkey shines!

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/05 King Kong: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries

Rolling Stone 12/16/05 The Wrath of Kong

BBC 12/16/05 King Kong takes $18m in first day

Dallas Morning News 12/16/05 Big furry lug just needs a hug

NY Daily News 12/16/05 'Kong' conks out on Day 1

New Zealand Herald 12/16/05 Kong T-shirts come with Hollywood price-tag

Chicago Tribune 12/16/05 `King Kong' violence a bit hairy for kiddies

Knox News 12/16/05 Action! Jackson 12/16/05 Men in love, and in anguish

E!Online 12/16/05 "Kong" Opens--But How Will It Close?

NY Daily News 12/16/05 Marketers link booty and the beast

Zap2It 12/15/05 Monkey Business: 'Kong' Has Lackluster Wednesday

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/15/05 Crown 'Kong' king of the world

E!Online 12/15/05 "Kong" Opens--But How Will It Close?

Newsday 12/15/05 'King Kong' Takes in $9.8M in First Day

Dallas Morning News 12/15/05 Big furry lug just needs a hug 12/15/05 Monkey business

Stuff 12/15/05 Kong tipped to top Rings

Daily Mail 12/15/05 Your monster guide to King Kong

Teen Hollywood 12/14/05 Movie Review: King Kong

NBC13 12/14/05 Review: 'King Kong' Is Breathtaking Cinematic Wonder

CBS 12/14/05 'Kong' Comes To Screens Nationwide

MTV 12/14/05 'Kong': Return Of The King

Extra 12/14/05 'Extra' Gets Up Close and Personal with 'Kong'

Globe and Mail 12/14/05 King Kong **˝

Seattle PI 12/14/05 A bigger, better 'Kong'

AJC 12/14/05 'King Kong' reaches top of film thrills

Jam! 12/14/05 'Kong' remake a king-size hit

Seattle PI 12/14/05 Hoping to make out with making-of 'Kong' DVD

Toronto Star 12/14/05 The greatest ape

Stuff 12/14/05 Jackson shows off original Kong model 12/14/05 'Kong': What an animal!

Jam! 12/14/05 Kong king of the world

NY Daily News 12/14/05 From the beginning, this gorilla's been 'King' of the concrete jungle

Stuff 12/14/05 Kong sixth most expensive film ever made

NY Daily News 12/14/05 Beneath the planet of the ape

Stuff 12/14/05 Kong overlooked for Golden Globes

BBC 12/14/05 Monster launch for King Kong film

The Trades 12/13/05 King Kong

Chicago Sun-Times 12/13/05 King Kong - A Roger Ebert review 12/13/05 All of the sudden, Titanic looks puny

Detroit News 12/13/05 Return of the king

Zap2It 12/13/05 'King Kong' Features Rampaging Creatures

Stuff 12/13/05 Thousands expected at Kong premiere

NY Times 12/13/05 'You Beast,' She Said, and Meant It

Newsday 12/13/05 He still has that blonde ambition

TVNZ 12/13/05 Jasckson to take break post-Kong

USA Today 12/12/05 A mighty heart beats within 'Kong'

The Trades 12/12/05 King Kong Movie Review

USA Today 12/12/05 Kongquest

Toronto Star 12/12/05 Black is the new Black 12/12/05 King hit

USA Today 12/12/05 The human touch: Hand it to them

Jam! 12/12/05 King Kong background diaries come to DVD

USA Today 12/12/05 Welcome to the stomping grounds

E!Online 12/12/05 "Kong" Crowned by AFI

NY Daily News 12/12/05 Long live this 'King'!

Seattle Times 12/12/05 "Kong" actress climbs to top

TVNZ 12/11/05 New technology for new Kong

Chicago Tribune 12/11/05 'King Kong's' secret weapon

Toronto Star 12/11/05 Kong on even keel after '70s blowout

Jam! 12/11/05 Serkis goes ape for his biggest role

Chicago Tribune 12/11/05 Black runs his way into the '30s for `King Kong'

Chicago Sun-Times 12/11/05 Kong is 'the ultimate man'

Jam! 12/11/05 Return of the King

Chicago Sun-Times 12/11/05 Monkeying around with 'Kong'

Jam! 12/11/05 Kong is King!

NY Daily News 12/11/05 King of emotion

NY Post 12/10/05 The Hot Seat

Coming Soon 12/10/05 King Kong Site Updated & 8th TV Spot

Zap2It 12/9/05 Will the Real 'Kong' Please Stand Up? 12/9/05 Gorilla warfare

USA Today 12/9/05 Can 'King Kong' pull off the ultimate comeback?

BBC 12/9/05 King Kong delivers killer punch

Sky News 12/9/05 Ding Dong! King Kong

USA Today 12/9/05 Kong then and now

BBC 12/9/05 Rave reviews for King Kong remake

USA Today 12/9/05 Screen success: It's all in how you act

Ananova 12/9/05 Naomi reveals decision behind King Kong

BBC 12/8/05 In pictures: King Kong premiere

Coming Soon 12/8/05 Exclusive: Andy Serkis IS King Kong

Zap2It 12/8/05 Watts Falls for 'King Kong'

This is London 12/8/05 King Kong hit with 12a rating

BBC 12/8/05 Jackson fulfils Kong remake dream

Entertainment Weekly 12/7/05 King Kong

Coming Soon 12/7/05 More King Kong TV Spots Online!

USA Today 12/7/05 'King Kong' premiere swings into Times Square

Hollywood Reporter 12/7/05 King Kong

Detroit News 12/7/05 Monkey business inspired a career

NY Daily News 12/7/05 Climbing to the top?

USA Today 12/7/05 Box-office beasts of burden?

TVNZ 12/7/05 Early reviews for King Kong strong 12/6/05 A Konglomeration of meanings

Extra 12/6/05 'King Kong' Takes over New York City

Access Hollywood 12/6/05 'Kong' Takes Over NYC

BBC 12/6/05 The men behind the monster ape

Stuff 12/6/05 It's a first viewing for Jackson too

Daily Record 12/6/05 The Man Who Would Be King Kong

BBC 12/6/05 In pictures: King Kong premiere

NY Daily News 12/6/05 Jami goes ape over 'Kong'...

NY Daily News 12/6/05 ...and so does Jack

Ananova 12/6/05 King Kong hits New York

NY Daily News 12/6/05 'Kong' is king at premiere

NZ Herald 12/6/05 Jackson leaves Kong in fate's hands

NZ Herald 12/6/05 Reviewers go ape over movie

Jam! 12/5/05 NY mayor declares King Kong day

BBC 12/5/05 World premiere for Jackson's Kong

Herald Sun 12/4/05 Kong is the king

Denver Post 12/4/05 Selling the 800-pound gorilla

NY Post 12/4/05 King of Kongedy

Celebrity Spider 12/2/05 Peter Jackson: I've Had Enough Success

Cinescape 12/2/05 Early Kong Review

Daily Mail 12/2/05 This gorilla of a film is blockbuster of the year

Newsweek 12/2/05 Capturing Kong

Coming Soon 12/1/05 New Narnia and King Kong Images

Extra 12/1/05 Jackson Is 'Exhausted' From Making Big Budget 'King Kong'

NY Post 11/30/05 The Big Ape-le

Celebrity Spider 11/29/05 Dave Grohl Asked to Play Satan in King Kong Movie

TVNZ 11/29/05 Finishing touches on King Kong

Celebrity Spider 11/28/05 Naomi Watts in Horrific King Kong Fall

NY Daily News 11/28/05 'Kong' a king of a movie, raves writer

Celebrity Spider 11/25/05 Andy Serkis Makes King Kong as Real as Possible 11/23/05 Frodo's Kong visit

Stuff 11/22/05 A rare interview with Peter Jackson

NY Times 11/22/05 Just Like That Big Ape, He Couldn't Be Tied Down

Stuff 11/22/05 Jackson re-creates missing scene from original Kong

Mobile Register 11/22/05 Hands on King Kong

Guide Live 11/21/05 Original 'King Kong' is worth the wait

Coming Soon 11/20/05 A Look at the King Kong Books

Cinescape 11/17/05 Black Went 'Full Blast' for Kong Game

Coming Soon 11/16/05 King Kong Actors Appear in & Voice Game

Celebrity Spider 11/14/05 King Kong's Naomi Watts Slams Remakes

Entertainment Weekly 11/10/05 The Return of the Kong

NY Post 11/10/05 'Kong' Pit Stop

BBC 11/10/05 King Kong remake 'may become 3D'

Stuff 11/10/05 King Kong may roar in 3-D

Stuff 11/10/05 Residents wake to Kong-sized accident

Cinema Spider 11/8/05 First Look at "King Kong" to Air on NBC's Broadcast of Shrek Nov 27th

Coming Soon 11/4/05 New King Kong Images Here

BBC 11/4/05 First glimpse at King Kong remake

Coming Soon 11/4/05 Final King Kong Trailer Online!

Coming Soon 11/1/05 A Look Inside King Kong

MegaStar 10/28/05 King of cash

Zap2It 10/28/05 Hollywood Goes Ape Over 'Kong' Length

Hollywood Reporter 10/28/05 DVD producer saddled with 'Kong'-size task

BBC 10/28/05 King Kong 'goes $32m over budget'

E!Online 10/27/05 "King Kong" Super-Sized

Coming Soon 10/27/05 King Kong Clocks in at Three Hours

Ananova 10/27/05 King Kong a 'three hour feast'

Jam! 10/21/05 'King Kong' movie set deeemed unsafe

Metro 10/18/05 Gorilla scientist says inspired by King Kong

Celebrity Spider 10/17/05 James Newton Howard to Score King Kong Movie

New Zealand Herald 10/10/05 King Kong demo available

Daily Record 10/10/05 King vs Kong

Coming Soon 10/8/05 The New King Kong UK Quad Poster

Stuff 10/4/05 Kong ship sheds movie makeup

Celebrity Spider 9/20/05 Peter Jackson Defends Casting of Jack Black in King Kong

Celebrity Spider 9/19/05 Peter Jackson "King Kong is Not Better Than Original"

Celebrity Spider 9/19/05 Naomi Watts "King Kong is the Ultimate Man"

Stuff 9/14/05 Film studio sees Kong as king of the brands

Stuff 9/13/05 8000 invited to Kong's launch party

Celebrity Spider 9/6/05 Universal Studios Announces King Kong Promotional Partnerships

Stuff 9/6/05 Wellington to hold Kong's NZ premiere

Stuff 9/5/05 Air NZ off to a flier on King Kong date

Stuff 9/1/05 King Kong videogame wins award

Stuff 8/31/05 King Kong given safeguards against piracy

New Zealand Herald 8/12/05 For actor Adrien Brody, the straitjacket fits

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 King Kong

Cinescape 8/8/05 Kong Game Developer Talks

NY Post 8/6/05 Double Dose of Kong Coming 

Zap2It 8/5/05 Jackson Lends Paw to New 'Kong' DVD

Stuff 7/26/05 King Kong cast members back for more filming

Coming Soon 7/17/05 King Kong at Comic-Con

Cinema Spider 7/15/05 Universal Studios Unveils King Kong Toy Line

Coming Soon 7/15/05 King Kong Toy Line Unveiled at Comic-Con

Coming Soon 7/14/05 Pocket Books Features King Kong Prequel

Stuff 7/13/05 Industry quiet after King Kong 7/6/05 King Kong effort

Detroit News 6/30/05 New York will host 'King Kong' premiere

Daily Record 6/29/05 Return Of The Kong

Celebrity Spider 6/28/05 King Kong Shrinks Peter Jackson

USA Today 6/28/05 'Kong' apes the original

Coming Soon 6/28/05 King Kong, FF and Dark Water Pics

TVNZ 6/28/05 Trailer offers sneak peek at King Kong

Coming Soon 6/28/05 Peter Jackson's King Kong Trailer Online!

USA Today 6/26/05 'King Kong' goes digital

Toronto Star 6/24/05 Kong following Godzilla's sad claw prints?

Coming Soon 6/22/05 King Kong Trailer Ad Online

Cinema Spider 6/17/05 NBC Universal Announces Nine Network Debut of King Kong Trailer June 27

Zap2It 6/17/05 NBC Universal Makes 'Kong' Trailer King

Stuff 6/8/05 Big taste of Kong coming in cinemas

Cinescape 6/7/05 Kong Trailer to Run With War Of The Worlds

Coming Soon 6/6/05 King Kong Trailer with War of the Worlds

Coming Soon 5/29/05 King Kong Merchandise Revealed

Coming Soon 5/10/05 King Kong Game Preview at E3

Stuff 5/9/05 Peter Jackson named Hollywood's most powerful person

Zap2It 5/6/05 Playmates Monkeys Around with 'King Kong'

Coming Soon 4/30/05 Peter Jackson on King Kong

New Zealand Herald 4/18/05 Peter Jackson’s monster gets a little help

TVNZ 4/5/05 King Kong's April Fool joke

Zap2It 4/4/05 Peter Jackson Monkeys with April Fool's Hoaxes

Hollywood Reporter 4/4/05 Monkeyshine: 'King Kong' sequels a joke

Coming Soon 4/1/05 A Sequel to Kong!

Toronto Star 4/1/05 Fan sites can't wait for King Kong remake

Stuff 3/28/05 Jackson shoots King Kong's final moments

Celebrity Spider 3/21/05 Stars Go Bananas as King Kong Wrap Raises The Roof

Zap2It 3/21/05 Stars Go Ape at 'King Kong' Wrap Party

New Zealand Herald 3/21/05 No expense spared for King Kong wrap party

Seattle Times 3/21/05 'King Kong' crew marks end of filming 3/21/05 Going ape for Naomi

Coming Soon 3/20/05 King Kong Wraps Principal Photography

Coming Soon 3/15/05 A King Kong Prequel and Novelization

New Zealand Herald 3/12/05 Keeping 'King Kong' under tight security control

Contact Music 3/9/05 King Kong Fans Get Online Sneak Peek

Coming Soon 3/8/05 King Kong Grasps Naomi Watts

TVNZ 3/6/05 Naomi Watts held captive

Coming Soon 3/2/05 Adrien Brody on The Jacket & King Kong

Contact Music 2/10/05 Serkis The Only Man For King Kong

Contact Music 2/3/05 King Kong More Than A Monkey Movie

MTV 2/2/05 'Kong' Cast Says Don't Judge A Movie By Its Effects Budget

Contact Music 1/28/05 Watts Loves Monkeys

Coming Soon 1/28/05 New York Comes Alive for King Kong

Contact Music 1/24/05 Watts: 'Serkis Makes A Great Monkey In King Kong'

Contact Music 1/18/05 King Kong is a Dream Come True for Jackson

Coming Soon 12/19/04 New King Kong Production Diaries Up

Coming Soon 12/11/04 Recreating 1933 New York for King Kong

Coming Soon 12/2/04 King Kong to Film at Two Theaters

Stuff 12/2/04 King Kong filming in stately theatres

Stuff 11/30/04 Streamlined Jackson tells of Kong hopes

Coming Soon 11/28/04 King Kong Conceptual Art & Set Report

Stuff 11/24/04 'Speculation' on King Kong premiere

Coming Soon 11/12/04 King Kong Skull Island FX Test Footage

Cinescape 11/12/04 FX from the land of King Kong

Coming Soon 11/10/04 King Kong's Skull Island & NY Sets Snapped 11/9/04 Journey to Kong's forbidden island

New Zealand Herald 11/9/04 Aping effort attracts attention to Kong set

Contact Music 10/22/04 Jack Black's King Kong Weight Fears

Coming Soon 10/20/04 Skull Island Shoot Begins for King Kong

Stuff 10/19/04 Kong's lair turns up in Wellington bay

Coming Soon 10/13/04 Jackson Reveals More From King Kong

Cinescape 10/12/04 King Kong konsole game konfirmed

Coming Soon 10/12/04 Ubisoft Creating King Kong Movie Game

Coming Soon 9/29/04 Wray Was to Have Had King Kong Line

Contact Music 9/28/04 Jackson's Obsession With King Kong Authenticity

Coming Soon 9/24/04 Naomi Watts Talks King Kong 9/23/04 'Gorilla tactics' on Kong film set

Contact Music 9/21/04 Jackson's Sky Concerns

New Zealand Herald 9/20/04 Pint-sized secrets of King Kong jungle revealed

New Zealand Herald 9/20/04 King Kong visits gorillas in the mist

Boston Herald 9/20/04 Early showing

Houston Chronicle 9/17/04 Jackson lets fans watch 'King Kong' filming online

Coming Soon 9/15/04 King Kong Day 7 Production Diary 9/14/04 Jackson lets fans in on Kong secret

Coming Soon 9/14/04 King Kong Day 6 Production Diary

Coming Soon 9/12/04 Jackson, Watts & Black on the King Kong Set

Digital Spy 9/11/04 'King Kong' gets two new cast members

Coming Soon 9/10/04 Playmates is King Kong Master Toy Licensee

BBC 9/10/04 King Kong's no scream for Jack Black

BBC 9/3/04 Rings crew begin King Kong remake

Web India 123 9/3/04 Naomi Watts struggles to match Fay Wray in `King Kong'

New Zealand Herald 9/3/04 King Kong won't be PC, Jackson says

Cinescape 9/2/04 Kong is koming

Coming Soon 9/2/04 King Kong Filming Set to Begin in September

Zap2It 9/2/04 Jack Black's 'Stupid' 'King Kong' Dream

The Telegraph 9/2/04 Lord of rings to king of gorillas

Stuff 9/2/04 King Kong stars come out to play

The Guardian 9/2/04 Jackson reveals Kong latest: It's about gorillas

Globe and Mail 9/2/04 New Zealand prepares to remake King Kong

New Zealand Herald 9/2/04 Watts hopes not to be typecast in screaming King Kong role

New Zealand Herald 9/2/04 Re-creating King Kong will fulfill childhood dream says Jackson

Stuff 8/31/04 Monster spending spree for King Kong 8/31/04 King Kong actors arrive

Zap2It 8/30/04 Serkis' 'King Kong' Monkey Business

Stuff 8/30/04 Jackson's stars go ape

New Zealand Herald 8/30/04 Serkis paints with wild gorillas to research 'Kong' character

Stuff 8/30/04 Andy Serkis gets serious for Kong

New Zealand Herald 8/30/04 Jackson's King Kong could be the greatest film of all time says Black

NY Times 8/30/04 Serkis Bonds With Gorillas for 'King' Role

BBC 8/17/04 King Kong's no laughing matter

Toronto Star 8/17/04 The small-town beauty who charmed Hollywood

Coming Soon 8/16/04 King Kong Poster Mystery

Coming Soon 8/14/04 British Opera Singer Joins King Kong

Stuff 8/11/04 Jackson mourns for Wray

Zap2It 8/10/04 Empire State Building Honors 'Kong' Star

This Is London 8/10/04 King Kong star dies 8/10/04 Empire State Building to Honor Fay Wray 8/10/04 King Kong Actress Dies

NY Times 8/10/04 Fay Wray, Star Who Stole Kong's Heart, Dies at 96

USA Today 8/10/04 Fay Wray, 'King Kong' damsel, dies

Ananova 8/10/04 King Kong actress dies

NY Daily News 8/10/04 'King Kong' star Wray dead at 96

E!Online 8/9/04 "King Kong" Beauty Fay Wray Dead

BBC 8/9/04 King Kong heroine is dead at 96

Zap2It 8/9/04 'King Kong' Starlet Fay Wray Dies at 96

Houston Chronicle 8/9/04 'King Kong' star Fay Wray dies at 96

Stuff 8/7/04 King Kong to be a reunion of rings crew

Digital Spy 8/1/04 'Billy Elliot' star gets 'King Kong' role

Ananova 8/1/04 Billy Elliot actor joins King Kong

Cinescape 7/29/04 Two more take a trip to meet King Kong

Coming Soon 7/29/04 Bell & Parke Join Jackson's King Kong

Zap2It 7/29/04 'Billy Elliot' Star Tiptoes to 'Kong'

Hollywood Reporter 7/29/04 Bell, Parke join 'Kong' journey

Coming Soon 7/27/04 Naomi Watts on Filming King Kong

Stuff 7/13/04 Tokomaru plays part in King Kong movie

Teen Hollywood 7/7/04 Hanks Signs Up For King Kong

Coming Soon 7/2/04 Peter Jackson Looking for King Kong Extras

Cinescape 7/1/04 It's monkey business for new King Kong actors

Zap2It 7/1/04 Two New Puny Humans Seized by 'Kong'

Hollywood Reporter 7/1/04 'Kong' remake grabs hold of Hanks, Chandler

Ananova 6/30/04 New King Kong 'much darker'

MTV 6/28/04 Jack Black Warns That Peter Jackson's King Kong Is A Scary Flesh-Eater

Coming Soon 6/28/04 Thomas Kretschmann joining King Kong

Cinescape 6/25/04 Will Peter Jackson get his skipper?

Coming Soon 6/24/04 Thomas Kretschmann Joins Jackson's King Kong  

Hollywood Reporter 6/24/04 Monkey business for Kretschmann: 'Kong' transport

Zap2It 6/24/04 Kretschmann to Carry 'Kong' to America

Coming Soon 6/15/04 Report on the Set of Jackson's King Kong

Coming Soon 6/11/04 Andy Serkis is King Kong!

Zap2It 6/11/04 Serkis Plays Ape and Man for Jackson's 'Kong'

Cinescape 6/11/04 Serkis is King Kong-a-go-go

Hollywood Reporter 6/11/04 Uni's 'Kong' makes monkey out of Serkis

Ananova 6/11/04 Gollum actor to 'play' King Kong

BBC 6/11/04 Gollum actor to 'play' King Kong

Globe and Mail 5/25/04 Ray, Fay Wray and destiny

Stuff 5/19/04 King Kong plane bound for museum

Coming Soon 5/18/04 Report on Peter Jackson's LA King Kong Set

Coming Soon 5/18/04 King Kong Plane to be Housed at Museum

Ananova 5/17/04 Jack Black to star in King Kong remake 5/17/04 Fay still putty in Kong's hands

BBC 5/12/04 Jack Black backs green Kong

Teen Hollywood 5/8/04 Serkis All Ready To Go Ape For King Kong

Zap2It 4/27/04 Sci-Fi Legend Backs Jackson's 'King Kong' Remake

Coming Soon 4/26/04 Peter Jackson Talks King Kong

Cinescape 4/14/04 Jackson`s got game for King Kong

BBC 4/5/04 King Kong casting latest

Teen Hollywood 4/4/04 Jack Black for King Kong

BBC 4/3/04 King Kong tops movie monster poll

Cinescape 3/31/04 Another adventurer for King Kong

New Zealand Herald 3/31/04 Comedian Jack Black to star in King Kong

Stuff 3/31/04 Jack's the lad for Jackson's Kong

Coming Soon 3/31/04 Adrien Brody Also Joins Jackson's King Kong

E!Online 3/31/04 Black Captures "Kong"

Stuff 3/31/04 Graduates ape Jackson to get a job 3/31/04 Black and Naomi for Kong

Ananova 3/31/04 Brody now linked with King Kong

USA Today 3/31/04 Jack Black joins cast of 'King Kong'

Cinescape 3/30/04 Jack Black joins King Kong

Zap2It 3/30/04 Black Goes Ape for 'Kong'

MegaStar 3/30/04 Black's monkey business

BBC 3/30/04 Jack Black cast for King Kong

Ananova 3/30/04 Jack Black signs up for King Kong

Hollywood Reporter 3/30/04 Black will use gorilla tactics in 'Kong' redo

BBC 3/30/04 Actor Black 'for King Kong role'

Coming Soon 3/18/04 Wellington Celebrates Rings & King Kong Update!

Coming Soon 3/9/04 Elijah's King Kong Cameo & Explosion Rumor 3/5/04 Naomi's ape escape

New Zealand Herald 3/3/04 King ready for Kong

Cinescape 2/24/04 Jackson`s old Kong script gets graded

Hollywood Reporter 2/24/04 Peter Jackson discusses past, future with Reporter

Coming Soon 2/12/04 Peter Jackson on Rings Trilogy & King Kong

Coming Soon 2/10/04 Peter Jackson Talks King Kong

Coming Soon 2/8/04 Peter Jackson on the ROTK DVD & King Kong

Coming Soon 1/29/04 Boyens in an American Mind-Set for King Kong

Cinescape 1/28/04 Naomi is in the grasp of King Kong

Coming Soon 1/27/04 Naomi Watts Confirmed for Jackson's King Kong

AZ Central 1/15/04 Don't expect remake to monkey with 'Kong'

Coming Soon 1/5/04 How Will Peter Jackson Approach King Kong?

Chicago Tribune 12/31/03 With the end of `Rings' comes the start of `King'

WXXA 12/23/03 Jackson Vows To 'Honor' 1933 King Kong

Teen Hollywood 12/23/03 Lord Of The Rings Stars Want To Join King Kong

Seattle Times 12/14/03 After 'Return of the King,' director returns to 'Kong' 12/9/03 Jackson Wants Watts

Coming Soon 12/6/03 Clooney or De Niro Eyed for King Kong?

Toronto Star 12/6/03 Never get in the way of an ape in love

E!Online 12/5/03 Naomi Watts Going Ape

Toronto Star 12/5/03 Watts touted as big ape's gal pal 12/4/03 Naomi Watts may star in remake of 'Kong'

Sci Fi Wire 12/3/03 Serkis Confirms Kong Talk

CBS 12/3/03 The Next Fay Wray? 12/3/03 Rings king keen to start on Kong

This Is London 12/3/03 Watts set for King Kong role

Coming Soon 12/2/03 Peter Jackson Reveals King Kong Details!

Guardian 12/2/03 And now for King Kong

Coming Soon 12/1/03 Peter Jackson Talks The Hobbit & King Kong

The Observer 11/30/03 King Kiwi

Zap2It 11/28/03 Will Gandalf Go Ape for Peter Jackson?

Ananova 11/28/03 McKellen hoping for King Kong role

Coming Soon 11/26/03 Ian McKellen Up for a King Kong Role?

Coming Soon 11/23/03 What is Weta Digital Working on for King Kong?

Zap2It 11/21/03 Serkis Act: From Gollum to Gorilla?

Cinescape 11/19/03 King Kong`s a naked hobbit

Coming Soon 11/19/03 Andy Serkis to be the Face of King Kong? 11/17/03 Weta set to take on King Kong

Coming Soon 11/16/03 Update - Narnia Title Change & King Kong Start Date?

Coming Soon 11/4/03 Naomi Watts Talks King Kong!

NY Times 10/28/03 One Director to Be Paid Like a Top Movie Star

MegaStar 9/23/03 Watts 'to be Kong queen'

Hollywood Reporter 9/22/03 The Vine: 'Kong' may put grip on Watts

New Zealand Herald 8/14/03 Jackson's $34m for Kong has nice Ring to it

E!Online 8/12/03 Jackson's "Kong"-Sized Payday

BBC 8/12/03 Jackson to earn '$20m' for Kong

Ananova 8/12/03 Fee 'record' for King Kong director

BBC 7/1/03 New Zealand offers film grants

Zap2It 4/2/03 Fay Wray Is Hopeful for Jackson's 'King Kong' Remake

BBC 4/1/03 Rings director plans new King Kong

Zap2It 3/31/03 LOTR's Jackson to Helm King Kong Remake

New Zealand Herald 3/31/03 Jackson tackles King Kong


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