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News Articles about Lord of the Rings


Edmonton Journal 12/31/03 The wizard Saruman suffers unkindest cut of all

Newsday 12/31/03 Hobbits, Fish, Pirates 2003 Box Office Gold

Chicago Tribune 12/31/03 With the end of `Rings' comes the start of `King'

Irish Examiner 12/31/03 Orlando reveals his true calling

Digital Spy 12/30/03 ROTK holds top spot at US Box Office

Zap2It 12/30/03 'LOTR 3 ' Hobbit Nominated by Online Film Critics

Coming Soon 12/30/03 The Return of the King Approaches $500M Worldwide

E!Online 12/30/03 Web Critics Hail "King"

Zap2It 12/30/03 'Rings' Awaits Return of the Ballots

Coming Soon 12/30/03 Sir Ian McKellen's Return of the King ADR Scripts!

TV Guide 12/30/03 Sean Astin: From Hobbit to He-Man

Sky.com 12/30/03 Mistakes In Rings Film

Hollywood Reporter 12/30/03 Online critics dial up 'King' for 10 noms

BBC 12/30/03 Online critics tip Rings finale

Hollywood Reporter 12/30/03 'King' wears b.o. crown, crosses $200 mil mark

E!Online 12/29/03 "King" Rings in Xmas

Zap2It 12/29/03 'LOTR 3' Tops SFCA Honors

USA Today 12/29/03 'King' earns $51.2M, leads box office bonanza

BBC 12/29/03 Rings film holds top spot in US

Hollywood Reporter 12/29/03 Long live the holiday 'King'

NY Daily News 12/29/03 'King' crowns the competition

Hollywood Reporter 12/29/03 Southeastern critics regale 'King'

News.com.au 12/29/03 Gandalf's magic show

Teen Hollywood 12/28/03 "Rings" the King of Christmas Box Office

Coming Soon 12/28/03 The Lord of the Rings is King Again at Box Office

CNN 12/28/03 'King' continues box office reign

Ananova 12/28/03 Second Rings film the 'year's best'

Herald Sun 12/28/03 The Lord of the box office

Stuff.co.nz 12/28/03 Long-distance fight : Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Scotsman 12/28/03 The Rings come full circle in triumph

Coming Soon 12/27/03 Return of the King Ruling the Holiday Box Office

NY Times 12/26/03 McKellen Unfazed by 'Rings' Phenomenon

NY Times 12/26/03 Along With His Legion of Fans, Frodo Completes His Journey

The Age 12/26/03 Big day in Middle-earth

SMH 12/26/03 The Return of the King

Yahoo 12/25/03 "Lord of the Rings" hunk to join politics!

The Age 12/25/03 Return of the sweeping epic

New Zealand Herald 12/25/03 Lord Of The Rings guide book one of the country's best sellers

Teen Hollywood 12/24/03 'Rings' Fan Prince William Stuns Small Cinema

Buffalo News 12/24/03 Trilogy Tuesday, 10 hours well spent

Business Wire 12/24/03 Lord of the Rings Trilogy Featurette Debuts Today on 1,200 AMC Screens

Coming Soon 12/24/03 The Return of the King Reigns Worldwide with $312M

Daily Telegram 12/24/03 'Return of the King' well worth the wait in long lines

Buffalo News 12/24/03 Test your knowledge of 'The Ring'

Hollywood Reporter 12/24/03 Boxoffice preview: 'King' won't be usurped

NBC17 12/23/03 Pair Ticketed After Seat-Saving Fiasco At 'Rings' Movie

Stuff.co.nz 12/23/03 New Rings makes box-office history

Teen Hollywood 12/23/03 Lord Of The Rings Stars Want To Join King Kong

Hollywood Reporter 12/23/03 Final 'Lord of Rings' entry emerges as the true 'King'

BBC 12/23/03 Rings finale tops UK box office

Ananova 12/23/03 Prince sees latest rings film at 'ordinary' cinema

NY Daily News 12/23/03 A down-to-Middle Earth movie hero

CBS 12/23/03 Ian McKellen: Magic Act

Digital Spy 12/23/03 LOTR fans spot ROTK errors

ABQ Journal 12/23/03 Stunning 'King' Lacks Real Depth

Stuff.co.nz 12/22/03 Rings takes crown at US box office

The Gate 12/22/03 'Return of the King' Conquers Box Office

E!Online 12/22/03 "King" Returns Record Millions

Philly.com 12/22/03 'Rings' can't compare to the 'Godfather' of all trilogies

Detroit News 12/22/03 Before there were hobbits

Boston Herald 12/22/03 Fans of Tolkien's trilogy approve of extended endings in `Return of the King'

Digital Spy 12/22/03 ROTK continues record-breaking run

NY Times 12/22/03 'Rings' Shows Trend Toward Global Premieres

BBC 12/22/03 Liv Tyler's festive wee

USA Today 12/22/03 'King' is still smiling at box office with $125 million

BBC 12/22/03 Rings finale sets new US record

ET Online 12/22/03 'Lords' of the Box Office!

Ananova 12/22/03 Lord of the Rings smashes box office record

BBC 12/22/03 Hulk and Rings' Oscar battle

Ananova 12/22/03 Lord of the Rings fans spot mistakes

TV Guide 12/22/03 Elijah Wood's Extreme Stunt

NY Daily News 12/22/03 First things first: Last 'Rings' best

Hollywood Reporter 12/22/03 'King' cha-ching: $246.1 mil global tally breaks record

Coming Soon 12/21/03 Return of the King Makes $246.1M Worldwide Debut!

Newsday 12/21/03 Third 'Rings' Movie Outdraws Predecessors

Dallas Morning News 12/20/03 In film trilogies, the last is least

Guardian 12/20/03 Worldwide quest for the magic of Middle Earth

New Zealand Herald 12/20/03 Peter Jackson's art of war

Coming Soon 12/20/03 The Return of the King Box Office Update!

BBC 12/19/03 A mighty end to Jackson's trilogy

Hello 12/19/03 'Rings' release marks end of an era

Zap2It 12/19/03 Wood Breaks 'LOTR' Fellowship

Guardian 12/19/03 'I don't want to play the fat guy or the friend all my life'

Dallas Morning News 12/19/03 'King' set to rule them all in riches

Teen Hollywood 12/19/03 Wood Braces for Post Rings Blues

E!Online 12/19/03 Gauging the Globes

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/03 Boxoffice preview: Bow before the one true 'King'

MegaStar 12/19/03 The best of elf

Salt Lake Tribune 12/19/03 'Lord of the Rings' also proves to be big story for small screen

Boston Herald 12/19/03 Science museum hosts `Rings'

Ananova 12/19/03 Lord of the Rings smashes box office records

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/03 'King' sees worldwide royal crush

Ananova 12/19/03 Female fans force Viggo to flee museum

BBC 12/19/03 Record opening for Rings finale

The Trades 12/19/03 The Accidental Columnist- Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Tuesday

CSM 12/19/03 The film that would be King

NY Times 12/19/03 Ticket Sales For 3rd 'Rings' Set Record

New Zealand Herald 12/19/03 'Lord of the Rings' tops Golden Globe award nominations

Teen Hollywood 12/18/03 Busy Mortensen Quits Fanmail Correspondence

Coming Soon 12/18/03 Return of the King Sets Wednesday Opening Record

Zap2It 12/18/03 'Return of the King' Draws $34.1m In Its First Day

E!Online 12/18/03 One "King" Rules Them All

Zap2It 12/18/03 'LOTR's' Jackson Honored at St. Babs Fest

New Zealand Herald 12/18/03 LOTR coverage worth over $100m, says Film New Zealand

Jam! 12/18/03 'Rings' breaks box office record

Globe and Mail 12/18/03 Canadian donates Tolkien collection to American university

New Zealand Herald 12/18/03 Superlatives and sniffles over last 'Rings' instalment

Ananova 12/18/03 Golden Globe nominations revealed

Ananova 12/18/03 Brits buy £1m of advance Lord of the Rings tickets

Houston Chronicle 12/18/03 'Rings' star Astin wants to take Galveston by storm

BBC 12/18/03 Strong opening for Rings finale

Hollywood Reporter 12/18/03 Midnight clear for 'King': $8 mil

Jam! 12/18/03 Serkis act

ET Online 12/18/03 'King' of the Box Office!

NY Times 12/18/03 'Ring' Fanatics' Long Wait Finally Ends, With an Eyeful

CSM 12/18/03 'Return of the King' brings back the epic hero - and crowds

BBC 12/17/03 Tolkien relative's Kingly role

USA Today 12/17/03 Towers of strength wedded to 'Rings'

Reuters 12/17/03 Midnight Clear for 'King': $8 Million

Macon Telegraph 12/17/03 'Rings' Director Eyes New Zealand Center

Teen Hollywood 12/17/03 Movie Review: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Teen Hollywood 12/17/03 Elijah Wood Hopes To Avoid Mark Hamill's Fate

Teen Hollywood 12/17/03 Return Of The King Voted Top Film By NYC Critics

Boston Herald 12/17/03 Archery's starring role in `Rings' draws newcomers to ancient sport

Hartford Courant 12/17/03 Familiar Rings

Orlando Sentinel 12/17/03 Big finish for The Lord of the Rings

CBS 12/17/03 The End Of The Ring

BBC 12/17/03 Lord of the Rings gets UK release

Canada.com 12/17/03 Rings fans line up for 12-hour marathon

CBS 12/17/03 Fans Welcome 'King' In Epic Way

Ananova 12/17/03 Lord of the Rings tipped for Oscars glory

Digital Spy 12/17/03 In Review: Return of the King

Globe and Mail 12/17/03 Fans turn out for a Tolkien marathon

News OK 12/17/03 Tolkien trilogy ends with great moments

Detroit News 12/17/03 Triumph over evil feeds American need

Dallas Morning News 12/17/03 Horde of the 'Rings'

USA Today 12/17/03 It's good to be 'King'

Detroit News 12/17/03 Ring Master

ET Online 12/17/03 Hobbits Surprise Fans at 'Rings' Marathon

BBC 12/17/03 Why Rings director deserves Oscar

BBC 12/17/03 Fans hail final Lord of the Rings

USA Today 12/17/03 The Viggo file

NY Daily News 12/17/03 Oh, my Lord! Fans flock to hail 'King'

Guardian 12/17/03 Return of the King tipped as one film to rule them all at Oscars

BBC 12/17/03 Return of the King hits cinemas

AJC 12/17/03 'Rings' marathon enthralls fans

Globe and Mail 12/17/03 Return of the King

Cinescape 12/16/03 Bloom on Legolas

Chart Attack 12/16/03 Film Review: Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

Newsday 12/16/03 Fans Thrill to Latest Film in Trilogy

NY Times 12/16/03 'Rings' Fans Line Up for Marathon Screening

Seattle PI 12/16/03 Lord! We love this movie

CNN 12/16/03 Review: A spectacular finish for 'Rings'

Yahoo 12/16/03 'Return of the King' Promises Big Box Office Ring

Teen Hollywood 12/16/03 Viggo's New Date

Reuters 12/16/03 Wood looks beyond "Rings" Frodo

Yahoo 12/16/03 Tour Of 'The Rings'

Zap2It 12/16/03 Middle-Earth Magic Moves to Boston

Yahoo 12/16/03 'Rings' Fans Have 'Trilogy Tuesday'

MegaStar 12/16/03 We're Lord-ing it

Houston Chronicle 12/16/03 Mortensen inherited his 'Rings' throne at the last minute

NBC13 12/16/03 Gimli Actor Returns With Wicked Wit In 'Return Of The King'

NY Times 12/16/03 Wood Looks Beyond 'Rings' Frodo for Creative Parts

Boston Herald 12/16/03 A grand finale: Peter Jackson triumphantly concludes his `LOTR' trilogy

NY Times 12/16/03 Triumph Tinged With Regret in Middle Earth

USA Today 12/16/03 With third film, 'Rings' saga becomes a classic

The Sun 12/16/03 It's Lord Of The Grins

NY Post 12/16/03 Tour Of 'The Rings'

Hollywood Reporter 12/16/03 NYFCC crowns 'King' as year's best picture

NY Post 12/16/03 Award Of The 'Rings'

BBC 12/16/03 Rings wins US film critics' prize

Ananova 12/16/03 Peter Jackson puts Bag End in his back garden

Jam! 12/16/03 Sad end for LOTR cast

NY Daily News 12/16/03 Local critics anoint 'King'

Teen Hollywood 12/15/03 Sean Astin: The Year’s Most Heroic Sidekick

CNN 12/15/03 The man behind 'Rings' says goodbye

Zap2It 12/15/03 'King' Reigns Supreme for NYFCC

itv.com 12/15/03 Elijah's hip tattoo slip

Houston Chronicle 12/15/03 From 'Fellowship' came friendship

Newsday 12/15/03 Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

E!Online 12/15/03 NY Film Critics "Lord" it Up

Boston Herald 12/15/03 `Rings' role is precious to Serkis

BBC 12/15/03 Rings lauded on top 10 movie list

Philly.com 12/15/03 This time, 'Rings' is wedded to Oscar hopes

Digital Spy 12/15/03 Elijah 'annoys LOTR castmates' over tattoo flash

The Trades 12/15/03 "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The" Review"

E!Online 12/15/03 AFI's Gold "Rings"

Ananova 12/15/03 Elijah Wood upsets co-stars with tattoo slip

Boston Herald 12/14/03 Director Peter Jackson hopes for `Return' on trilogy investment

Jam! 12/14/03 Epic saga of LOTR set for final run

BBC 12/14/03 Rings triumphs in Big Read vote

The Age 12/14/03 Lord of the Rings tops British poll

Ananova 12/14/03 Lord of the Rings wins Big Read poll

Boston Herald 12/14/03 Middle-earth's denizens share

NY Times 12/14/03 In the Seventh Year, 'Lord of the Rings' Rests

BBC 12/14/03 Rings triumphs in Big Read vote

Detroit Free Press 12/14/03 Liv Tyler grew up with faithful Arwen

New York Daily News 12/13/03 Lord of the trilogies

Teen Hollywood 12/13/03 Elijah Wood: Leaving Middle Earth Behind

Detroit News 12/13/03 Some women can't resist the 'Rings'

Digital Spy 12/13/03 LOTR stars to buy 'Hobbit house'

Teen Hollywood 12/13/03 Tyler Chooses Kings Over Rings

The Scotsman 12/13/03 Tolkien tipped to win Big Read

Teen Hollywood 12/13/03 Rings Stars Plan New Zealand Home Purchase

Coming Soon 12/12/03 Incredible New The Lord of the Rings Images!

BBC 12/12/03 First reviews: The Return of the King

About.com 12/12/03 Elijah Wood Interview

Fox News 12/12/03 Viggo Mortensen: The Accidental King

Star Tribune 12/12/03 End of the quest: 'Lord of the Rings' seeks its 'precious' -- an Oscar

Times Union 12/12/03 A sad ending

BBC 12/12/03 Record numbers turn out for Rings premiere

NBC4 12/12/03 Final LOTR Movie Crowned 'King'

Channel 4 12/12/03 Tyler: My Natural Looks Had To Be Enhanced

CNN 12/12/03 'Rings' odds-on Oscar favorite

The Gate 12/12/03 Special Preview: 'Return of the King' - Part 1

Edmonton Journal 12/12/03 Elijah's elf-confidence

CTV 12/12/03 Return of the King a worthy finale to Rings trilogy

Media Guardian 12/12/03 Rings premiere draws London's biggest crowd

MegaStar 12/12/03 Liv a little

Sci Fi Wire 12/12/03 Serkis Gets Blessed

Sky.com 12/12/03 Thousands Cheer Stars

Boston Herald 12/12/03 Coming soon: 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King'

Philly.com 12/12/03 Years from now, will 'LOTR' trilogy be considered ... the greatest epic ever?

Boston Herald 12/12/03 Middle-earth at a glance

Bergen Record 12/12/03 Prepare for Part 3

Boston Herald 12/12/03 For fans, this is the `King' of all sequels

This Is London 12/12/03 Middle-earth in London

Boston Herald 12/12/03 Put yourself in the action

Oklahoma Daily 12/12/03 Fans rejoice as 'Ring' returns

MSNBC 12/12/03 Jackson says goodbye to ‘Lord of the Rings’

USA Today 12/12/03 Tolkien's trilogy: Adding it all up

USA Today 12/12/03 'Rings' comes full circle

BBC 12/12/03 Record numbers turn out for Rings premiere

The Sun 12/12/03 The Lord Of The Ringers

The Sun 12/12/03 Ring hunks miss UK launch

Ananova 12/12/03 Fern Britton mystery at Lord of the Rings premiere

OU Daily 12/12/03 Fans rejoice as 'Ring' returns

BBC 12/11/03 Rings fever in Leicester Square

BBC 12/11/03 Lord of the Rings comes to town

IndyStar 12/11/03 Tolkien has colonized the culture

Ananova 12/11/03 Thousands greet stars at Lord Of The Rings premiere

itv.com 12/11/03 Fans gather for final Rings premiere

Sky.com 12/11/03 Ring's London Premiere

NY Times 12/11/03 Final 'Rings' Has Many Endings

Toronto Star 12/11/03 'LOTR' film marathon starts Tuesday

BBC 12/11/03 From Middle-earth to superstars

Digital Spy 12/11/03 UK prepares for ROTK premiere

BBC 12/11/03 UK première for final Rings movie

BBC 12/11/03 In Pictures: The Return Of The King

Teen Hollywood 12/10/03 Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler: Return of the Elves

Coming Soon 12/10/03 Interviews: Ian McKellen on The Lord of the Rings!

Canada.com 12/10/03 LOTR leads pack in DVD awards nods

Teen Hollywood 12/10/03 Elijah's Ex Has A New Man

Canada.com 12/10/03 With Frodo's quest over, Wood is moving on

Stuff.co.nz 12/10/03 Go for your dreams says actor

Irish Examiner 12/10/03 Elijah gets to keep his precious

TV Guide 12/10/03 Sean Astin: Happy Hobbit

Daily Record 12/10/03 You've Seen 'Em All Before

Chicago Tribune 12/10/03 Andy 'Gollum' Serkis discussion and signing

Coming Soon 12/9/03 Interviews: Ian McKellen on The Lord of the Rings!

Yahoo 12/9/03 'Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' Advance Screening To Benefit Charity

Chicago Tribune 12/9/03 Liv Tyler Discusses Impromptu Photos 

CJAD 12/9/03 Lord of the Rings issues lead the pack in nominations for first DVD awards

Yahoo 12/9/03 OECD questions NZ investment in Lord of the Rings films

Digital Spy 12/9/03 European premiere for ROTK in Berlin

The Sun 12/9/03 Dad's Snored of the Rings

Hollywood Reporter 12/9/03 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

NY Post 12/9/03 Waiting In The 'Rings'

Ananova 12/9/03 Liv's rock star dad fell asleep during Lord of the Rings

ET Online 12/9/03 Orlando's Secrets from the 'Return of the King'

Telegraph.co.uk 12/9/03 The King of Middle-Earth

News.com.au 12/9/03 Final Rings 'the best'

Stuff.co.nz 12/9/03 'Jewel' in Rings crown

New Zealand Herald 12/9/03 The Return of the King - the international verdict

Zap2It 12/8/03 Frodo and Sam Cross the 'Rings' Finish Line

Reuters 12/8/03 McKellen says Shakespeare helped him play Gandalf

New Zealand Herald 12/8/03 The Return of the King: Jackson's crowning glory

Sun Sentinel 12/8/03 Gollum actor studied cat to develop possessed voice

MegaStar 12/8/03 Hobbit hooligans

NBCMV 12/8/03 Frodo Lives On NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' December 13....

The Sun 12/8/03 The Lord Of The Wings

Houston Chronicle 12/8/03 'Lord of the Rings' Hobbit hero still fears ring

Ananova 12/8/03 Hobbits upset Jackson by peeing in fountain

BBC 12/8/03 Tolkien relative joins Rings cast

ET Online 12/8/03 Secrets from the 'Return of the King'

News.com.au 12/8/03 Ring trilogy polished off

Guardian 12/7/03 No sex please, we're Hobbits

Ananova 12/7/03 Tolkien to appear in Lord of the Rings

Desert Sun 12/6/03 ‘Rings’ star a hit at charity screening

Sunday People 12/6/03 Rings Fans To Get Wee Rest

Daily Record 12/6/03 Wad Of The Rings

Daily Record 12/6/03 Gandalf Gets His Own Street

SB Sun 12/6/03 The King has returned. And we're not talking Elvis

Hollywood Reporter 12/6/03 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

New Zealand Herald 12/6/03 'Rings' premiere gobbles up taxpayers' million in a day

Stuff.co.nz 12/6/03 Guard who took elvish sword pleads guilty

Zap2It 12/5/03 The Return of Viggo

E!Online 12/5/03 (Trying to) Save Saruman

Zap2It 12/5/03 Peter Jackson May Return to Middle Earth

USA Today 12/5/03 'Rings' runs around Hollywood

Ananova 12/5/03 Elijah Woods didn't get British humour

ET Online 12/5/03 Inside the Race for the 'Ring'

New Zealand Herald 12/5/03 Gandalf Crescent in Paraparaumu

Telegraph.co.uk 12/5/03 It's the biggest, and the best

Washington Times 12/4/03 Long live the 'King'

Extra 12/4/03 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' Premiere

ABC News 12/4/03 Myth, Magic and Mystery

MTV 12/4/03 'Return Of The King' Premiere Marks Bittersweet Finale For 'Rings' Cast

BBC 12/4/03 ROTK split into two for UK cinema

Channel4 12/4/03 Mortensen Finds It Hard To Say Goodbye To Rings Character

Capital Times 12/4/03 'Return of the King': obsessed with ring

Digital Spy 12/4/03 ROTK premieres in Los Angeles

Ananova 12/4/03 Another day another premiere for LOTR stars

NY Post 12/4/03 'Ring' It On!

ET Online 12/4/03 The Hobbits Take Hollywood!

NY Daily News 12/4/03 'River' reigns over 'Rings'

NY Daily News 12/4/03 Daddy's girl

About.com 12/3/03 Interviews with Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler

Coming Soon 12/3/03 ABC's Primetime LOTR Special Thursday Night

Teen Hollywood 12/3/03 Lord Of The Rings Stars Perform Goodbye Dance

Detroit News 12/3/03 'Rings' Stars Thank New Zealand Fans

Jam! 12/3/03 Royal finale

NY Daily News 12/3/03 Marathon 'Rings' up sales

Stuff.co.nz 12/3/03 Wellington world famous for one day

New Zealand Herald 12/3/03 World press swoon over The Return of the King premiere

Coming Soon 12/2/03 The Lord of the Rings Cast Farewell Middle-earth

BBC 12/2/03 Jackson 'keen to make The Hobbit'

Reuters 12/2/03 'Lord of the Rings' Climax Is Hobbit Forming for Fans

Toronto Star 12/2/03 A parade fit for The Return Of The King

Ananova 12/2/03 Peter Jackson keen on making The Hobbit

The Sun 12/2/03 Horde of the Rings

Stuff.co.nz 12/2/03 Capital basks in Rings success

Guardian 12/2/03 Triumphant return for movie king Jackson

New Zealand Herald 12/2/03 Why the Rings will remain popular

New Zealand Herald 12/2/03 Gimli role that dwarfs the rest

New Zealand Herald 12/2/03 Jackson happy with first view of finished film

News.com.au 12/2/03 Tolkien heirs sour Wellington party

Coming Soon 12/1/03 The Big Return of the King World Premiere

Extra 12/1/03 Viggo Mortensen

itv.com 12/1/03 100,000 fans turn up to Rings premiere

MegaStar 12/1/03 Kiwis are Lording it

BBC 12/1/03 How hobbits took over NZ's capital

New Zealand Herald 12/1/03 Emotional Jackson thanks country for help

WSBTV 12/1/03 100,000 Attend New Zealand 'Rings' Premiere

WAVY 12/1/03 The stars turn out in "Wellywood"

New Zealand Herald 12/1/03 A premiere fit for a king

Globe and Mail 12/1/03 Rings opens in New Zealand

Ananova 12/1/03 Spectacular welcome for Lord of the Rings stars

BBC 12/1/03 Rings works its magic in NZ

BBC 12/1/03 New Zealand party for film finalé

Digital Spy 12/1/03 Massive crowds greet ROTK premiere

BBC 12/1/03 Magical Rings première in New Zealand

Digital Spy 12/1/03 LOTR 'Hobbit' prequel could follow

BBC 12/1/03 In pictures: Lord of the Rings parade

ET Online 12/1/03 A Premiere Fit for a 'King'

New Zealand Herald 12/1/03 Gollum gets personal

Independent 12/1/03 New Zealanders throng streets to welcome Frodo and friends

Stuff.co.nz 12/1/03 Frodo keeps the ring

New Zealand Herald 12/1/03 Tolkien's great-grandson in Wellington for film premiere

New Zealand Herald 12/1/03 Finale leaves mixed emotions for 'The Lord of the Rings' stars

The Age 12/1/03 Rings stars sad about trilogy's end

Sunday Times 12/1/03 Return of the Rings

New Zealand Herald 12/1/03 Jackson eager to see fans' reaction to final Rings instalment

NZ City 12/1/03 Rings conquers film industry

New Zealand Herald 12/1/03 Jackson set for a big night at the flicks

New Zealand Herald 12/1/03 Rings fans camp out for prime viewing spots

New Zealand Herald 12/1/03 The Return of the King too precious for words

The Age 12/1/03 Rings frenzy builds in Wellington

NZ City 12/1/03 Hundreds camp out for Rings

National Business Review 12/1/03 Live webcam coverage of Wellington LOTR 3 events

The Age 12/1/03 On third Ring hangs moment of truth

News.com.au 12/1/03 Return of the Rings

New Zealand Herald 11/30/03 Crowds gather to see The Lord of the Rings stars

Stuff.co.nz 11/30/03 Arwen't we glad to see Liv?

BBC 11/30/03 Wellington set for Rings premiere

NZ City 11/30/03 Peter Jackson a hobbit-type character

New Zealand Herald 11/30/03 Will 2004 be Oscar year for Peter Jackson?

The Observer 11/30/03 King Kiwi

NZ City 11/30/03 Frodo Boeing will fly above 6 cities

New Zealand Herald 11/30/03 An extraordinary hobbit

NZ City 11/30/03 Wellington ready for LOTR premiere

Sunday Times 11/30/03 Film premiere stops a nation

NZ City 11/30/03 Council makes most of Rings fever

Independent 11/30/03 Kiwi hobbit habit hooks hordes of tourists

Teen Hollywood 11/29/03 "Rings" Director Has Not Seen Latest Film

NZ City 11/29/03 Wellington theatre passes LOTR test

Teen Hollywood 11/29/03 A Barefoot Viggo Lords it Over the Fans

Business Times 11/29/03 New Zealand pulls out the stops for Tolkien film premiere

Digital Spy 11/29/03 New Zealand prepares for ROTK premiere

Detroit News 11/29/03 New Zealanders Gripped by 'Lord of Rings'

New Zealand Herald 11/29/03 Capital frenzy as stargazers comb town

New Zealand Herald 11/29/03 Lord of the Rings: The story so far

New Zealand Herald 11/29/03 The hoard of the Rings

New Zealand Herald 11/29/03 A barefoot Viggo lords it over the fans

Stuff.co.nz 11/29/03 World media descends on 'Middle Earth'

NZ City 11/29/03 Closed preview of LOTR epic for 600 media

New Zealand Herald 11/29/03 Tourists flock to Wellington for Rings weekend

The Scotsman 11/29/03 Fellowship of ... just the one

The Olympian 11/28/03 'Return of the King': Obsession with the ring

Denver Post 11/28/03 High stakes for third film in 'Rings' trilogy

Stuff.co.nz 11/28/03 Waitara group set for huge audience at Rings premiere

Reuters 11/28/03 Last of 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy Set to Cast Spell

Telegraph 11/28/03 Should Lord of the Rings get the big prize?

Coming Soon 11/28/03 Did Peter Jackson Save the Best for Last?

Zap2It 11/28/03 Will Gandalf Go Ape for Peter Jackson?

Bergen Record 11/28/03 'Rings' finale: a masterful buildup

Sky.com 11/28/03 Rings Finale 'The Best'

Jam! 11/28/03 It is a strange Ring

Jam! 11/28/03 McKellen eyes 'King Kong' role

Telegraph 11/28/03 Should Lord of the Rings get the big prize?

Coming Soon 11/27/03 New Return of the King Footage Online!

New Zealand Herald 11/27/03 Bittersweet end for LOTR composer

ET Online 11/27/03 'Lord of the Rings' Cast Grants a Special Wish

New Zealand Herald 11/27/03 Rings of guards required for Wellington premiere showing

New Zealand Herald 11/27/03 Matamata farm owner creates hobbit-hole toilet

New Zealand Herald 11/27/03 Air NZ revels in Lord of the Rings imagery

Coming Soon 11/26/03 Fandango Starts Selling Return of the King Tickets

Coming Soon 11/26/03 Ian McKellen Up for a King Kong Role?

Toronto Star 11/26/03 Lara Croft, LOTR top DVD choices

New Zealand Herald 11/26/03 Curtain rises on Embassy facelift for LOTR world premiere

Stuff.co.nz 11/26/03 Sneak preview tips Rings triumph

New Zealand Herald 11/26/03 Wellington builds up to premiere party

Coming Soon 11/25/03 Tour The Return of the King Premiere Theater

Jam! 11/25/03 'Rings' cast upset over bonus pay

BBC 11/25/03 Rings actors 'row' for more cash

Coming Soon 11/25/03 Excellent Pictures From The Return of the King!

Coming Soon 11/25/03 LOTR: The Return of the King Premiere Footage

MegaStar 11/25/03 Acting up

Digital Spy 11/25/03 LOTR cast 'revolt over bonus pay'

BBC 11/25/03 Rings cast in 'bonus pay revolt'
ET Online 11/25/03 'Lord of the Rings' Cast Grants a Special Wish

New Zealand Herald 11/25/03 Ticket sales for final 'Rings' outing running hot

New Zealand Herald 11/25/03 'Rings' cast revolt over pay offer

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Chicago Sun-Times 6/14/03 'Two Towers' stretches out with 4-DVD collection

USA Today 6/12/03 'Towers' collectors' DVD runs a spell longer

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Ananova 5/7/03 Lords of the Rings cinema given £1.6m upgrade

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Ananova 4/15/03 Lord Of The Rings and Spider-man up for MTV Movie Awards

Zap2It 4/14/03 'Lord of The Rings,' 'Spider-Man' Top MTV Movie Awards

MTV 4/14/03 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Spider-Man' Lead Nominees For MTV Movie Awards

Teen Hollywood 4/8/03 Elijah Wood To Voice Penguin

Zap2It 4/7/03 Elijah Wood to Voice Penguin in 'Happy Feet'

Ananova 4/7/03 Elijah Wood to play penguin

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Pacific Business News 3/12/03 Air New Zealand intensifies 'LOTR' campaign

BBC 3/6/03 Safety ad barred from using Rings quote

Houston Chronicle 3/6/03 'Rings' wizard McKellen returns to London stage

Zap2It 3/5/03 'Two Towers' and 'Minority Report' Lead Sci Fi Noms

Zap2It 3/3/03 New Zealand Tourism Doubles Due to 'LOTR'

Evening Times 3/3/03 Lord of the Rings and rapper in film boost

USA Today 3/3/03 Editors crown Tolkien lord of science fiction

Post Crescent 3/2/03 Tolkien Day aims to put focus back on ‘LOTRs’ books

The Age 2/25/03 Lord of the Rings sequel draws in the Japanese

New Zealand Herald 2/24/03 Lord of the Rings wins Bafta awards

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MTV.com 2/20/03 Hobbit Sean Astin Reveals His Post-'Rings' Plans

Zap2It 2/19/03 'Lord of the Rings' Tops Makeup and Hair Stylist Awards

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Ledger Enquirer 1/31/03 Class on 'Lord of the Rings' languages helps give weighty subject more pop

Ananova 1/30/03 Lord Of The Rings up for seven Empire Film Awards

Houston Chronicle 1/29/03 British authorities seize 10,000 pirated 'Rings' DVDs

Ananova 1/28/03 Potter and Gandalf to do battle at auction

NY Daily News 1/28/03 'Lord,' trilogy's been hard work

NZ City 1/28/03 Nine BAFTA nominations for Rings

Ananova 1/27/03 Pirate Lord of the Rings DVDs flood UK markets

Zap2It 1/25/03 'Frida' and 'Two Towers' Nominated Most at Makeup Awards

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New Zealand Herald 1/21/03 `Rings' fans seek tickets for Rivendell

Reuters 1/21/03 'Towers' Powers Past $400 Million Overseas

Ananova 1/17/03 Lord Of The Rings and Chicago up for producers award

USA Today 1/16/03 Fantasy wars

Zap2It 1/15/03 'LOTR' Wins Five DVD Awards

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Ananova 1/13/03 Lord of the Rings and Jennifer Aniston receive awards

Zap2It 1/12/03 'Just Married' Wins Ring from 'LOTR'

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CBS News 1/7/03 Online Film Critics Laud 'Lord'

Zap2It 1/7/03 Online Film Critics Name 'Lord of the Rings' Best Picture of 2002

E!Online 1/6/03 "Two Towers" Online Crits' Fave

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MSNBC 1/5/03 Hobbit fantasy races to $262 mln at box office

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Miami Herald 1/4/03 Tolkien scholar shares thoughts on 'Two Towers'

TV Guide 1/3/03 The Ring Sequel's Mystery Plans!

ChannelOklahoma.com 1/3/03 'Two Towers' Actress Ties Knot

Philadelphia Inquirer 1/3/03 Up in arms over Tolkien

Louisville Channel 1/3/03 Tolkien Birthday Bears Special Significance

BBC 1/3/03 Tolkien manuscript struggle revealed

New York Times 1/2/03 'Rings' Likely to Lord Again Over Weekend Box Office


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