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The Trades 5/31/05 "Madagascar" Movie Review

NBC13 5/27/05 'Madagascar' Filmmakers Insist Story Quality Equals Visuals

Baltimore Sun 5/27/05 Simply a menagerie of laughs

CSM 5/27/05 'Madagascar' has retro feel

Boston Herald 5/27/05 Madagascar

Chicago Sun Times 5/27/05 Madagascar, Roger Ebert Review

Chicago Tribune 5/27/05 Voices roar (story a snore)

CNN 5/27/05 Review: Enjoyable trip to 'Madagascar'

Knox News 5/27/05 'Madagascar' family-friendly fluff

Boston Globe 5/27/05 Madagascar

Chart Attack 5/27/05 Magnificent Madagascar

Houston Chronicle 5/27/05 Madagascar a perfect combination of comic lunacy, heart 5/27/05 Out of the zoo and into the wilds of 'Madagascar'

Jam! 5/27/05 'Madagascar' a wacky film for families

Washington Post 5/27/05 A Roar of Approval

Toronto Star 5/27/05 Animal crackers

Chicago Tribune 5/27/05 High-tech `Madagascar' feels retro

Knox News 5/27/05 Director finds his voice in computer-animated feature

Detroit News 5/27/05 It's hard to get wild about DreamWorks' 'Madagascar'

Jam! 5/27/05 'Madagascar' animation will captivate
Seattle PI 5/27/05 Reborn free: King of the asphalt jungle goes wild in 'Madagascar'

NY Daily News 5/27/05 Bungle in the jungle

Newsday 5/27/05 Madagascar - Zoo story lacks the Pixar touch

Seattle Times 5/27/05 Zoo animals find it really is a jungle out there in lively "Madagascar"

Cinema Spider 5/26/05 The Ventures Score again with Their 1969 Hit Hawaii 5-0 in the New DreamWorks Film Madagascar

USA Today 5/26/05 'Madagascar': Pretty roaring good time

USA Today 5/26/05 'Madagascar': Their domain

ET Online 5/26/05 'Madagascar's Ben & Chris Go Wild

Seattle PI 5/26/05 A moment with ... Tom McGrath, director of 'Madagascar'

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/26/05 Cast trapped by weak laughs

Entertainment Weekly 5/25/05 Madagascar

Cinema Spider 5/25/05 Krispy Kreme Introduces Madagascar the Doughnut

Cinema Spider 5/25/05 Activision's Madagascar The Game Stampedes Into Retail Stores Nationwide

Jam! 5/25/05 Inside look at 'Madagascar'

MTV 5/25/05 'Madagascar' Stars Rock, Stiller Mull Cartoon Dream Roles

Coming Soon 5/24/05 Mad Men: The Directors of Madagascar

Dallas Morning News 5/24/05 Jokes keep 'Madagascar' rolling

Teen Hollywood 5/24/05 "Escaping" with the Cast of Madagascar

Boston Herald 5/22/05 Stars reveal their animal instincts in `Madagascar'

Jam! 5/22/05 'Madagascar' reaches new animation heights

NY Post 5/22/05 One "Mad" Ali G

Hollywood Reporter 5/21/05 Madagascar

NY Daily News 5/19/05 Where the wild things ... aren't

Coming Soon 5/16/05 Madagascar Featurettes, TV Spots & Clips!

Easier 5/16/05 Movie ‘Madagascar’ to boost eco-tourism

NY Times 5/15/05 A Grand Central Made of Thin Air

IGN 5/13/05 Madagascar Musicality

ZDNet 5/12/05 DreamWorks Animation renders digital jungle

ET Online 5/10/05 Jada: Hip-Hop Hippo in 'Madagascar'!

NDTV 5/9/05 Dreamworks back with Madagascar

Town Online 4/22/05 Entertainment: Finding friends in 'Madagascar'

IGN 3/17/05 Madagascar Party and Preview


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