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Christian Science Monitor 12/30/05 Woody Allen serves a winning 'Match Point'

CBS2 12/29/05 'Match Point'

Zap2It 12/29/05 Stars Volley Compliments at 'Match Point' Director

TV Guide 12/29/05 Jonathan Rhys Meyers Meets His Match

Cinema Spider 12/28/05 Woody Allen Goes to the Net With Match Point

CBS 12/28/05 'Match Point' Star Jumped At Role

Teen Hollywood 12/28/05 Movie Review: Match Point

NY Times 12/28/05 London Calling, With Luck, Lust and Ambition

USA Today 12/28/05 Allen stamps his passport with thrills

NY Daily News 12/28/05 'Match Point' is a winner

Newsday 12/28/05 Tennis (and a love match), anyone?

Zap2It 12/27/05 'Match Point' Star Chafes at 'Woody's Muse' Talk

Teen Hollywood 12/27/05 Perfect “Match”: Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Zap2It 12/27/05 Match Point

NY Post 12/25/05 Reconstructing Woody

Celebrity Spider 12/24/05 Scarlett Johansson Wants Another Woody Allen Part for Christmas

Entertainment Weekly 12/23/05 Match Point

TV Guide 12/23/05 Scarlett Johansson Makes Her Point

Coming Soon 12/22/05 Mortimer and Goode on Match Point

Daily Record 12/22/05 My Roll In The Hay With Jonathan Was Agony

Celebrity Spider 12/20/05 Scarlett Johansson Love Scene Infuriates Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' Lover

MTV 12/20/05 Sex, Death, Truth, Lies — Yep, Woody Allen's Back 12/20/05 'Mediocre' Woody

USA Today 12/20/05 The ball is in Woody's court

Celebrity Spider 12/17/05 Scarlett Johansson's Painful Sex Scene

Celebrity Spider 12/17/05 Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers Kiss & Tell about Ewan McGregor

Extra 12/15/05 'Family Stone,' 'Match Point' Premieres Take over NYC

ET Online 12/9/05 Scarlett Meets Her 'Match'!

Coming Soon 12/9/05 Johansson and Rhys Meyers: Game and Match

Celebrity Spider 12/7/05 Scarlett Johansson Picks Woody Allen as Her Stylist

Entertainment Weekly 8/10/05 Match Point

Cinema Spider 6/1/05 It's Match Point for DreamWorks and Woody Allen

Coming Soon 6/1/05 It's Match Point for DreamWorks & Allen

Zap2It 6/1/05 DreamWorks Loves Allen's 'Match Point'


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