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TeeVee 7/28/06 Phil recaps Miami Vice

Knox New 7/28/06 'Vice' update isn't your pappy's TV show

NY Daily News 7/28/06 'Vice' not nice

Christian Science Monitor 7/28/06 Too much flair is this movie's 'Vice' 7/28/06 Vice stars hit UK

Dallas Morning News 7/28/06 Miami Vice

Seattle PI 7/28/06 'Miami Vice' seems vice versa of what director Mann intended

Rocky Mountain News 7/28/06 'Vice' squad has its hands full

Seattle Times 7/28/06 "Miami Vice": A shadow of its former self

This is London 7/28/06 Farrell is Mr Miami Nice

Toronto Star 7/28/06 Michael Mann's Vice grip

Jam! 7/28/06 'Miami Vice' a slice of boredom

Knox News 7/27/06 Grudge match: 1984 Miami Vice vs. 2006 Miami Vice

TMZ 7/27/06 Getting Steamy in "Miami"

Chicago Sun Times 7/27/06 Mann keeps 'Miami Vice' crackling with excitement

BBC 7/27/06 Red carpet for Miami Vice stars

This is London 7/27/06 Miami Vice stars hit town

Newsday 7/27/06 This new 'Vice' squad packs a tropical punch

Entertainment Weekly 7/27/06 Miami Vice

Detroit News 7/27/06 The women of 'Miami Vice' give their take on making new film 7/27/06 Miami twice

Zap2It 7/26/06 'Miami Vice' Remake Swaps Pastels for Darker Tones

USA Today 7/26/06 'Miami Vice' makes series of changes

NY Post 7/26/06 Talk TV's Vice Grip 7/25/06 Substance beats style in 'Miami Vice' movie

Celebrity Spider 7/23/06 Colin Farrell Stung by Hoax Drug Sting

NY Post 7/23/06 'Vice; Then and Now'

NY Daily News 7/23/06 No sweat

Jam! 7/23/06 Vice squad weathers storm

Newsday 7/22/06 Michael Mann rethinks 'Miami Vice'

Entertainment Weekly 7/21/06 ''Miami'' Heat

Hello 7/21/06 Colin and Jamie bring 'Miami' heat to LA

Extra 7/21/06 Miami Nights: Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx Hit the Red Carpet

ET Online 7/19/06 Jamie and Colin Pack the Heat

The Insider 7/17/06 Inside 'Miami Vice'

Chicago Sun-Times 7/13/06 Naomie's 'Pirates' to 'Vice'

Coming Soon 7/11/06 Exclusive: 7 Miami Vice Wallpapers!

Celebrity Spider 7/9/06 Jamie Foxx Serenaded Miami Vice Co-Star

Zap2It 7/6/06 Vintage 'Vice' Is Nice for NBC

Coming Soon 6/28/06 Naomie Harris on Pirates & Miami Vice

Coming Soon 5/11/06 Exclusive: Miami Vice Images!

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Jamie Foxx Denies Michael Mann Criticism


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