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Digital Spy 5/11/06 Movie bosses rush to defend Cruise

Digital Spy 5/10/06 Scientologists flock to see 'M:I 3"

USA Today 5/10/06 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hit Aberdeen

Zap2It 5/9/06 International Viewers Still Love Tom Cruise

BBC 5/9/06 Cruise Mission tops UK box office

Herald Sun 5/9/06 Mission improbable

E!Online 5/8/06 "M:I:III": Cruise Hits; TomKat Sinks?

NY Times 5/8/06 New 'Mission' Opens Weaker Than Expected

CBS 5/8/06 Cruise: 'M:i:III,' Real Life Meet

NY Daily News 5/8/06 Cruise backlash? 'MI:3' nets $48M

Hollywood Reporter 5/8/06 'Mission': Inconclusive

Coming Soon 5/7/06 Cruise's Mission Proves Less Possible

ET Online 5/7/06 'Mission' Completed

Detroit News 5/7/06 `M:I3' has lower-than-expected debut

Celebrity Spider 5/6/06 Tom Cruise Unveils New Mother Katie Holmes at Mission Impossible Premiere

Christian Science Monitor 5/5/06 Action love story? That's impossible.

Toronto Star 5/5/06 Mission Accomplished

Jam! 5/5/06 Cruise delivers a thrilling 'Mission'

E!Online 5/5/06 Mission Possible: Bigger Summer B.O.

TMZ 5/5/06 TomKat Steps Out for 'M:I III' Premiere

Seattle PI 5/5/06 Back to 'Mission's' beginning

NBC13 5/5/06 Review: Fresh Blood Pumps Up 'Mission: Impossible III'

Hollywood Reporter 5/5/06 'M:I-3' a tough comparison vs. 'M:I-2'

The Enquirer 5/5/06 Latest 'Mission' impossibly tough to top

Newsday 5/5/06 Mission Impossible III

Philly.com 5/5/06 Forget Kate and Suri: Cruise delivers thrills

Jam! 5/5/06 Tom's Mission accomplished

Globe and Mail 5/5/06 Mission: Impossible III ***

USA Today 5/5/06 Abrams makes 'M:I III' possible

Toledo Blade 5/5/06 Movie review: Mission: Impossible III ***

Knox News 5/5/06 Cruise's intensity lifts MI-3 to dangerous highs

Orlando Sentinel 5/5/06 Mission: Impossible III (4 stars out of 5)

Hollywood Reporter 5/5/06 Boxoffice preview: Another 'Mission' accomplished

Seattle Times 5/5/06 "Mission Impossible III": Tension, stunts keep things cruising

Philly.com 5/5/06 Abrams did the 'Impossible' the first time out

AM New York 5/5/06 Mission Impossible III

Rocky Mountain News 5/5/06 Men of action

NY Daily News 5/5/06 'Mission' Man

NY Times 5/5/06 Going to Extremes and Getting Personal in 'Mission: Impossible III'

Celebrity Spider 5/4/06 Tom Cruise Starts All Action Day With New York Fireman

Chicago Tribune 5/4/06 'III' splits the difference

Houston Chronicle 5/4/06 Plot's complicated, but the reasons to love it aren't

Seattle PI 5/4/06 'Mission: Impossible III': Big stars, big bangs, big bucks

AJC 5/4/06 'Mission: Impossible III': Like Cruise, weird but watchable

USA Today 5/4/06 Director energizes familiar 'Mission'

Detroit News 5/4/06 'Mission': Accomplished

USA Today 5/4/06 A Cruise through NYC for 'M:I III'

TMZ 5/4/06 Manhattan on Cruise Control

Zap2It 5/4/06 Mission: Impossible III

AM New York 5/4/06 Tom Cruise tours Manhattan for 'Mission Impossible' premiere

NY Daily News 5/4/06 Full action

NY Daily News 5/4/06 Cruise in control

BBC 5/4/06 Actor Cruise on New York mission

Celebrity Spider 5/3/06 Tom Cruise on Fire in Mission Impossible III

Chicago Sun-Times 5/3/06 Mission Impossible 3 - Roger Ebert review 

Mercury News 5/3/06 'Mission': Unclear: Series' third installment adds personal lives, avoids plot

Toronto Star 5/3/06 Cruise director

Detroit News 5/3/06 Cruise traverses NYC to promote 'Mission'

Jam! 5/3/06 Cruise makes helmer's dream possible

Hollywood Reporter 5/3/06 Mission: Impossible III

ET Online 5/2/06 Tom's Mexican 'Mission'

Celebrity Spider 5/1/06 Keri Russell Relied on Tom Cruise for Stunt Safety

E!Online 5/1/06 "Mission: Impossible" Marketing Blowup

Seattle Times 5/1/06 Movie promotion bombs for L.A. paper

Jam! 4/30/06 Maggie Q ill during 'M: I-3' audition

Coming Soon 4/30/06 New Da Vinci Code and M:i:III Photos

Philly.com 4/30/06 Telling a personal tale was mission: Possible

NY Daily News 4/30/06 Go-to girls

Jam! 4/30/06 Ving Rhames praises co-star Tom Cruise

Jam! 4/30/06 'Mission Impossible' news rack ad causes bomb scare

Coming Soon 4/28/06 Superman Trailer Confirmed with M:i:III

TMZ 4/27/06 Cruise Copters Into Paris

Coming Soon 4/27/06 M:i:III Going Digital for 135 Theaters

MTV 4/27/06 For Cruise And The 'M:i:III' Cast, Explosions And Romance Go Hand-In-Hand

Ananova 4/26/06 Proud dad Cruise chats to fans for four hours

ET Online 4/26/06 Tom's Paris Premiere

Celebrity Spider 4/25/06 New Dad Tom Cruise Accomplished Premiere Mission

BBC 4/25/06 Cruise on four-hour fans mission

Extra 4/25/06 Inside Tom's Spectacular 'M: I 3' Stunts

BBC 4/25/06 Cruise puts baby on hold for fans

Daily Mail 4/25/06 Cruise charms fans at London premiere

ET Online 4/24/06 Tom's 'Mission': Worldwide Domination!

ET Online 4/24/06 Proud Papa Tom on Suri & 'M:i:III'!

NY Post 4/23/06 The Science of Stardom

E!Online 4/21/06 Sorry, Suri: No Paternity Leave for Papa

NMC 4/20/06 Kanye Does The 'Impossible' In 50 Hours

Detroit News 4/20/06 'Mission' cast carries on without Cruise

Hollywood Reporter 4/20/06 UIP to launch Vietnam biz with 'M:I-3'

Celebrity Spider 4/19/06 Tom Cruise Cancels Mission Impossible 3 Promotions

ET Online 4/19/06 Tom's Baby Secrets on the 'M:i:III' Set!

Coming Soon 4/19/06 9 M:i:III Clips and a New Featurette!

Coming Soon 4/17/06 Exclusive: Mission: Impossible III Clip!

Toronto Star 4/14/06 Cruise will arrive in style at MI3 premiere

TMZ 4/13/06 This 'Mission' Is Personal

Coming Soon 4/12/06 New M:i:III TV Spot and Art!

Extra 4/12/06 The Ladies of 'Mission: Impossible III' Tell All

Coming Soon 4/12/06 Tom Cruise Takes NYC for M:i:III Premieres

Zap2It 4/12/06 Cruise Hype 'Mission' Hits Tribeca Fest

TMZ 4/12/06 Cruise on 'Mission' at Tribeca Film Fest

TVNZ 4/11/06 Abrams takes on Mission Impossible

News.com.au 4/11/06 Mission accomplished
ET Online 4/10/06 Countdown to Baby Cruise and 'M:i:III!'

Coming Soon 4/7/06 Kanye West's M:i:III Theme Monday

Celebrity Spider 4/3/06 Jonathan Rhys Meyers: "Tom Cruise is So Strict"

E!Online 3/30/06 Stuntman Sues "Mission" Team

BBC 3/30/06 Mission stuntman sues film-makers

Zap2It 3/30/06 Botched 'M:I3' Stunt Makes Marital Relations Impossible

TMZ 3/29/06 'Mission Impossible 3' Lawsuit

ET Online 3/27/06 The Sexy Side of 'M:i:III'

Celebrity Spider 3/24/06 JJ Abrams Stunned by Tom Cruise's Generosity

Coming Soon 3/20/06 Exclusive: M:i:III's Mysterious Maggie Q!

Coming Soon 3/20/06 Exclusive: M:i:III Stunt Featurette!

Metro 3/20/06 "Mission" movie going mobile first

ET Online 3/16/06 Tom's New 'Mission'!

TMZ 3/16/06 Cruise Talks 'MI3' to TMZ

Coming Soon 3/16/06 The New Mission: Impossible: III Trailer!

Hollywood Reporter 3/15/06 ShoWest opening ceremony gets 'M:I 3' sneak

Digital Spy 3/15/06 'M:i:III' trailer to premiere on MTV

Coming Soon 3/15/06 M:i:III Trailer Debuting on MTV Networks

ET Online 3/9/06 Tom's New Nemesis: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Metro 3/8/06 'Mission' DVD reissue coincides with new film

Coming Soon 3/7/06 Japanese Mission: Impossible: III Trailer!

Zap2It 2/15/06 Abrams Enthusiastically Accepts His 'Mission'

ET Online 2/14/06 Making 'Mission: Impossible 3'!

Access Hollywood 2/7/06 Kanye: Tom's 'Impossible' Music Man

Coming Soon 2/3/06 M:i:III SB Spot Kicks Off The Ultimate Mission

Coming Soon 2/2/06 New Action Shot From M:i:III

Coming Soon 12/22/05 Sign Up for the M:i:III Global Hunt

ET Online 12/12/05 'Mission: Impossible 3' -- Your First Look

Coming Soon 12/10/05 Mission: Impossible III Teaser Monday!

Cinema Spider 12/6/05 Mission: Impossible 3 Wraps Principal Photography in Shanghai November 29

Celebrity Spider 12/7/05 Tom Cruise Celebrates the End of Mission Impossible 3 at Soccer Game

Coming Soon 12/6/05 M:i:III Wraps Principal Photography

ET Online 11/30/05 On the 'M:I-3' Set with Tom Cruise!

Coming Soon 11/29/05 New Mission: Impossible 3 Set Photos

Coming Soon 11/21/05 New Mission: Impossible 3 Set Pics

Coming Soon 11/18/05 M:i:III Heads for China

Coming Soon 11/18/05 Rhys Meyers and Johansson on M:i:III

Celebrity Spider 11/3/05 Daredevil Tom Cruise Raises Blood Pressure on Mission Impossible 3

Coming Soon 10/18/05 Michelle Monaghan's Rising Star

Zap2It 10/18/05 'Kiss' Star Monaghan Promises 'Character-Driven' 'M:I-3'

BBC 10/12/05 Actor Pegg 'signs for Mission 3'

Zap2It 10/11/05 Pegg Returns From 'Dead' for New 'Mission'

Ananova 10/11/05 Simon Pegg joins Mission Impossible

Coming Soon 10/6/05 Exclusive M:i:III Set Picture!

Times Dispatch 10/5/05 'Mission Impossible 3' filming in Richmond

Coming Soon 9/21/05 Greg Grunberg Has M:i:III Cameo

Celebrity Spider 9/16/05 Tom Cruise Saves Ving Rhames From Mission: Impossible Death

ET Online 9/13/05 Top Secrets from Tom's 'M:I-3' Set!

ET Online 9/12/05 Mission: Matrimony! On the 'M:I-3' Set with Tom Cruise

Zap2It 9/1/05 Crudup Masters New 'Mission'

Jam! 8/31/05 Billy Crudup joins Cruise's 'MI:3'

Coming Soon 8/30/05 Official Mission: Impossible 3 Site Online

Access Hollywood 8/22/05 First Look: Tom's New 'Mission'
Extra 7/27/05 'Mission Impossible' Set Visit Completed

Coming Soon 7/22/05 Exclusive Mission: Impossible 3 Set Pics!

Coming Soon 7/21/05 Report on M:I-3 Shooting at Caserta, Italy

Cinescape 7/18/05 M:I3 to Head to China

Stuff 7/13/05 Tom Cruise careens down Rome river

Zap2It 7/13/05 Nation Rejoices as 'Mission: Impossible 3' Shooting Begins

E!Online 7/12/05 "Mission" Possible; Cruise Rolls

Boston Globe 7/12/05 Cruise starts shooting film in Rome

BBC 7/12/05 Cruise starts Mission movie shoot

Coming Soon 7/11/05 Kurtzman & Orzi on Mission: Impossible 3

Zap2It 6/20/05 'Mission: Impossible 3' Friend and Foe Found

Coming Soon 6/19/05 Fishburne Signs on for Impossible Mission

Coming Soon 6/15/05 Keri Russell Accepts Third Mission

E!Online 6/15/05 Keri Russell Accepts "Mission"

Zap2It 6/15/05 'Felicity' Star Joins Abrams' 'Mission'

Cinema Spider 6/9/05 Paramount Pictures Announces Start of Production on Mission Impossible 3

Celebrity Spider 6/9/05 Lindsay Lohan's Ankle Injury May Have Cost Her Mission Impossible 3

MegaStar 6/9/05 Mission aborted?

MTV 6/8/05 'Mission: Impossible 3' Back On Track, Set For 2006 Debut

Cinescape 6/8/05 Paramount Gives Mission 3 the Go-Ahead

Coming Soon 6/8/05 Mission: Impossible 3 Start Date Announced

E!Online 6/8/05 Cruise's "Mission" Deemed Possible

Zap2It 6/8/05 Paramount Swears 'Mission: Impossible 3' Is on Track

Boston Globe 6/8/05 Cruise reaches deal on 'Mission: Impossible 3'

Hollywood Reporter 6/8/05 'M:I-3' on Cruise control

Ananova 6/8/05 Katie plans to join Tom on MI3 set

Celebrity Spider 6/3/05 Tom Cruise Puts Mission: Impossible III in Danger

Coming Soon 6/2/05 Mission: Impossible China Deal Signed

Celebrity Spider 5/25/05 Katie Holmes Set for Mission Impossible 3  

Ananova 5/25/05 Michelle Monaghan signs up for MI3

Jam! 5/25/05 'M:I 3' cast gets an overhaul

Celebrity Spider 5/24/05 Tom Cruise Takes Mission: Impossible II Work Home

Ananova 5/20/05 Katie to star opposite Tom in MI3?

MegaStar 5/19/05 Lindsay's on a mission

Coming Soon 5/18/05 J.J. Abrams Wants Felicity for M:I-3

Sky News 5/18/05 Scarlett's Replacement

Cinema Spider 5/17/05 Lindsay Lohan Reveals That She Might Join Mission Impossible 3 Cast

Access Hollywood 5/17/05 Lindsay: Tom's 'Impossible' Leading Lady?

Zap2It 5/17/05 Lindsay Lohan Says 'Mission' Role Possible

Digital Spy 1/8/05 Gervais gets 'Mission Impossible' role

Cinescape 9/17/04 ALIAS scribes accept Mission Impossible

Hollywood Reporter 9/17/04 'Alias' scribes on 'M:I-3' mission

Coming Soon 8/29/04 Tom Cruise Talks M:I-3 & War of the Worlds

NBC13 8/20/04 Cruise Gives 'Alias' Creator New 'Mission'

Coming Soon 8/19/04 J.J. Abrams Talks Mission: Impossible 3

Zap2It 8/19/04 Abrams Credits 'Alias' DVDs for 'M:I-3' Job

Ananova 8/17/04 M:I 3 gets new helmer

Coming Soon 8/16/04 J.J. Abrams Directing Mission: Impossible 3

News.com.au 8/15/04 Cruise delays MI3

Digital Spy 8/13/04 'Mission: Impossible 3' delayed

Teen Hollywood 8/13/04 Cruise Delays Mission: Impossible 3

Zap2It 8/12/04 'M:I-3' Delayed, Cruise Goes to 'War'

Hollywood Reporter 8/12/04 Cruise, Spielberg march into 'War'

Coming Soon 8/1/04 Carrie-Anne Moss on M:I-3

Coming Soon 7/29/04 Frank Darabont Talks Mission: Impossible 3

Cinescape 7/20/04 Scoop: Alias creator new director of Mission: Impossible 3

Cinescape 7/19/04 Carnahan chooses not to accept Mission: Impossible 3

Coming Soon 7/19/04 Carnahan Doesn't Accept Mission: Impossible 3

E!Online 7/19/04 Cruise's "Mission": Find Director Fast!

Zap2It 7/19/04 Cruise's Mission: Find a New Director

Hollywood Reporter 7/19/04 Director Carnahan off Par's 'Mission' sequel

BBC 7/19/04 Cruise's mission for new director

Ananova 7/19/04 Director quits Mission: Impossible 3

Coming Soon 7/18/04 Carnahan Doesn't Accept Mission: Impossible 3

Coming Soon 7/2/04 Mission: Impossible 3 Takes June 29 Spot

Coming Soon 6/4/04 Cruise Gets Permission to Shoot M:I-3 at Reichstag

Zap2It 6/4/04 Cruise's 'Mission' Now Possible

Ananova 6/4/04 Cruise gets permission to use parliament building

BBC 6/4/04 Actor Cruise gets Berlin go-ahead

Ananova 5/5/04 Germany turns down Cruise

Ananova 4/28/04 Scarlett signs up for Mission: Impossible 3

Ananova 4/27/04 Brannagh joins Mission: Impossible 3

Ananova 4/20/04 Carrie-Anne Moss signs for Mission Impossible 3

Ananova 4/15/04 Cruise rents high security German villa


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