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Chicago Tribune 6/16/06 `Nacho' wrestles comedy into a sweet, safe standoff 6/15/06 'Nacho' dynamite

Journal Now 6/15/06 Jack Black becomes lord of the ring in 'Nacho Libre'

Rocky Mountain News 6/15/06 Nacho man

Dallas Morning News 6/15/06 A 'Dynamite' attraction

Entertainment Weekly 6/14/06 Nacho Libre

USA Today 6/14/06 Black pulls off a comic smackdown

Coming Soon 6/14/06 Black & Hess are Ready to Rumble!

Detroit News 6/14/06 At the Movies: `Nacho Libre'

ET Online 6/13/06 Jack Black's 'Nacho' News

OU Daily 6/13/06 Movie Review: Nacho Libre

Zap2It 6/13/06 'Nacho' Star's Chip off the Old Block

ET Online 6/12/06 Jack Black Climbs Into the Ring!

Toronto Star 6/11/06 Nacho men talk grappling, babies

NY Post 6/11/06 Cheesy Nachos

NY Daily News 6/11/06 Luchadores are muy tough

NY Post 6/11/06 Jack's Not a Dull Boy

Seattle PI 6/9/06 'Nacho' macho men: Lucha Libre inspires film

USA Today 6/9/06 Happy Jack

NY Times 5/28/06 Who's That Masked Man and Where Did He Learn to Wrestle Like That?

Coming Soon 5/15/06 Pulse and Nacho Libre Sites Live

Oklahoma Daily 4/23/06 Q&A: Jared Hess on 'Nacho Libre'

Coming Soon 4/19/06 Exclusive: Héctor Jimenez on Nacho Libre

Coming Soon 3/27/06 Nacho Libre Pushed Back Two Weeks

Coming Soon 3/8/06 Black's Nacho Libre Confessionals Coming

Coming Soon 1/31/06 New Pics of Jack Black as Nacho Libre


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