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Dallas Morning News 5/19/06 Over the Hedge

NY Daily News 5/19/06 Stock up on 'Hedge' fun

Knox News 5/19/06 Carell's Hammy finds right acorn for success in 'Hedge'

MTV 5/18/06 Look Out For Avril, Bruce Willis Digging In Your Trash

USA Today 5/18/06 'Over the Hedge': A huge leap in family fun

Journal Now 5/18/06 Hedge's message complicated by tie-ins to products

Metro 5/17/06 Leading-Hedge animation

Detroit News 5/17/06 Review: 'Over the Hedge'

Orlando Sentinel 5/16/06 Yikes! Sykes as a skunk

Teen Hollywood 5/16/06 Bruce Willis and Wanda Sykes: Raccoon and Skunk

USA Today 5/16/06 Hammy & Co. will send you 'Over the Hedge'

Jam! 5/16/06 Bruce Willis goes 'Over the Hedge'

CBS 5/15/06 'Hedge' Not Afraid of 'The Da Vinci Code'

NY Daily News 5/14/06 This is your captain speaking

Coming Soon 5/10/06 Shandling and Willis on Over the Hedge

Celebrity Spider 5/6/06 Avril Lavigne Takes on Hollywood

Hollywood Reporter 5/8/06 Over the Hedge

ET Online 5/1/06 Getting Furry With It

Coming Soon 4/26/06 No Hedge Will Stop Wanda Sykes

Entertainment Weekly 4/19/06 Nut Job

Coming Soon 3/9/06 Over the Hedge Trailer, Profiles & Photos

Coming Soon 12/15/05 New Over the Hedge Trailer & Poster!

Coming Soon 10/5/05 Over the Hedge Teaser Trailer Hits


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