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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
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Daily Mail 11/27/06 Pirates of The Caribbean flies off shelves

Hollywood Reporter 11/10/06 Dis profit doubles from 'Pirates'

Hollywood Reporter 9/25/06 'Pirates' flag still flies over global dominion

USA Today 9/18/06 DVD places the loot in 'Dead Man's Chest'

Hollywood Reporter 9/12/06 'Cars' puts brakes on 'Pirates' overseas run

Hollywood Reporter 9/11/06 'Pirates' busts a billion for Dis

Yahoo 9/9/06 "Pirates" sequel third-biggest film of all time

Coming Soon 9/3/06 Pirates Close to Crossing the $1B Mark

Coming Soon 8/21/06 Pirates Reaches Massive $923.8M Worldwide

NBC 8/21/06 'Dead Man's Chest' Tops Teen Choice Awards

Hollywood Reporter 8/14/06 'Pirates' still plunders overseas boxoffice

USA Today 8/1/06 A pirate rescues movies

Hollywood Reporter 7/31/06 'Pirates' continues global domination

TVNZ 7/26/06 Pirates grab UK box office treasures

Extra 7/24/06 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Inspires Latest Fashion Craze

BBC 7/24/06 Pirates is fastest film to $300m

Toledo Blade 7/23/06 Sounds: 'Pirates' soundtrack has bold, gutsy power

NY Daily News 7/17/06 'Pirates' adds $62M to plunder

Hollywood Reporter 7/17/06 'Pirates' chest filled to brim

Zap2It 7/14/06 USA Gets Its Hands on 'Dead Man's Chest'

Newsday 7/14/06 Screenwriter files copyright suit over 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Chicago Sun-Times 7/13/06 Naomie's 'Pirates' to 'Vice'

NY Daily News 7/12/06 Disney 'Pirated' film - suit

TMZ 7/11/06 Lawsuit Over "Pirates of the Caribbean"

News.com.au 7/11/06 Keira swashes buckles

Zap2it 7/11/06 'Pirates' Box Office Record Swells

Herald Sun 7/11/06 Dead man's best takings

NY Post 7/11/06 Depp Perception

MegaStar 7/11/06 Pirates bags big booty

Coming Soon 7/10/06 Pirates Record Grows to $135.6 Million

TMZ 7/10/06 "Pirates" Booty Proves Critics Don't Know Doody

USA Today 7/10/06 'Pirates' sets record for biggest opening

BBC 7/10/06 Pirates sets US box office record

NY Daily News 7/10/06 'Pirates' keep hauling in record loot

Hollywood Reporter 7/10/06 Yo ho, Disney in the dough

Hollywood Reporter 7/10/06 'Pirates' in ship shape at int'l b.o.

Celebrity Spider 7/9/06 Johnny Depp Honored in Paris

Chicago Sun-Times 7/9/06 A little pirate movie got Nighy's street cred sailing

NY Daily News 7/9/06 A gold rush for 'Pirates'

Chicago Sun-Times 7/9/06 In Bloom: Orlando back to buccaneer's life

Dallas Morning News 7/8/06 'Pirates' sequel sets single-day record

BBC 7/8/06 Pirates gets record opening in UK

Celebrity Spider 7/7/06 Orlando Bloom Insisted on New Pirate Boots

Christian Science Monitor 7/7/06 'Pirates' chest is empty

Extra 7/7/06 The 'Pirates' Return After 3-Year Wait

Rocky Mountain News 7/7/06 The ayes have it

Jam! 7/7/06 'Pirates' sequel is a sailor's delight

Philly.com 7/7/06 'Pirates' aren't as much fun this time out

Toronto Star 7/7/06 All hands on deck

Entertainment Weekly 7/7/06 Depp Thoughts

Globe and Mail 7/7/06 'Discovering my inner pirate'

Daily Mail 7/7/06 Depp's pirate is pure gold

NY Times 7/7/06 'Pirates of the Caribbean': Eat My Jetsam, Davy Jones

NBC13 7/7/06 Review: 'Dead Man's Chest' Entertaining, But Excessive

USA Today 7/7/06 'Pirates' set sail with no compass

Hollywood Reporter 7/7/06 Yarr, a bonny 'Pirates' she be

Toledo Blade 7/7/06 Movie review: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ***

Globe and Mail 7/7/06 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest **

Philly.com 7/7/06 'Pirates' sequel is D.O.A.

New Zealand Herald 7/7/06 Johnny Depp the Pied Pirate

AJC 7/6/06 'Dead Man's Chest': Sequel's scary creatures can't upstage Depp

Seattle PI 7/6/06 Johnny Depp and the 'Pirates 2' crew invite you aboard

Chicago Tribune 7/6/06 Jack's back!

Mercury News 7/6/06 Yo ho hum: Back on the high seas, 'Pirates' sequel gets mired in the doldrums

USA Today 7/6/06 Dazzling Depp delivers the booty

AM New York 7/6/06 Pirates of the Caribbean

The Enquirer 7/6/06 Depp makes 'Pirates' sail along

Teen Hollywood 7/6/06 Naomie Harris: "Pirates'" Voodoo Princess

Chicago Tribune 7/6/06 Special effects unlock `Chest'

MTV 7/6/06 For Depp, Bloom And Knightley, 'Pirates' Is The Treasure That Keeps On Giving

Seattle PI 7/6/06 All about pirates, from A to 'Arrrr'

Newsday 7/6/06 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'

Dallas Morning News 7/6/06 Sneak peek at the movies: 'Pirates'

Zap2It 7/6/06 A 'Pirates' Life for Naomie

Chicago Sun-Times 7/6/06 Thrills hijack 'Pirates'

NY Daily News 7/6/06 A hit ahoy!

The Trades 7/5/06 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

CBS 7/5/06 Keira: 'Pirates' Success Surprised Me

Detroit News 7/5/06 'Pirates' without passion

Entertainment Weekly 7/5/06 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Coming Soon 7/5/06 Pirates Mega-Producer Jerry Bruckheimer

USA Today 7/5/06 Villainy lurks in 'Pirates'

Zap2it 7/5/06 Bloom's Inner Pirate Blossoms in Sequel

Daily Record 7/4/06 Teenager faints at Pirates premiere

Teen Hollywood 7/4/06 Johnny Depp: Captain Jack ... is Back!!

Daily Mail 7/4/06 There's hidden depps to this old-fashioned movie treasure

BBC 7/4/06 Pirates role for Keith Richards

Coming Soon 7/4/06 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Scoop

Jam! 7/4/06 Disney doubles up on 'Pirates'

Celebrity Spider 7/3/06 Orlando Bloom Fulfills Childhood Dreams

Zap2it 7/3/06 Review: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'

BBC 7/3/06 In pictures: Pirates of the Caribbean

Zap2It 7/3/06 Depp Embraces 'Pirate' Alter Ego

Teen Hollywood 7/3/06 Orlando Bloom: More "Pirate" Than Ever!

BBC 7/3/06 Stars jet in for Pirates premiere

Daily Mail 7/3/06 Pirates of the Caribbean: Wall to wall fun in the best family movie of the summer

BBC 7/3/06 Depp hams up swashbuckling return

Hollywood Reporter 7/2/06 Pirates: Dead Man's Chest

NY Daily News 7/2/06 Finding Johnny Depp 

NY Daily News 7/2/06 A lass with more

TMZ 6/30/06 Depp & Knightley Kiss and Tell

Sky News 6/30/06 Johnny's Surprise Guest

CBS 6/29/06 Bruckheimer's Piratical Jackpot

Coming Soon 6/28/06 Bloomin' Pirates!

Coming Soon 6/28/06 Naomie Harris on Pirates & Miami Vice

Digital Spy 6/28/06 Depp proud of Sparrow's sexual ambiguity

Celebrity Spider 6/27/06 Johnny Depp Nearly Fired From Pirate Movie

MTV 6/27/06 Teen Girls, Marilyn Manson Stake Claim On Johnny Depp At 'Pirates' Premiere

Celebrity Spider 6/26/06 Johnny Depp's Dark Depression at Saying Farewell to Sparrow

MTV 6/26/06 Girls Swoon, Pirates Duel And Johnny Depp Rolls Along

BBC 6/25/06 Pirates sequel gets US premiere

Extra 6/23/06 Johnny Depp Sets Sail for a Swashbuckling Good Time

Newsweek 6/19/06 A Pirate's Life

Coming Soon 6/12/06 Exclusive: Pirates' Bill "Davy Jones" Nighy

Coming Soon 5/29/06 Official Pirates Site Launched

Coming Soon 5/2/06 The New Pirates Trailer is Online!

Coming Soon 4/27/06 Fight Them Pirates on Your Cell

Coming Soon 4/20/06 New Pirates of the Caribbean Pics

Coming Soon 3/7/06 Exclusive: The Capt. Jack Sparrow Standee!

Coming Soon 2/15/06 The French Pirates Sequel One-Sheet!

Coming Soon 1/20/06 Bloom and Bruckheimer on Pirates

Coming Soon 1/6/06 CS Visitors Think Pirates Will Rule 2006

Coming Soon 12/22/05 Pirates of the Caribbean Site Online!

Coming Soon 12/1/05 The Pirates of the Caribbean Sequel Teaser!

Celebrity Spider 11/22/05 Johnny Depp Laughed Off Disney's Jack Sparrow Concerns

Celebrity Spider 11/15/05 Exhausted Keira Knightley Needs a Break

Coming Soon 10/24/05 Zizzle to Create Pirates Product Line

Coming Soon 10/24/05 Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Set Visit!

Coming Soon 10/13/05 Keira Knightley Reveals Pirates Scene

Coming Soon 10/4/05 Knightley Talks (a Lot) About Pirates

Celebrity Spider 9/13/05 Johnny Depp Fell for Captain Jack

Ananova 9/13/05 Richards not committed to Pirates sequel

Celebrity Spider 9/11/05 Johnny Depp Gets a Hand Double to Make Captain Jack More Rugged

Coming Soon 8/26/05 Pirates Sequel Poster in Theaters

Coming Soon 7/17/05 First Pic of Pirates Villain Davey Jones!

MegaStar 7/13/05 Keef of the Caribbean

Dot Music 7/12/05 Richards is a "Pirate"

BBC 7/12/05 Johnny and Keith - ooh-arr


Ananova 5/17/04 Disney plans two Pirates of the Caribbean sequels

Ananova 5/4/04 Johnny wants Keith for Pirates 2


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