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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
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Knox News 5/27/07 'Pirates' has its fashionable side

Knox News 5/26/07 'Pirates' in need of more Deppth

Hollywood Reporter 5/26/07 'Pirates' haul begins: $58 mil in two days

Courier Mail 5/26/07 Piracy trade not so simple

Jam! 5/26/07 'Pirates' scores box office gold

E!Online 5/25/07 Pirates' Thursday Night Fever

USA Today 5/25/07 'Pirates' goes down with the ship

Detroit News 5/25/07 It's time to lower the 'Pirates' flag

Christian Science Monitor 5/25/07 'Pirates' is decent fun, but we're at wit's end

ET Online 5/25/07 'Pirates' Plunder 'World's End'

Dallas Morning News 5/25/07 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

CNN 5/25/07 Review: Even Depp can't save clogged 'Pirates'

Hollywood Reporter 5/25/07 'World's End'-led weekend should be biggest in history

Daily Mail 5/25/07 Pirates trilogy has sunk to the Depps

Charlotte Observer 5/25/07 A ship worth taking

NY Daily News 5/25/07 Not just along for the ride

NY Daily News 5/25/07 In 'Pirates,' Keef plays different kind of pop star

Globe and Mail 5/25/07 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End *˝

The Trades 5/24/07 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Chicago Sun-Times 5/24/07 Pondering 'Pirates'

Baltimore Sun 5/24/07 Sea of confusion

Rocky Mountain News 5/24/07 'Pirates' hits choppy waters

CBBC 5/24/07 Film review: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

E!Online 5/24/07 Pirates in Uncharted Territory Already

Hollywood Reporter 5/24/07 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Toronto Star 5/24/07 'Pirates': Not shipshape

Chicago Sun-Times 5/24/07 'Pirates' rules the roost

Philly.com 5/24/07 Out of their Depp

MTV 5/24/07 'At World's End' Guide: A Bossy Parrot, 'Sad Pajamas' And One Badass Little Person

Globe and Mail 5/24/07 Bruckheimer's hunt for more doubloons

Journal Now 5/24/07 Third adventure in the Caribbean is another funny swashbuckler

NY Post 5/24/07 Ahoy Vey!

USA Today 5/24/07 Might 'Pirates' fans be at wits' end?

Toledo Blade 5/24/07 Movie review: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Jam! 5/24/07 'Pirates' finale ho-hum

NY Times 5/24/07 Back to the Bounding Main

Houston Chronicle 5/23/07 Loads of action, several dark moments, not enough Depp

Digital Spy 5/23/07 Bill Nighy "hated" 'Pirates' costume

Newsday 5/23/07 Arrgh, for sure in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Entertainment Weekly 5/23/07 More Gore

Seattle PI 5/23/07 'Pirates 3' has it goin' on ... and on and on

Orlando Sentinel 5/23/07 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (3 stars out of 5)

NY Post 5/23/07 Depp: Captain Jack Sparrow May Be Back

NY Daily News 5/23/07 All at sea

Hollywood Reporter 5/23/07 'Pirates' finds treasures in SoCal

ET Online 5/22/07 'Pirates' Plunder 'World's End'

NY Post 5/22/07 Avast Confusion

Manchester Online 5/22/07 Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End

Hollywood Reporter 5/22/07 'Pirates' raising flag of digital cinema community

Entertainment Weekly 5/22/07 Bon Voyage?

Hello! 5/21/07 Johnny and 'dad' Keith work the pirate look at LA premiere

Daily Mail 5/21/07 Captains of cool: Johnny and Keith rock the red carpet

Sky News 5/21/07 Johnny at Pirates Prem

Disneyland Report 5/21/07 'Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End' premieres at Disneyland

Disneyland Report 5/21/07 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' premieres at Disneyland, Part 2

Disneyland Report 5/21/07 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' premieres at Disneyland, Part 3

Chicago Sun Times 5/20/07 It's hard out there for a pirate

BBC 5/20/07 Third Pirates film in LA premiere

NY Daily News 5/20/07 Shiver me timbers!

Celebrity Spider 5/18/07 Keira Knightley: "Action Figure Looks Nothing Like Me"

Celebrity Spider 5/18/07 Orlando Bloom Wants Pirates of the Caribbean to End at Three

Newsday 5/18/07 All decked out

CBS 5/17/07 Higher Bar For 3rd "Pirates" Movie

Rolling Stone 5/16/07 Johnny Depp & Keith Richards: Pirates of the Caribbean's Blood Brothers

Celebrity Spider 5/14/07 Johnny Depp Vetoed Pirates of the Caribbean Toothpaste

Coming Soon 5/14/07 Four Pirates Clips Online

Entertainment Weekly 5/14/07 Days of Plunder

Digital Spy 5/12/07 Depp praises Richard's 'Pirates' work

MTV 5/10/07 Pirates' Spoils: 'At World's End' Secrets Arrr Right Here

Extra 5/9/07 ‘Extra’ Takes You All the Way to 'World's End' with New Scenes

Coming Soon 5/8/07 First Pirates Screenings Start May 24 at 8pm

Celebrity Spider 5/5/07 Orlando Bloom Tired of Pirates Character

Coming Soon 5/4/07 Pirates 3 Singapore Set Visit!

Newsday 5/4/07 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End'

Extra 5/3/07 Get an Exclusive Preview of the Next 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

MTV 4/30/07 'Pirates' Of Singapore? Details From Un-Caribbean 'At World's End' Set

USA Today 4/13/07 For sale: 'Pirates' premiere

Hollywood Reporter 4/2/07 World welcomes 'Pirates' trailer

Digital Spy 3/31/07 Disney plans more 'Pirates' films?

Celebrity Spider 3/26/07 Keira Knightley Devastated at End of Pirates Shoot

Coming Soon 3/23/07 Pirates Site Live and New Pics

USA Today 3/16/07 First look: The secret's out: Sparrow returns for 'Pirates' 3

Coming Soon 3/9/07 Pirates 3 One-Sheet & Character Art

Coming Soon 3/9/07 Pirates Trailer to Debut March 19

Coming Soon 12/10/06 The Magic of Dead Man's Chest

Coming Soon 12/3/06 New Pirates of the Caribbean Photos

Digital Spy 11/10/06 UK parrots audition for 'Pirates' role

Daily Mail 11/9/06 Who's a lucky parrot?

Zap2It 11/1/06 'Pirates 3' Flies With More Dutchmen

Celebrity Spider 10/13/06 Disney Denies Orlando Bloom Cull

Zap2It 10/12/06 Orlando Still Blooming for 'Pirates'

Coming Soon 9/21/06 Keith Richards Films Pirates Cameo

Daily Mail 9/14/06 Keith Richards sets sail as Depp's pirate dad

TMZ 9/1/06 Captain Jack Gives Back

Cinescape 9/1/06 Terry Rossio confirms title for third Pirates film

This is London 8/30/06 All aboard for pirate Keira and mum

Daily Mail 8/25/06 How Johnny Depp became the Pirated copy

TMZ 8/24/06 Everyone's Favorite Pirate is Back

TMZ 8/24/06 Pirates Sneak Peak

TMZ 8/23/06 Depp and Bloom - Back in the Water

MTV 7/10/06 Keira Knightley Could Tell You About 'Pirates 3,' But She'd Have To Kill You

TMZ 7/10/06 Richards to Sail with "Pirates"

Zap2It 7/5/06 Richards Set For 'Pirates' Cameo

BBC 7/4/06 Pirates role for Keith Richards

This is London 7/4/06 Richards to play Depp's dad

Jam! 7/4/06 Disney doubles up on 'Pirates'

News.com.au 7/5/06 Keef on deck

Jam! 6/29/06 Mystery role for Keef in 'Pirates 3'

Ananova 6/27/06 Keith finally signs for film

Toronto Star 6/23/06 All Richards has to do is show up

Coming Soon 12/8/05 The Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Title?

Celebrity Spider 11/22/05 Johnny Depp Laughed Off Disney's Jack Sparrow Concerns

Celebrity Spider 11/15/05 Exhausted Keira Knightley Needs a Break

Celebrity Spider 9/18/05 Johnny Depp Laments Lost Keith Richards Role

Celebrity Spider 9/13/05 Johnny Depp Fell for Captain Jack

Celebrity Spider 9/11/05 Johnny Depp Gets a Hand Double to Make Captain Jack More Rugged

Celebrity Spider 8/22/05 Johnny Depp Convinces Keith Richards to Accept Pirates Part

Coming Soon 8/1/05 Lee Boards Pirates of the Caribbean 3


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