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NBC 13 5/12/06 Review: Disaster In 'Poseidon' Is Blessing, Curse

Seattle PI 5/12/06 Josh Lucas 'arrives' in 'Poseidon'

Dallas Morning News 5/12/06 Poseidon

Globe and Mail 5/12/06 Cruising for a bruising

Jam! 5/12/06 'Poseidon' spawned disaster film genre

TVNZ 5/12/06 Close Up: Poseidon returns

ET Online 5/11/06 'Poseidon' Sets Sail

Entertainment Weekly 5/11/06 Swim Fans

Chicago Sun-Times 5/11/06 Poseidon - Roger Ebert review

Teen Hollywood 5/11/06 Josh Lucas: Leading the Escape

Detroit News 5/11/06 'Poseidon': What a sinker!

Coming Soon 5/11/06 Poseidon Shoot Challenged Cast and Crew

MTV 5/11/06 Underwater Pressure 

Chicago Tribune 5/11/06 'Poseidon' remake lacks frothy fun of original

Orlando Sentinel 5/11/06 Poseidon (3 stars out of 5)

Seattle PI 5/11/06 'Poseidon' misses the boat but it still does its job as a thrill ride

AM New York 5/11/06 'Poseidon' is all wet

Zap2It 5/11/06 'Adventure' Comparisons Don't Bother 'Poseidon' Team

Dallas Morning News 5/11/06 Sneak peek at the movies: 'Poseidon'

Detroit News 5/11/06 Remake is nothing like the original

USA Today 5/11/06 Graphic 'Poseidon' could upset audiences

Zap2It 5/11/06 'Poseidon'

USA Today 5/11/06 'Poseidon' sinks under its own weight

Houston Chronicle 5/10/06 Disaster of a film will give you that sinking feeling

Teen Hollywood 5/10/06 Jacinda Barrett: Through Fire and Water

Entertainment Weekly 5/10/06 Leader Ship

Philly.com 5/10/06 Poseidon is soggy and predictable

Teen Hollywood 5/10/06 Mike Vogel Takes Us Underwater

Extra 5/9/06 Kurt Russell and Josh Lucas: The 'Poseidon' Dreamboats

Teen Hollywood 5/9/06 The Topsy-Turvy World of Emmy Rossum

Newsday 5/9/06 To make 'Poseidon' realistic, cast and crew sometimes had to be in it over their heads

TMZ 5/8/06 'Poseidon's' Disastrous Shoot

Hollywood Reporter 5/8/06 Poseidon

NY Daily News 5/7/06 Josh Lucas finds the depth in a summer blockbuster

Chicago Sun-Times 5/7/06 A little water never hurt Kurt Russell

NY Post 5/7/06 'Poseidon Adventure' Where They Are Now

USA Today 5/7/06 'Poseidon' launch is an adventure

NY Daily News 5/7/06 A new wave

NY Post 5/7/06 Making Waves

NY Daily News 5/7/06 Jacinda Barrett accents her role on the correct pitch

Jam! 5/7/06 Filming Poseidon was no picnic

Hello! 5/5/06 Josh celebrates being safe and dry in Canada

Coming Soon 5/4/06 Exclusive: Poseidon's Josh Lucas

Coming Soon 4/27/06 New Clips From Poseidon Surface!

Coming Soon 3/16/06 New Poseidon Trailer Hits

ET Online 3/14/06 Behind the New 'Poseidon' Adventure!

Coming Soon 2/28/06 The Poseidon Teaser One-Sheet!

Coming Soon 12/14/05 The Poseidon Teaser Surfaces!

ET Online 12/13/05 The New 'Poseidon' Adventure!

Coming Soon 11/18/05 The Poseidon Journals are Complete

Cinema Spider 11/3/05 The Poseidon Adventure to be Released as IMAX Film May 2006

Cinescape 11/3/05 Klaus Badelt Dives Into POSEIDON

Hollywood Reporter 9/16/05 'Poseidon' set to make boxoffice waves May 12


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